2011 Obituaries

Published in the Galesburg Register-Mail

(The date is that on which the notice appeared in the newspaper.)


Note: If more than one obituary notice appears for the same person,

the second or third will probably have the most information.


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Last Name First Name Middle Name Date Page
Abel Betty Louise Brush 9/9/2011 A-10
Abel Betty L. 9/8/2011 A-10
Abernethy Vivian   11/8/2011 A-8
Acklam Kathryn M. 4/22/2011 A-10
Adams James E. 2/1/2011 A-2
Adams James E. "Jimmy" 6/22/2011 A-10
Adams David N. 8/27/2011 A-10
Adkins M. Eloise 1/16/2011 A-2
Adkisson Ellen Jean 9/21/2011 A-10
Adkisson E. Jean 9/20/2011 A-10
Admire Franklin l. "Frank" 3/26/2011 A-10
Alderson Marie B. 2/22/2011 A-2
Alderson Marie B. 2/24/2011 A-2
Alderson Marie B. 2/23/2011 A-2
Aldrich E. Ray 1/11/2011 A-2
Aldrich E. Ray Rev. 1/10/2011 A-2
Alexander Patricia A. 5/14/2011 A-10
Alicea Jodi L. 11/17/2011 A-10
Allen Jacqueline K. 4/5/2011 A-8
Allen Robert L. 11/5/2011 A-10
Allen Darrell D. 3/3/2011 A-8
Allen Darrell D. "Squeak" 3/6/2011 A-3
Allen Darrell D. "Squeak" 3/5/2011 A-8
Allen Francis M. 7/2/2011 A-8
Allen Martha Marie 12/8/2011 A-8
Allen Martha Arimintia 7/12/2011 A-8
Allen Robert L. "Bob" 11/6/2011 A-10
Allen Donald E. 9/15/2011 A-10
Allgeyer Clarence E. 11/11/2011 A-12
Allison David C. 11/10/2011 A-8
Allison David C. 11/25/2011 A-12
Allison David C. 11/17/2011 A-10
Alstedt Dorothy Marie Bonewitz 6/29/2011 A-8
Amick David   11/4/2011 A-8
Amick David D. Jr. 11/5/2011 A-10
Anderson Roberta L. "Bobbi" 3/10/2011 A-8
Anderson Roberta L. 3/11/2011 A-10
Anderson Shirley M. 9/29/2011 A-8
Anderson Audrey E. 7/12/2011 A-8
Anderson Donald Leslie 7/14/2011 A-10
Anderson Ande Howard 7/22/2011 A-10
Anderson John W. 9/2/2011 A-10
Anderson Cecil O. 4/11/2011 A-10
Anderson Dorothy E. 9/15/2011 A-10
Anderson Harold L. "Pancake" 4/25/2011 A-10
Anderson Harold "Pancake" 4/24/2011 A-10
Anderson Donald L. 7/13/2011 A-8
Anderson Carroll   2/25/2011 A-2
Anderson Geraldine E. 10/31/2011 A-8
Anderson Trafferd E. 1/12/2011 A-2
Anderson Trafferd E. 1/11/2011 A-2
Andrews Ronald R. 10/31/2011 A-8
Annegers Donald R. 5/10/2011 A-10
Annegers Donald R. 5/9/2011 A-10
Annegers Donald R. 5/8/2011 A-10
Apadoca Hilario "Larry" 4/10/2011 A-10
Aplin Michael J. 8/30/2011 A-10
Aplin Michael J. 8/31/2011 A-10
Apodaca Hilario "Larry" 4/9/2011 A-10
Appell Maxine L. 11/17/2011 A-10
Arie A. Lyle 10/25/2011 A-10
Arling Ruth V. 12/1/2011 A-8
Arling Ruth V. 11/17/2011 A-10
Arnold Harold D. 4/20/2011 A-12
Arrington Joe M. 7/24/2011 A-10
Arrington Joe M. 7/25/2011 A-10
Arrington Joe M. 7/26/2011 A-10
Arthur Kyle Keith 7/6/2011 A-8
Ashby Raymond L. 12/29/2011 A-9
Atkinson Uda Marjory Hays 7/7/2011 A-6
Ator Shirley L. 1/2/2011 A-2
Atto Gary L. 10/9/2011 A-10
Ausich Sarah "Sally" 12/1/2011 A-8
Ausich Sarah M. 12/2/2011 A-10
Austin Darold E. 8/20/2011 A-8
Avery Richard L. 11/1/2011 A-10
Babb Delila Mae "Lila" 10/20/2011 A-8
Babcock Shelia E. 4/17/2011 A-10
Babcock Sheila   4/16/2011 A-10
Bacher George D. (Hasselbacher) 11/12/2011 A-8
Bacher George D. 11/11/2011 A-12
Bailey Helen J. 12/6/2011 A-10
Bailey Helen J. 12/7/2011 A-10
Bailey Murl E. "Mike" 10/16/2011 A-10
Bailey John Moreland 12/24/2011 A-8
Bailey Herman L. 10/16/2011 A-10
Bailey Nancy R. 6/17/2011 A-10
Bailey Murl E. "Mike" 10/15/2011 A-10
Bailey Nancy R. 6/16/2011 A-8
Bainbridge Mary E. 2/16/2011 A-2
Bainter David Leo 8/31/2011 A-10
Baker Evelyn "Patty" Mae LaReau Flynn 12/30/2011 A-10
Baker Viola M. 8/25/2011 A-8
Baker Sharon L. 6/5/2011 A-10
Baker Viola Marie 8/26/2011 A-10
Baker Sharon Lynn 6/6/2011 A-10
Baker Evelyn Mae LaReau 12/29/2011 A-9
Baker John R. 10/31/2011 A-8
Baker John R. 10/30/2011 A-10
Baker John R. 11/1/2011 A-10
Baldwin Thalia E. 2/18/2011 A-2
Baldwin Marilyn A. 2/7/2011 A-2
Baldwin Thalia E. 2/23/2011 A-2
Baldwin Thalia E. 2/17/2011 A-2
Banks Merle D. 3/14/2011 A-10
Banks Merle D. 3/13/2011 A-10
Barackman Mary Alice 8/13/2011 A-8
Barnes Aaron S. 8/27/2011 A-10
Barnfield David P. 4/20/2011 A-12
Barnhouse Lena L. 10/18/2011 A-12
Barr Linda   3/9/2011 A-2
Barton Roy R. 9/30/2011 A-12
Basham Donald   9/9/2011 A-10
Basham Donald   9/7/2011 A-10
Bate Janet A. (Heiser) 1/20/2011 A-2
Bates Thomas F. "Tom" 6/21/2011 A-10
Battersby Mary Jane Webster 8/3/2011 A-8
Bauchman Melody "Dawn" Kipling 9/1/2011 A-8
Baum Robert L. 1/28/2011 A-2
Baumgardner Marie   5/17/2011 A-10
Baumgardner Marie   5/18/2011 A-10
Baumgartner Omer L. 2/12/2011 A-2
Beaird Bennie L. 2/2/2011 A-2
Beets Russell M. "Merv" 4/26/2011 A-12
Beller Yvonne M. 2/10/2011 A-2
Bellinger Carol S. 9/20/2011 A-10
Benner William H. Jr. 10/25/2011 A-10
Bennett Eileen R. 3/4/2011 A-10
Benson Rosemary   2/18/2011 A-2
Bergstrom Joyce M. 2/26/2011 A-2
Bern Robert F. 8/13/2011 A-8
Bersted Helen M. 6/4/2011 A-8
Bhear Bernard L. 6/10/2011 A-10
Bhear Bernard L. 6/11/2011 A-10
Bice Dorothy Darlene Cragi 10/19/2011 A-10
Bickerstaff Elissa Danielle 6/19/2011 A-10
Bielser Dean Carl 7/24/2011 A-10
Bird John William 4/10/2011 A-10
Bird John W. 4/7/2011 A-8
Bird Shirley L. 5/24/2011 A-8
Birdsell Mildred "Milly" 9/20/2011 A-10
Birdsell Mildred "Milly" 9/15/2011 A-10
Birkhead Russell L. 1/15/2011 A-7
Bishop Sharon L. 10/11/2011 A-10
Bishop Leland L. "Doc" 3/13/2011 A-10
Bivens John E. 1/16/2011 A-2
Bivens John E. 1/19/2011 A-2
Bjorkman Bernice E. 5/17/2011 A-10
Bjorling Lowell Edmond 12/18/2011 A-10
Bjorling Lowell E. 12/17/2011 A-8
Blachman Rachel Grossman 6/8/2011 A-8
Black Roger   2/23/2011 A-2
Black Roger   2/25/2011 A-2
Blackman Sharon K. (Enlow) 2/5/2011 A-2
Bland Jeffrey Carl 10/9/2011 A-1
Bland Jeffrey C. 10/4/2011 A-8
Bland Jeffrey   9/21/2011 A-1
Bland Jeffrey   9/23/2011 A-1
Bland Jeffery Carl 9/27/2011 A-12
Bland Jeffrey Carl 10/5/2011 A-8
Blender Edward W. Jr. 1/2/2011 A-2
Blixt Betty J. 7/30/2011 A-10
Bloomer Francis "Wayne" 11/18/2011 A-12
Blythe James Leon 3/4/2011 A-10
Boegen Henry A. 9/6/2011 A-11
Boggs Sherry L. 9/27/2011 A-12
Bohlander Hollamae   11/30/2011 A-10
Bohlander Hollamae "Hollie" 11/29/2011 A-12
Bond Jennifer S. 3/5/2011 A-8
Bond Dan Rev. 10/23/2011 A-10
Bonnett Mildred J. 6/17/2011 A-10
Booton Edna M. 11/23/2011 A-12
Booton Edna   11/22/2011 A-10
Booton Wanda Lou 3/30/2011 A-10
Bothwell L. Wayne 5/18/2011 A-10
Boughner Leon W. 4/26/2011 A-12
Boughner Leon Wayne 4/23/2011 A-8
Bowen Eileen L. Carlson 3/15/2011 A-10
Bowers Hukell   5/19/2011 A-10
Bowers Hukell   5/18/2011 A-10
Bowers Bryan James 6/24/2011 A-8
Bowling Donald P. 8/8/2011 A-10
Bowman M. Marie 3/11/2011 A-10
Boyer Larry J. 12/4/2011 A-10
Boys Daniel   9/29/2011 A-8
Brackett Irvin W. 6/13/2011 A-10
Bradford William J. 11/14/2011 A-10
Bradford Frances Margaret Dunn 6/8/2011 A-8
Bradford Dolly E. 1/2/2011 A-2
Bradford William J. "Odie" 11/15/2011 A-10
Bradley Elsie J. 6/5/2011 A-10
Brand Pauline   8/24/2011 A-10
Brasche Ronald D. 4/2/2011 A-10
Brasche Ronald D. 3/30/2011 A-10
Breed Emmy L. 7/19/2011 A-12
Breeden Mary Lou 12/28/2011 A-10
Breitenfield Bob   1/2/2011 A-2
Brennan Violet A. 6/16/2011 A-8
Brentise Rhonda S. 5/27/2011 A-12
Briggs Charles Danial 7/16/2011 A-8
Brill Edward O. 1/12/2011 A-2
Brillhart Bernard W. 9/12/2011 A-12
Britton Albert   8/26/2011 A-10
Brock Catherine   3/19/2011 A-10
Brock Catherine Kay 3/18/2011 A-10
Brock Richard Dean 12/23/2011 A-10
Brokaw Willaim R. 7/1/2011 A-10
Bronny Irena   7/15/2011 A-10
Brooks Leo D. Sr. 11/25/2011 A-12
Brooks Leo D. Jr. 11/26/2011 A-10
Brooks Robert L. 6/29/2011 A-8
Brooks George L. Jr. 9/20/2011 A-10
Brooks Marjorie L. 8/3/2011 A-8
Brooks Robert L. 6/4/2011 A-8
Brower Reva M. 4/13/2011 A-10
Brown Lois Nelson 5/19/2011 A-10
Brown C. Lyle "Brownie" 3/12/2011 A-8
Brown Dawn L. 5/1/2011 A-10
Brown Clinton   3/11/2011 A-10
Brown Lois Maria Nelson 5/20/2011 A-10
Brown C. Lyle "Brownie" 3/13/2011 A-10
Brown Margaret Joan 4/2/2011 A-10
Brown Rose M. 5/29/2011 A-2
Brown Justin Michael "JB" 1/16/2011 A-2
Brown Justin M. "JB" 1/15/2011 A-7
Bruce Marion Edward 5/25/2011 A-10
Bruch Charles R. 6/7/2011 A-8
Bruch Charles Richard 6/8/2011 A-8
Brush Penny A. 2/18/2011 A-2
Bruyn Helen   5/26/2011 A-8
Bryant C. Douglas "Doug" 12/27/2011 A-10
Bryant Cary Doug 12/26/2011 A-12
Bullwinkle LaMata   1/26/2011 A-2
Burger Frances A. 2/26/2011 A-2
Burger Francis A. 2/27/2011 a-2
Burgess Garry D. 7/29/2011 A-10
Burgess Joe F. Sr. 12/4/2011 A-10
Burgess Joe F. Sr. 12/3/2011 A-8
Burgess Bertha L. 4/29/2011 A-10
Burnett Clifford A. 6/28/2011 A-8
Burns Louise L. 10/10/2011 A-10
Burns Louise Little 10/15/2011 A-10
Burns Louise Little 10/24/2011 A-10
Bush Brenda F. 9/10/2011 A-10
Bush Brenda F. 9/11/2011 A-10
Busse Dennis W. 9/20/2011 A-10
Butler Peggy L. 9/23/2011 A-12
Butler Andrew Y. 7/12/2011 A-8
Butler Timothy James 11/26/2011 A-10
Butler Peggy Lucille 9/22/2011 A-10
Butts Cyril W. 6/15/2011 A-8
Butts Cyril W. Sr. 6/16/2011 A-8
Butts Cyril William Sr. 6/17/2011 A-10
Byers Charles W. II 6/25/2011 A-8
Byers Mary E. 5/5/2011 A-8
Byers Mary E. 5/3/2011 A-10
Cagle Charles Henderson 6/29/2011 A-8
Cain Thelma B. 11/23/2011 A-12
Cain Thelma B. 11/26/2011 A-10
Cain Thelma B. 11/29/2011 A-12
Calderon Pedro "Pete" 6/16/2011 A-8
Calhoun Floyd E. 1/18/2011 A-2
Calhoun Howard W. 2/24/2011 A-2
Callihan Jimmie R. (Jim) 12/12/2011 A-8
Cameron Margie L. 2/28/2011 A-8
Camp L. Roxie 4/25/2011 A-10
Campagna Anthony J. 4/14/2011 A-10
Campbell Clem H. 3/19/2011 A-10
Campbell Rebecca D. 7/14/2011 A-10
Campbell Marian A. "Ann" 8/23/2011 A-8
Campbell Pauline J. 8/5/2011 A-10
Cann Lois L. 12/16/2011 A-10
Cann Lois L. 12/14/2011 A-10
Cannady Cyris Fredrick 5/26/2011 A-8
Cannady Cyris Frederick 5/24/2011 A-8
Cannon Ralph D. 8/6/2011 A-8
Canon Patrick John 8/26/2011 A-10
Canon Patrick J. 8/25/2011 A-8
Carey Donna L. 3/26/2011 A-10
Carlson William G. 11/26/2011 A-10
Carlson Carol E. 4/19/2011 A-10
Carlson Donald E. 2/13/2011 A-2
Carlson Mayola A. 4/26/2011 A-12
Carlson William G. 11/23/2011 A-12
Carlson Donald Brooks 2/14/2011 A-2
Carlson Edith L. 2/6/2011 A-2
Carlson Catrina Ann 6/24/2011 A-8
Carlson Michael P. 1/15/2011 A-2
Carlson Lola Jane "Janie" 10/18/2011 A-12
Carlson Mayola A. 4/24/2011 A-10
Carlson Michael P. 1/14/2011 A-2
Carlson Dorothy S. 8/8/2011 A-10
Carlson Diana L. Soderquist 8/10/2011 A-8
Carlson Edith L. 2/1/2011 A-2
Carlson Lola J. 10/17/2011 A-12
Carlson Peggy J. 2/18/2011 A-2
Carlson Dale H. 8/18/2011 A-8
Carlson Paul W. 5/18/2011 A-10
Carner James   2/24/2011 A-2
Carner James   2/23/2011 A-2
Carnes Frances M. "Peggy" 12/26/2011 A-12
Carpenter David W. 1/11/2011 A-2
Carr Irene L. 3/1/2011 A-8
Carr Thomas Joseph Jr. 3/7/2011 A-8
Carroll Robert "Bob" 6/30/2011 A-8
Carwile Ruth F. "Kak" 6/9/2011 A-8
Carwile Ruth F. "Kak" 5/24/2011 A-8
Carwile Rith F. "Kak" 5/23/2011 A-10
Cassiday Walter L. "Pee Wee" 2/15/2011 A-2
Cassiday Walter   2/14/2011 A-2
Catlin David S. 2/15/2011 A-2
Cavanah James A. 5/6/2011 A-12
Cederberg Lillian Gladys 7/29/2011 A-10
Cederberg Lillian G. 7/30/2011 A-10
Cehrs Robert "Bob" 3/7/2011 A-8
Cehrs Robert "Bob" 3/8/2011 A-10
Cehrs Margaret J. "Peggy" 11/2/2011 A-10
Cehrs Margaret J. "Peggy" 11/6/2011 A-10
Chamberlain Michelle D. 6/1/2011 A-8
Chandler Bonnie J. 9/20/2011 A-10
Chandler Marsha E. 4/5/2011 A-8
Chandler Bonnie J. 9/21/2011 A-10
Chaney Scott E. 12/6/2011 A-10
Chaney Beverly J. Collins 1/2/2011 A-2
Chansler Harold N. Jr. 8/3/2011 A-8
Charp Tucker Alan 7/10/2011 A-10
Chase Betty   9/10/2011 A-10
Chase Betty Ann (Jackson) 9/11/2011 A-10
Cheesman Patti Jo (Cavanaugh) 11/26/2011 A-10
Cheline Elizabeth L. 12/23/2011 A-10
Chewning Willis W. Sr. 3/21/2011 A-10
Chewning Evelyn J. 6/18/2011 A-8
Childs Callie   11/29/2011 A-12
Christ Juanita P. 4/9/2011 A-10
Christ Juanita P. 4/10/2011 A-10
Church Jimmie C. "Jim" 4/2/2011 A-10
Claiborne Diane Settle 6/29/2011 A-8
Clampitt A. Paul 4/6/2011 A-12
Clark Dwight Alan 5/4/2011 A-10
Clark Suzanne J. 7/19/2011 A-12
Clark Howard R. 5/12/2011 A-8
Clark Phyllis L. 10/15/2011 A-10
Clark Howard R. 5/3/2011 A-10
Clark James Truman 1/22/2011 A-2
Clark Howard R. 5/4/2011 A-10
Clark Phyllis L. 10/26/2011 A-10
Clark Suzanne J. 7/20/2011 A-12
Clark Elizabeth M. "Bobbity" 6/16/2011 A-8
Clarke James Richard 3/25/2011 A-10
Clarke James Richard "Dick" 3/26/2011 A-10
Clary Fern Snarr 3/20/2011 A-10
Coakley Katherine M. 5/31/2011 A-10
Coakley Kathryn M. 6/2/2011 A-8
Coakley Kathryn M. 6/1/2011 A-8
Coates Carl C. 7/23/2011 A-10
Cochran Grace   1/11/2011 A-2
Cochran Paul H. 7/16/2011 A-8
Coe Leto E. 4/20/2011 A-12
Coe Max P. 4/13/2011 A-10
Coffman Stephen E. 11/17/2011 A-10
Coffman Stephen E. 11/18/2011 A-12
Coleman Allen Leroy 4/15/2011 A-10
Coleman Susan M. 12/30/2011 A-10
Collins Blanche K. 5/11/2011 A-10
Collins-Chaney Beverly J. 1/2/2011 A-2
Collinson Dale F. 3/16/2011 A-10
Colton Byron E. 6/11/2011 A-10
Combs H. Dean 12/11/2011 A-10
Conner Rolland E. 3/10/2011 A-8
Cooper R. Giles 12/22/2011 A-10
Cooper Christopher A. 8/14/2011 A-10
Cooper Christopher A. 8/16/2011 A-10
Cooper Clara M. 5/7/2011 A-10
Copeland Dale R. 2/13/2011 A-2
Corbin Betty Marie 12/16/2011 A-10
Costello Robert Frank 8/17/2011 A-12
Costner Etta Marie 9/23/2011 A-12
Cottingim William A. 1/15/2011 A-2
Coultas Scott Alan 3/27/2011 A-10
Coupland Lois E. Dowell 9/16/2011 A-8
Courson Robert L. 1/30/2011 A-2
Courtright Stanley G. 5/9/2011 A-10
Courtright Stanley "Gene" 5/10/2011 A-10
Cowan Gussie W. 3/26/2011 A-10
Cowan Gussie W. 3/28/2011 A-10
Cox Thurman E. 8/31/2011 A-10
Cox Terry J. "Tbone" 1/13/2011 A-2
Cox Edith L. 10/28/2011 A-12
Craig Don R. 3/10/2011 A-8
Crandall Darrell Gene 9/27/2011 A-12
Cravero Joseph Paul 3/16/2011 A-10
Crider Arthur R. 8/18/2011 A-8
Crider Arthur R. 8/14/2011 A-10
Critser John K. 3/24/2011 A-10
Crocker Doris Shepard 9/23/2011 A-12
Cross Clair   10/30/2011 A-10
Cross Clair W. 10/31/2011 A-8
Crouch Virginia A. 5/6/2011 A-12
Crouch Virginia A. 5/4/2011 A-10
Crouse Jane E. 3/31/2011 A-10
Crouse Jane E. 4/1/2011 A-10
Crozier Daniel E. 2/24/2011 A-2
Cruce Harold E. 6/7/2011 A-8
Cruce Harold E. 6/5/2011 A-10
Crummer Von L. 6/11/2011 A-10
Crummer Von L. 6/12/2011 A-10
Crummer Von L. 6/14/2011 A-10
Crump Phyllis I. "Phyl" 2/17/2011 A-2
Crump Phyllis I. 2/16/2011 A-2
Crutcher Lisa   1/26/2011 A-2
Cunningham Nancy R. Roman 9/14/2011 A-10
Cunningham Charlotte I. 8/29/2011 A-10
Cupps James C. "Jim" 6/6/2011 A-10
Currey Mary Rose 3/3/2011 A-8
Custard Nancy F. 7/10/2011 A-10
Custard Nancy F. 7/11/2011 A-10
Cutts Robert B. "Bob" 1/3/2011 A-2
Dahlstedt Betty Ann 10/1/2011 A-10
Daily William "Bill" 11/1/2011 A-10
Daily William H. "Bill" 10/30/2011 A-10
Daily William Hess "Bill" 10/27/2011 A-10
Dainauskas Stasys   4/23/2011 A-8
Dainauskas Staseys Antonio 4/26/2011 A-12
Dallinger Ethel Irene 7/5/2011 A-10
Dalton Lola I. 11/17/2011 A-10
Damos Marsha F. 12/13/2011 A-10
Damos Marsha F. 12/12/2011 A-8
Danner Ralph   4/20/2011 A-12
Dare Daniel Charles 2/4/2011 A-2
Daughtery James   11/25/2011 A-12
Davis Royce M. 5/18/2011 A-10
Davis D. Marilyn 12/31/2011 A-10
Davis Eileen F. 9/10/2011 A-10
Davis Eileen F. 9/11/2011 A-10
Davis William D. 1/7/2011 A-2
Davis Gary L. 11/6/2011 A-10
Davison Megan Rae 2/2/2011 A-2
Dawson Fred E. 10/20/2011 A-8
Dean Irene E. 12/6/2011 A-10
Dean Irene E. 12/3/2011 A-8
Deatherage Daniel Edward 9/14/2011 A-10
DeBaugh Richard Hawkinson 5/6/2011 A-12
DeBaugh Richard H. 5/5/2011 A-8
DeBaugh Richard H. 5/17/2011 A-10
Decker Dean C. 7/11/2011 A-10
Decker Dean C. 7/10/2011 A-10
DeCrane Helen L. 10/15/2011 A-10
DeCrane Helen Lorraine 10/17/2011 A-12
DeGraff Avel   1/28/2011 A-2
DeJaynes Donald   10/11/2011 A-10
DeJaynes Donald Dale 10/12/2011 A-10
Delawder Rosaleen C. 6/9/2011 A-8
Denison Wiilliam L. 7/16/2011 A-8
Dennis Louise A. 11/30/2011 A-10
Dennis Christopher O. 5/25/2011 A-10
Dennis Christopher O. 5/26/2011 A-8
DePrenger Betty D. 9/29/2011 A-8
Derry Emma J. 7/2/2011 A-8
DeSutter Guida Elaine 11/10/2011 A-8
DeWitt Valerie D. 11/5/2011 A-10
DeWitt Lloyd E. 8/28/2011 A-10
Dhabalt Robert D. Sr. 3/5/2011 A-8
Dickens Jean   8/28/2011 A-10
Dillin Debra Sue 1/19/2011 A-2
Dinwiddie Roberta   1/13/2011 A-2
Dinwiddle Roberta   1/12/2011 A-2
Dobereiner Ethan Joshua 6/16/2011 A-8
Dombrow Quinn J. 8/16/2011 A-10
Dombrow Quinn James 8/13/2011 A-8
Dombrow Quinn   8/13/2011 A-6
Domenic A. Calderone 11/2/2011 A-10
Doornbos Jeffrey Craig 3/13/2011 A-10
Doran Stephen A. 3/27/2011 A-10
Doss Kyle L. 7/29/2011 A-10
Doubet Geraldine G 2/8/2011 A-2
Doubet Geraldine G. 2/7/2011 A-2
Dowell-Druffel Robin D. 6/1/2011 A-8
Downes M. Roger 4/10/2011 A-10
Downes Roger M. 4/7/2011 A-8
Downs   Kay 4/5/2011 A-8
Doyle Janet Rogers 7/22/2011 A-10
Doyle Albert V. 4/5/2011 A-8
Doyle Janet R. 7/26/2011 A-10
Drake Warren E. (obit & story) 1/29/2011 A-2
Dralle Dorothy L. 2/1/2011 A-2
Drevland Roy S. 11/5/2011 A-10
Dugan John W. "Bill" 5/8/2011 A-10
Dulle John H. 3/13/2011 A-10
Dulle Karen K. 6/28/2011 A-8
Dunn Jonathon D. 7/17/2011 A-10
Dunn Jonathon D. 7/19/2011 A-12
Durbin Gary V. 2/22/2011 A-2
Dwyer Mary Agnes Moore 5/1/2011 A-10
Dyer Ronald L. 4/30/2011 A-10
Dyer Ronald   4/24/2011 A-10
Dykeman Jeffery S. "Jeff" 4/10/2011 A-10
Eagle Delbert N. 8/3/2011 A-8
Early Donna J. 7/6/2011 A-8
Eastman Clarence Leslie (Bud) 12/6/2011 A-10
Ebany John Allen 3/16/2011 A-10
Ebert Marcia L. 9/20/2011 A-10
Ecklund Edith Marie 10/12/2011 A-10
Ecklund Edith M. 10/11/2011 A-10
Edgar Betty Jean 1/26/2011 A-2
Ekstand Hazel E. 1/3/2011 A-2
Elias Lois Eileen 5/26/2011 A-8
Elias Lois Eileen 4/1/2011 A-10
Elliott Fred W. 11/23/2011 A-12
Emken Shirley J. 12/11/2011 A-10
Emken Lawrence L. 2/25/2011 A-2
England Henry M. 5/19/2011 A-10
England Henry M. 5/18/2011 A-10
Engle Robert W. 8/9/2011 A-10
Engstrom Lylen   7/11/2011 A-10
Engstrom Nylene   7/12/2011 A-8
Epperson Elizabeth "Beth" 4/26/2011 A-12
Erickson Nancy J. 6/28/2011 A-8
Erickson Martha L.. 3/30/2011 A-10
Erickson Ronald L. 1/15/2011 A-7
Erickson Vincent   12/30/2011 A-10
Erickson Ronald L. 1/20/2011 A-2
Erickson Vincent J. 12/29/2011 A-9
Erickson Martha L. 3/31/2011 A-10
Ericson Wayne A. 5/4/2011 A-10
Ericson Rose Ann 8/30/2011 A-10
Ericson Rose A. 8/29/2011 A-10
Ericson Eleanor E. 10/19/2011 A-10
Ernst Robert "Bob" 1/18/2011 A-2
Eudaley Donald W. 11/6/2011 A-10
Evans Martha L. Orwig 3/23/2011 A-10
Everett Carrie Elizabeth 9/7/2011 A-10
Fadley Miranda Dawn 6/24/2011 A-8
Fahlund Harold E. 5/4/2011 A-10
Falk Charlotte Caroline 11/29/2011 A-12
Falk Charlotte Caroline 11/27/2011 A-12
Falls Vaughn R. 3/15/2011 A-10
Farmer Don   2/12/2011 A-2
Farrell Mildred E. 3/20/2011 A-10
Farrell Mildred E. "Granny" 3/21/2011 A-10
Farrell Daisy M. 1/24/2011 A-2
Fash Daniel A. 5/12/2011 A-8
Fassiotto Frances Franciskovich 12/30/2011 A-10
Faur Dorothy M. 6/10/2011 A-10
Faur Dorothy M. 6/9/2011 A-8
Fayhee Jerry L. 8/3/2011 A-8
Fayhee Jerry L. 8/4/2011 A-8
Fellger Phillip Charles 5/15/2011 A-10
Ferris Dale L. 2/10/2011 A-2
Ferris Orrin Teddy Earl "Ted" 8/13/2011 A-8
Fey Bernard L. "Butch" 9/8/2011 A-10
Fey Bernard L. 9/7/2011 A-10
Field Lee E. 12/8/2011 A-8
Fillman Lawrence "Bud" 12/22/2011 A-10
Finch Donovan A. 1/15/2011 A-2
Fisher Diane H. 2/10/2011 A-2
Fisher John M. 3/12/2011 A-8
Fitchpatrick Linda L. 5/29/2011 A-12
Fitchpatrick Linda   5/29/2011 A-2
Fite Barbara Joann 11/4/2011 A-8
Flaherty Alice Hunn 4/9/2011 A-10
Fleck Calvin "Chip" 3/6/2011 A-2
Fleisher Roman "Toots" 6/6/2011 A-10
Folger Wilma   9/30/2011 A-12
Folger Wilma   9/29/2011 A-8
Folger Kathleen M. 7/28/2011 A-10
Folger Kathleen M. 7/27/2011 A-10
Fontenoy Allen "Big Al" 12/26/2011 A-12
Forshee Ross "Butch" 9/20/2011 A-10
Forshee Ross   9/21/2011 A-10
Forshee Ross "Butch" 9/19/2011 A-10
Foster Kathryn S. 7/20/2011 A-12
Foster Rolland E. 10/12/2011 A-10
Foster Alice Rosetta 11/18/2011 A-12
Foster Rolland Eugene 10/14/2011 A-12
Foster Kathryn S. 7/8/2011 A-10
Foster Wintress "Winnie" 6/24/2011 A-10
Foster Kathryn S. 7/6/2011 A-5
Foster Wintress "Winnie" 6/25/2011 A-8
Foust Lynn A. 6/22/2011 A-10
Frakes Robert Lee 11/20/2011 A-10
Francis Melanie J. 3/31/2011 A-10
Franklin John William 10/7/2011 A-12
Franklin Robert L. 8/9/2011 A-10
Frazier Dustin A. II 8/13/2011 A-8
Frazier Dona Jean 8/3/2011 A-8
Frazier Dustin   8/13/2011 A-6
Frazier Dustin   8/12/2011 A-12
Freberg Eleanor I. 8/30/2011 A-10
Freburg Eleanor I. 8/29/2011 A-10
Free Cheryl J. 1/25/2011 A-2
Frey Kenneth C. "Rags" 11/18/2011 A-12
Friedrich James D. 7/23/2011 A-10
Fritz Robert K. 12/21/2011 A-8
Fry Linda Y. 9/16/2011 A-8
Fullerton Roger   5/4/2011 A-10
Fullerton Dwain H. 2/5/2011 A-2
Fullerton Dwain   2/4/2011 A-2
Fullerton Roger   5/3/2011 A-10
Fullerton Burt R. 11/3/2011 A-8
Galbraith Yulon Lucia 9/11/2011 A-10
Galbreath Eual V. 6/8/2011 A-8
Gale Betty I. 1/25/2011 A-2
Gale Betty I. 1/16/2011 A-2
Gallagher Jessica M. 12/10/2011 A-8
Gallagher Jessica M. 12/9/2011 A-10
Galyean Dolores L. "Dee" Enloe 7/28/2011 A-10
Galyean Dolores Enloe 8/12/2011 A-12
Gamel Iva L. 11/21/2011 A-10
Gamel Iva Louis 11/22/2011 A-10
Gamel Virginia M. 2/15/2011 A-2
Garhart William   3/21/2011 A-10
Garman Maurice "Pete" 5/15/2011 A-10
Garrett Pammy J. 5/10/2011 A-10
Gebhart Nancy Ann (Johnson) 10/27/2011 A-10
Gerding Phil   7/28/2011 A-10
Gerk Tony J. 1/7/2011 A-2
Gerken Lawrence A. 7/16/2011 A-8
Gibata Josephine   5/15/2011 A-10
Gibata Josephine D. 5/17/2011 A-10
Gibb Judith Ann 10/8/2011 A-8
Gibbs Rachel J. 10/27/2011 A-10
Gibbs Rachel J. 10/26/2011 A-10
Gibbs Matthew E. 7/2/2011 A-8
Gibson Lois M. 5/12/2011 A-8
Gibson Roy H. Jr. 12/30/2011 A-10
Gibson Lois B. 5/11/2011 A-10
Giddings H. Maxine 5/31/2011 A-10
Gilson Ronald K. 5/14/2011 A-10
Girdler Florence G. 6/19/2011 A-10
Girdler Florence G. 6/19/2011 A-10
Girdler Florence G. 6/18/2011  
Girven John O. 2/15/2011 A-2
Gladson Geraldine H. (Swanson) 1/18/2011 A-2
Gladson Geraldine H. 1/16/2010 A-2
Glas Patrick Michael 11/4/2011 A-8
Glass George C. 8/9/2011 A-10
Glass George C. 8/8/2011 A-10
Goeltzenleuchter Betty J. 6/14/2011 A-10
Goeltzenleuchter Betty   6/13/2011 A-10
Goff David D. 1/7/2011 A-2
Goff William E. Jr. 2/6/2011 A-2
Goldsmith Ben H. 5/18/2011 A-10
Goodwin Elizabeth L. 7/12/2011 A-8
Goodwin William Lawrence 6/8/2011 A-8
Goosens Donald F. 6/26/2011 A-10
Gordon Nora (Noreen) Mary 3/3/2011 A-8
Gordon Dewey W. 5/2/2011 A-10
Gordon Rodney D. "Rod" 6/25/2011 A-8
Gothard Jane E. 12/9/2011 A-10
Gothard Jane F. 12/14/2011 A-10
Goudie Joanne Ruth 11/14/2011 A-10
Goudie Harland J. 12/9/2011 A-10
Goudie Joanna R. 11/13/2011 A-10
Goudie Harland J. 12/8/2011 A-8
Grady Dennis M. 9/17/2011 A-10
Graf Pauline E. 4/28/2011 A-8
Graflund Richard   1/28/2011 A-2
Graham Mary E. 8/9/2011 A-10
Graham Lois M. 5/15/2011 A-10
Graham Lois M. 5/18/2011 A-6
Graham Robert Allen 1/13/2011 A-2
Graver Darrin D. 8/28/2011 A-10
Graves Marna J. 6/10/2011 A-10
Gray Wilma R. 11/17/2011 A-10
Gray Wilma R. 11/18/2011 A-12
Gray Jacob A. 12/28/2011 A-10
Gray Eric W. 9/26/2011 A-12
Gray Eric Wayne 9/27/2011 A-12
Gray Gilbert L. 3/15/2011 A-10
Green Virginia Maxwell 3/28/2011 A-10
Green Virginia Maxwell 3/27/2011 A-10
Green Samuel A. 7/13/2011 A-8
Gregory Gail Linn 1/8/2011 A-2
Grice Iva E. 2/9/2011 A-2
Grice May L. 1/12/2011 A-2
Griffel Maxine Burkhalter 1/2/2011 A-2
Griffin Martha V. 2/22/2011 A-2
Griffin Martha V. 2/23/2011 A-2
Griffith Eugene E. 5/24/2011 A-8
Grimes Phyllis   9/11/2011 A-10
Grimes Jacqueline "Jackie" 8/18/2011 A-8
Grimes John F. Rev. 11/26/2011 A-10
Grimes Jacqueline   8/17/2011 A-12
Grimes Phyllis Elizabeth 9/16/2011 A-8
Grimm Randall Joe 3/3/2011 A-8
Grimm Randall J. 3/2/2011 A-8
Groce Wanda L. 2/19/2011 A-2
Gross Kedrin H. 2/16/2011 A-2
Gross Kedrin H. 5/13/2011 A-12
Gross Kedrin H. 2/17/2011 A-2
Grupe Leonard H. 6/27/2011 A-8
Guenther Janet A. 2/22/2011 A-2
Guenther Janet A. 2/23/2011 A-2
Guerrero Teresa   8/18/2011 A-8
Guerro Maliyah Janae 10/30/2011 A-10
Gustafson Robert J. 3/21/2011 A-10
Gustafson Robert J. Sr. 3/22/2011 A-10
Gustafson S. Jean 1/4/2011 A-2
Gustafson Kyong   1/4/2011 A-2
Gustus Robert C. 8/20/2011 A-8
Gustus Robert C. 8/19/2011 A-12
Haar Hilary R. 3/7/2011 A-8
Haase Alfred G. "Allie" 4/28/2011 A-8
Hackspacher Hans Martin 1/5/2011 A-2
Hagler Daryl Lamont 6/24/2011 A-8
Hagrelius John F. 4/11/2010 A-10
Hagrelius John F. 4/10/2011 A-10
Hakes Nanette A. Nelson 8/13/2011 A-8
Hakes Nanette A. Nelson 9/12/2011 A-12
Hall Jesse E. 2/10/2011 A-2
Hammer Alva "Dale" 10/18/2011 A-12
Hamp George M. 8/30/2011 A-10
Hanna Ellen R. 1/3/2011 A-2
Hanson Larry L. 12/7/2011 A-10
Hanson Larry L. 12/4/2011 A-10
Hardister Peggy   5/16/2011 A-10
Hardister Peggy A. 5/17/2011 A-10
Hare Timothy H. "Tim" 5/13/2011 A-12
Haritos Elma   4/14/2011 A-10
Haritos Elma "Patti" 4/16/2011 A-10
Harlow Terri J. 12/21/2011 A-8
Harms Ronald F. 7/31/2011 A-10
Harms (Haramincich) Ronald F. 8/2/2011 A-8
Harper Marilyn Millard 11/20/2011 A-10
Harpman Barbara J. 9/19/2011 A-10
Harpman Barbara J. 9/20/2011 A-10
Harris Lillian Ruth (Stephens) 9/15/2011 A-10
Harris Shirley L. 11/8/2011 A-8
Hart Donald Dean 9/28/2011 A-10
Hartman Bonnie Jean 3/8/2011 A-10
Hartman Eric J. 2/4/2011 A-2
Hartman Bonnie Jean 6/16/2011 A-8
Hastings Ralph T. 1/23/2011 A-2
Haun John M. 3/22/2011 A-10
Haun John Michael 3/21/2011 A-10
Hays Mary Anna 9/10/2011 A-10
Hayward Joyce Morss 10/26/2011 A-10
Hayward Joyce   10/25/2011 A-10
Heck Karen Davis 3/12/2011 A-8
Heerde Kathryn P. (Chapman) 3/18/2011 A-10
Heiwig Nettie J. 6/22/2011 A-10
Hellberg Jeffrey Wallace 6/16/2011 A-8
Hellberg Jeffrey Wallace 3/10/2011 A-8
Hellekson Terry Allen 8/17/2011 A-12
Hendricks Joyce L. 11/1/2011 A-10
Hendrickson Nancy R. 3/1/2011 A-8
Hendrickson Brian Lewis 12/29/2011 A-9
Hendrickson Shawn L. 6/4/2011 A-8
Hendrickson Brian Lewis 12/31/2011 A-10
Hengl Dustin E. 7/30/2011 A-10
Henig Winona V. 1/12/2011 A-2
Henig Winona (Nonie) Varner 1/13/2011 A-2
Henrichs Doris V. 12/29/2011 A-9
Hensley Beverly Jean 2/26/2011 A-2
Hensley Beverly Jean 2/27/2011 A-2
Hepner Sue   9/28/2011 A-10
Herrman Evalyn R. 12/13/2011 A-10
Hicks Helen   9/17/2011 A-10
Hidden Mick   8/30/2011 A-10
Hidden Michael Tod 8/25/2011 A-8
Hidden Michael Tod 8/24/2011 A-10
Hiel Ruby J. 5/10/2011 A-10
Hier Ann   7/2/2011 A-8
Higareda John   4/17/2011 A-10
Higgins Faye Lorraine 6/14/2011 A-10
Higgins Faye Lorraine 6/15/2011 A-8
Higgins Ernest N. Sr. 3/15/2011 A-10
Higgins Ernest N. Sr 3/17/2011 A-10
Hill Merwyn F. 5/13/2011 A-12
Hill James David 6/1/2011 A-8
Hillier John E. 5/23/2011 A-10
Hillier John E. 5/22/2011 A-10
Hillman Ruth E. 8/2/2011 A-8
Hills Virgil Raymond 11/14/2011 A-10
Hills Virgil R. 11/15/2011 A-10
Hilton R. Gregory 8/17/2011
Hilton Bonnie J. 5/9/2011 A-10
Hilton R. Gregory 8/16/2011 A-10
Hix John   6/7/2011 A-8
Hix John Phillip 6/8/2011 A-8
Hobbs Raymond J. 9/6/2011 A-11
Hobbs Raymond J. 9/4/2011 A-10
Hobbs Everett Richard 12/9/2011 A-10
Hodge Robert D. 5/6/2011 A-12
Hodge Robert D. 5/7/2011 A-10
Hoffman Shirley L. 11/10/2011 A-8
Hoffman Shirley L. 11/9/2011 A-10
Hoffman Shirley L. 11/11/2011 A-12
Hogan Michael R. 10/25/2011 A-10
Hogue Herbert E. Sr. 8/13/2011 A-8
Hogue Herbert E. Sr. 8/16/2011 A-10
Holden Stephen J. 10/11/2011 A-10
Holden Stephen   10/18/2011 A-12
Hollis Sarah L. 7/19/2011 A-12
Hollis Sarah L. 7/16/2011 A-8
Holt Leighton   9/15/2011 A-10
Homer Wayne A. 4/29/2011 A-10
Hook Betty J. 12/20/2011 A-12
Horine Karen "Carrie" 3/20/2011 A-10
Horine Karin   9/9/2011 A-10
Hornbaker Helen V. "Spider" 8/13/2011 A-8
Hornbaker Mary R. 2/22/2011 A-2
Hornbaker Helen V. "Spider" 8/14/2011 A-10
Horton Irene W. 1/20/2011 A-2
Howard Daniel Lee 6/4/2011 A-8
Howard Clyde   7/3/2011 A-10
Howard Clyde L. 7/5/2011 A-10
Howard Deborah A. 8/25/2011 A-8
Howarter Betty A. 9/6/2011 A-11
Howarter Marilyn   1/22/2011 A-2
Hoxworth Bonidene F. 5/14/2011 A-10
Hoyle Enis   8/24/2011 A-10
Hoyle Enis Jay 8/23/2011 A-8
Huber Gara Kay 9/27/2011 A-12
Huber Bonnie   11/5/2011 A-10
Huber Gara   9/25/2011 A-10
Huffaker James M. "Jim" 4/12/2011 A-10
Huffman Marie   3/8/2011 A-10
Huffman Karla Kaye 9/14/2011 A-10
Hughes Russell C. 12/2/2011 A-10
Hughes Dorothy Lieber 6/6/2011 A-10
Hulick Ione M. 5/19/2011 A-10
Hulick Ione M. 5/18/2011 A-10
Hull Virginia E. Glenn 11/2/2011 A-10
Hull Rita Mae 9/9/2011 A-10
Hull Elmer L. 4/17/2011 A-10
Humes Daryl D. 3/2/2011 A-8
Hunt Vincent L. 11/8/2011 A-8
Huppenbauer Paul A. 8/30/2011 A-10
Icenogle Delbert W. Rev. 6/30/2011 A-8
Ingels Frances M. 1/18/2011 A-2
Ingels Frances Mary 1/19/2011 A-2
Ingle Ronald A. "Dice" Jr. 12/13/2011 A-10
Ingram Bradley James 10/28/2011 A-12
Isaacson Herbert E. 6/19/2011 A-10
Isaacson Herbert E. 6/17/2011 A-10
Ishmael Patricia   11/8/2011 A-8
Jacobs Shirley E. 8/2/2011 A-8
Jacobs Shirley E. 7/30/2011 A-10
James Linda E. 1/8/2011 A-2
Jansen Shannon Marie 7/27/2011 A-10
Jansen Shannon Marie 7/26/2011 A-10
Jencks William Robert "Bob" 10/4/2011 A-8
Jern Larry E. 3/24/2011 A-10
Johansen Clarice A. 11/14/2011 A-10
Johansen Clarice A. 11/13/2011 A-10
Johansen Clarice A. 11/12/2011 A-8
John Alsa M. Pearcy 12/18/2011 A-10
John Burdon C. M.D. 1/25/2011 A-2
Johnson Arlene L. 9/20/2011 A-10
Johnson Paul Leonard 12/7/2011 A-10
Johnson Virginia Ann 10/7/2011 A-12
Johnson Katherine M. "Katy" 3/14/2011 A-10
Johnson Jacqueline B. 6/11/2011 A-10
Johnson Mable A. 1/15/2011 A-2
Johnson Arlene L. 9/15/2011 A-10
Johnson Donald Max 3/11/2011 A-10
Johnson Susan J. 9/29/2011 A-8
Johnson Paul L. 9/7/2011 A-10
Johnson Gary L. 7/5/2011 A-10
Johnson Betty J. 9/20/2011 A-10
Johnson Charles C. Churck 11/29/2011 A-12
Johnson Karen Sue 7/6/2011 A-5
Johnson Susan J. 9/30/2011 A-12
Johnson Kimberly Sue Ann 1/28/2011 A-2
Johnson Harold A. 12/4/2011 A-10
Johnson Jacqueline   6/10/2011 A-10
Johnson Ardith E. 3/1/2011 A-8
Johnson Mary Margaret Roush 4/13/2011 A-10
Johnson Helen Josephine 6/6/2011 A-10
Johnson Margie C. 8/23/2011 A-8
Johnson Ardith E. 3/2/2011 A-8
Johnson Linda J. 5/8/2011 A-10
Johnson Linda J. 5/9/2011 A-10
Johnson Linda J. 5/7/2011 A-10
Johnson William 'Lyle' 4/13/2011 A-10
Johnson Margie C. 8/22/2011 A-10
Johnson Emil E. Sr. 2/17/2011 A-2
Johnson Larry W. 3/22/2011 A-10
Johnson William "Lyle" 4/9/2011 A-10
Johnson Lois F. 6/6/2011 A-10
Johnson Lois F. 6/7/2011 A-8
Johnson Howard W. 11/22/2011 A-10
Johnson Kimberly Sue Ann 2/2/2011 A-2
Johnson Robert L. 8/22/2011 A-10
Johnson Helen M. 6/7/2011 A-8
Johnston Loren Tracy (Ret. Maj.) 8/29/2011 A-10
Johnston Tracy L. 10/28/2011 A-12
Johnston Margaret "Peggy" 3/14/2011 A-10
Johnston Thomas Louis 1/5/2011 A-2
Johnston Loren Tracy 10/30/2011 A-10
Johnston Thomas Louis 1/4/2011 A-2
Johnston Margaret J. "Peggy" 3/15/2011 A-10
Jones Betty N. "Millard" 6/9/2011 A-8
Jones James R. "Jimmy" 5/1/2011 A-10
Jones Betty N. Millard 5/3/2011 A-10
Jones Betty N. Millard 5/4/2011 A-10
Jones James R. 4/30/2011 A-10
Jones Bonnie Berniece 11/9/2011 A-10
Jones Cheryl L. Strohmaier 7/16/2011 A-8
Jones Iva C. 1/6/2011 A-2
Jones Cathy Lynn 6/12/2011 A-10
Jones Cheryl L. Strohmaier 7/12/2011 A-8
Jones Cheryl L. Strohmaier 7/13/2011 A-8
Jones Margaret L. 4/25/2011 A-10
Jones Cathy L. 6/11/2011 A-10
Jones John E. 3/9/2011 A-10
Jordan Marcellus   4/3/2011 A-10
Jordan Marcellus   4/7/2011 A-8
Joseph Philip E. 10/28/2011 A-12
Joseph Philip   10/27/2011 A-10
Kamerer Alice   8/14/2011 A-10
Kaspar Ruth M. 7/5/2011 A-10
Keckler Velma Lucille 3/28/2011 A-10
Keel Medford A. 12/22/2011 A-10
Keffer Frances Christiansen 4/16/2011 A-10
Kehoe Mary A. 2/4/2011 A-2
Kehr Rodney W. 11/15/2011 A-10
Keimig Anthony W. "Tony" 10/9/2011 A-10
Keimig Anthony W. "Tony" 10/10/2011 A-10
Keith Michael E. 12/14/2011 A-10
Keith Michael   12/12/2011 A-8
Kell Madoline E. 12/20/2011 A-12
Kell Madoline Elloise 12/24/2011 A-8
Kelley-McDaniel Anna M. (Mannon) 3/24/2011 A-10
Kelley-McDaniel Anna M. (Mannon) 3/18/2011 A-10
Kemmitt Steven H. 5/2/2011 A-10
Kemp Mary E. 8/12/2011 A-12
Kemp Mary F. 8/13/2011 A-8
Kempin Margaret A. 8/23/2011 A-8
Kennedy Jean Reynolds 3/2/2011 A-8
Kenney Priscilla L. 1/15/2011 A-2
Kepner Barbara Ellen 5/16/2011 A-10
Kepple Delores V. 6/29/2011 A-8
Kermeen Russell W. 9/29/2011 A-8
Kermeen Russell W. 9/28/2011 A-10
Kerr Rodney   11/11/2011 A-12
Kiem Lucille F. 11/3/2011 A-8
Kiem Lucille F. 11/4/2011 A-8
Kieser John R. "Rick" Jr. 2/6/2011 A-2
Kilgore Novalene M. 7/15/2011 A-10
Kilgore-Tabb Elizabeth A. 10/23/2011 A-10
Kilgore-Tabb Elizabeth A. 10/26/2011 A-10
Kilpatrick Jacob C. 11/2/2011 A-10
Kilpatrick Margaret Lucille 12/12/2011 A-8
Kilpatrick Margaret Lucille 12/14/2011 A-10
Kimbrell Philip W. "Phil" 2/19/2011 a-2
Kimmitt Robert E. 3/31/2011 A-10
Kincade Clifford E. 10/28/2011 A-12
King Bessie H. 6/24/2011 A-10
King Lillian B. 12/27/2011 A-10
King Lillian B. 12/26/2011 A-12
King Raymond E. 9/12/2011 A-12
Kinney Howard   12/23/2011 A-10
Kirk Eddie D. 1/12/2011 A-2
Kisler Clyde L. 8/4/2011 A-8
Kisler Clyde   8/3/2011 A-8
Kitchin Glenn   2/3/2011 A-2
Kitchin Glenn C. "Kitch" 4/14/2011 A-10
Kitchin Glenn C. 2/4/2011 A-2
Klapp William S. 1/26/2011 A-2
Kline Dannie   9/16/2011 A-8
Klukos Scott I. 12/13/2011 A-10
Kniss William "Roger" 3/17/2011 A-10
Knott Lawrence G. 9/29/2011 A-8
Knott Lawrence G. 9/30/2011 A-12
Knowles Karen L. 11/22/2011 A-10
Knox Oren Marlyn 4/17/2011 A-10
Knox Oren M. 4/15/2011 A-10
Knudsen Eleanore M. 2/17/2011 A-2
Kobler Linda K. 7/16/2011 A-8
Kofoid Viola Mae 10/10/2011 A-10
Kofoid Viola M. 10/9/2011 A-10
Konefal Joseph E. 1/11/2011 A-2
Kramer Helena Elizabeth 5/18/2011 A-10
Kreider R. Carl 12/24/2011 A-8
Kreider Cornelia A. 9/2/2011 A-10
Krupps Dorothy Cecilia O'Brien 7/7/2011 A-6
Kunz Charles   3/15/2011 A-5
Kunz Charles E. 3/17/2011 A-10
Laferty David N. 8/29/2011 A-10
Lafferty Jared A. 6/8/2011 A-8
Lafferty Jared A. "Jed" 6/28/2011 A-8
Lair Ronald Lee 12/29/2011 A-9
Lambert Margaret A. 7/27/2011 A-10
Lambert Margaret A. 7/26/2011 A-10
Lampson Thomas   5/19/2011 A-10
Lampson Thomas   5/20/2011 A-10
Landon R. Ned 12/29/2011 A-9
Landon Cecelia "Ce" 4/26/2011 A-12
Larkins David G. 12/5/2011 A-10
Larson Betty E. 10/25/2011 A-10
Larson Dale Robert 1/19/2011 A-2
Larson Betty E. 10/23/2011 A-10
Laswell Janice S. 5/22/2011 A-10
Laswell Janice Sue 5/25/2011 A-10
Lawrence Mary Y. 2/23/2011 A-2
Lawrence James L. 5/21/2011 A-10
Lawrence Jessie M. 7/28/2011 A-10
Lawrence James L. 5/20/2011 A-10
Lawrence Jessie M. 7/29/2011 A-10
Lawson Jane Ann (Hayden) 5/16/2011 A-10
Lawson Jane Ann 5/14/2011 A-10
Leadley Thomas R. 8/16/2011 A-10
Leafgreen Anna L. 8/30/2011 A-10
Leath Mary Lou 5/31/2011 A-10
Leath Mary Lou 6/1/2011 A-8
Leath Mary Lou 6/2/2011 A08
Leddy Opal J. 2/2/2011 A-2
Lee Ida L. 4/7/2011 A-8
Leng Paul A. 1/10/2011 A-2
Leng Paul A. 4/14/2011 A-10
Lentz Lawrence E. "Larry" 12/8/2011 A-8
Lentz Lawrence "Larry" 12/6/2011 A-10
Lenz Alda M. Pearcy-John 12/18/2011 A-10
Leonard Delphine M. 8/25/2011 A-8
Levene Donald F. 7/6/2011 A-8
Levene Donald E. 6/18/2011 A-8
Lewis Carol E. (Simpson) 4/4/2011 A-12
Lewis Jean   12/22/2011 A-10
Liby Jack Weston 8/7/2011 A-10
Liby Jack Weston 8/11/2011 A-8
Liebetrau Richard E. 4/16/2011 A-10
Likes Helen L. 2/5/2011 A-2
Lindberg Esther A. 2/1/2011 A-2
Lindberg Esther Astrid 2/2/2011 A-2
Lindblom Eileen A. 4/1/2011 A-10
Linder Leslie Ann 9/17/2011 A-10
Lindrothe James C. 4/3/2011 A-10
Lindrothe James C. 4/4/2011 A-12
Lindsay James W. 11/1/2011 A-10
Lindstrom Dean R. 11/29/2011 A-12
Lindstrom Dean R. 11/28/2011 A-10
Lingwall Rachel M. 9/28/2011 A-10
Lingwall Rachel D. 9/27/2011 A-12
Liniger William Allen 11/2/2011 A-10
Liniger William A. 11/1/2011 A-10
Linman Gerald Vincent 3/16/2011 A-10
Linroth David R. "Bob" 9/4/2011 A-10
Lipp Mildred B. 6/17/2011 A-10
Lipp Mildred B. 7/2/2011 A-8
Lisenbee Beryl A. 7/20/2011 A-12
Litchfield Norma L. 4/6/2011 A-12
Litton Robert G. 9/16/2011 A-8
Livingston Catherine   10/20/2011 A-8
Lodwick Gary D. 5/19/2011 A-10
Logsdon Shelley M. 12/27/2011 A-10
Lomax George O. 6/21/2011 A-10
Longshore Milton S. 1/11/2011 A-2
Lorton Merle A. "Bobbi" 12/3/2011 A-8
Louck Margo S. 11/15/2011 A-10
Lough Anita R. 2/8/2011 A-2
Lovdahl Julia A. "Judy" 6/9/2011 A-8
Lovdahl James M. 9/6/2011 A-11
Love Mahlon L. III 5/26/2011 A-8
Loveland Frank Richard 9/8/2011 A-10
Loveland Frank   9/6/2011 A-11
Lufkin Ted E. 9/30/2011 A-12
Luker Donald D. 8/2/2011 A-8
Luker Donald D. "Luke" 8/11/2011 A-8
Luker Donald D. 8/1/2011 A-10
Lunden Barbara E. 8/25/2011 A-8
Lunden Barbara E. 8/23/2011 A-8
Lundstrom David Lee 2/8/2011 A-2
Lundstum David   1/28/2011 A-2
Lundun Barbara E. 8/21/2011 A-10
Lydic Russel U. 5/11/2011 A-10
Lydic Russel U. 5/10/2011 A-10
Lydic Nancy L. 7/29/2011 A-10
Lyon Sharon Kay 6/23/2011 A-8
Mabry Clarence   9/3/2011 A-10
Mack Veda M. 10/12/2011 A-10
Madry Clarence   9/1/2011 A-8
Magnuson Verna L. 5/5/2011 A-8
Magoon Velma M. 12/29/2011 A-9
Magoon Velma M. 12/30/2011 A-10
Mahnesmith Rollin R. 3/1/2011 A-8
Mahnesmith Rollin R. 2/27/2011 A-2
Main Hazel I. Steffey 11/4/2011 A-8
Malcolm Terry A. 4/23/2011 A-8
Malcolm Terry A. 4/25/2011 A-10
Mallery LeRoy L. 9/6/2011 A-11
Manes Delores M. 1/19/2011 A-2
Mannon Anna Kelley-McDaniel 3/18/2011 A-10
Marchal Donald H. 8/23/2011 A-8
Marchal Donald H. 8/22/2011 A-10
Maritz Margaret R. 1/28/2011 A-2
Markley Turner W. 9/17/2011 A-10
Marquis Richard L. 4/14/2011 A-10
Marquis Richard L. 4/15/2011 A-10
Marquith Robert L. 2/6/2011 A-2
Marry Bette Dwyer 10/12/2011 A-10
Marshall Okle Fay 3/20/2011 A-10
Martin Nancy K. 3/26/2011 A-10
Martin Nancy K. 3/29/2011 A-2
Mason Linda L. 8/4/2011 A-8
Masterson Jack S. 4/5/2011 A-8
Mates Barbara Annette 2/7/2011 A-2
Mates Barbara Annette 2/6/2011 A-2
Mathers Larry   11/29/2011 A-12
Mathews Ramona F. 3/1/2011 A-8
Mathews Ramona F. 3/2/2011 A-8
Mathews Geral L. 6/15/2011 A-8
Mathews Geral L. 6/16/2011 A-8
Matson Ann Veronica 11/30/2011 A-10
Mayhew Marjorie Louise 12/27/2011 A-10
McAllister Mary Lou 7/22/2011 A-10
McAllister Mary Lou "Marlo" 7/28/2011 A-10
McAllister Mary Lou "Marlo" 9/15/2011 A-10
McAtee Kathleen   3/31/2011 A-10
McBride Jack D. Dr. 6/6/2011 A-10
McBride Jack   6/5/2011 A-10
McCall James A. 4/20/2011 A-12
McCarthy Mary   10/2/2011 A-10
McClean Elizabeth J. 10/6/2011 A-8
McCleary Patrick J. 8/2/2011 A-8
McCoy Lawrence D. 12/24/2011 A-8
McCreight Clara Alice 2/1/2011 A-2
McCreight C. Alice 1/30/2011 A-2
McCreight Gwendolyn M. 12/10/2011 A-8
McCrery Betty M. 3/27/2011 A-10
McCrery Betty Marie 3/28/2011 A-10
McCrery Dorothy M. 8/4/2011 A-8
McCulloch Elizabeth Ann "Betty" 7/18/2011 A-10
McCurdy Helen M. 12/20/2011 A-12
McCurdy Helen M. 12/21/2011 A-8
McCurry Jack H. 1/2/2011 A-2
McDaniel Anna M. Kelley (Mannon 3/18/2011 A-10
McDonald Sharon R. 12/3/2011 A-8
McDowell Elsie Marie 12/19/2011 A-10
McFetridge Mary E. 4/11/2011 A-10
McGee Norine I. (Lindstrom) 4/30/2011 A-10
McGovern Dorothy H. 3/30/2011 A-10
McGrath Carol L. 7/28/2011 A-10
McGuire Doris "Flunky" 8/4/2011 A-8
McIlravy Dorothy L. 1/25/2011 A-2
McIlravy Dorothy L. 1/23/2011 A-2
McLaren Larry   7/19/2011 A-12
McLaren Larry L. 7/20/2011 A-12
McManus John "Bob" Robert 7/26/2011 A-10
McManus John R. 7/25/2011 A-10
McMeen Mary L. 10/25/2011 A-10
McMullin Richard C. 7/13/2011 A-8
McNamee Melissa "Missy" Sue 12/27/2011 A-10
McNeal Lee M. 3/6/2011 A-2
McSwain Joseph D. 11/10/2011 A-8
McVey Daniel Myron 7/6/2011 A-8
McVey Lorraine "Muff" 3/20/2011 A-10
McVey Lorraine K. "Muff" 3/21/2011 A-10
McVey Lorraine K. "Muff" 3/22/2011 A-10
McWilliams Nancy J. 1/24/2011 A-2
Mead Robert G. 2/7/2011 A-2
Mead Robert G. 2/6/2011 A-2
Mead Lois E. 9/25/2011 A-10
Mead Jack W. 7/29/2011 A-10
Mecum Clark E. 1/28/2011 A-2
Mecum Clark Earle 2/2/2011 A-2
Mecum Clark Earle 1/30/2011 A-2
Medley Marvin J. 12/23/2011 A-10
Medley Marvin J. 12/24/2011 A-8
Meece Stephen L. 2/4/2011 A-2
Meek D.C. E. Wayne 2/8/2011 A-2
Meeker R. Irene 10/18/2011 A-12
Meiner Donald E. 1/21/2011 A-2
Meloan Louise E. Simms 4/23/2011 A-8
Melton Brandon Kyle 4/23/2011 A-8
Melton Brandon K "Brando-Flycat" 4/24/2011 A-10
Mendes Karen K. 6/22/2011 A-10
Mendez Carolos F. 2/10/2011 A-2
Mendez Carolos Francisco 2/11/2011 A-2
Meriwether Daniel Lee 6/5/2011 A-10
Merrill Jennie A. 3/31/2011 A-10
Messmore Harry Dr. L. 12/1/2011 A-8
Metz Mary E. Reavy 10/12/2011 A-10
Metzger John E. 3/18/2011 A-10
Meyer Rolland J. 8/13/2011 A-8
Meyer Margaret "Darlene" 3/29/2011 A-2
Mezyk Edward T. 5/26/2011 A-8
Miles Viona "Toni" 6/17/2011 A-10
Miles Viona "Toni" 6/19/2011 A-10
Miles Viona "Toni" 6/18/2011 A-8
Miller James E. 3/30/2011 A-10
Miller Jeanette   11/26/2011 A-10
Miller Patricia J. 7/3/2011 A-10
Miller Dell   12/16/2011 A-10
Miller Kathleen M. 2/22/2011 A-2
Miller Jeff A. 3/25/2011 A-10
Miller Jeff A. 3/26/2011 A-10
Miller Regena L. 2/15/2011 A-2
Miller Regena L. 2/12/2011 A-2
Miller Sandra Ann Godsil 1/26/2011 A-2
Mills Bernice B. 11/10/2011 A-8
Mills James   1/3/2011 A-2
Mills James   1/4/2011 A-2
Mills Harry B. Jr. 4/9/2011 A-10
Milner Sharon L. 11/25/2011 A-12
Miner Robert Ray Sr. 11/5/2011 A-10
Mixon Christopher Lee 2/2/2011 A-2
Moeller Donald G. 6/24/2011 A-10
Moffett Eileen   6/7/2011 A-8
Moffett Eileen E. 6/6/2011 A-10
Moffett Eileen   6/8/2011 A-6
Montgomery Patricia J. 10/18/2011 A-12
Monts Allen Dale 12/3/2011 A-8
Monts Normaline L. Myers 6/30/2011 A-8
Moore Jay W. 4/6/2011 A-12
Moore Mildred C. 9/30/2011 A-12
Moore Norma E. 3/4/2011 A-10
Moore William K. "Bill" 3/17/2011 A-10
Moore Norma E. 3/3/2011 A-8
Moore Darlene E. 6/16/2011 A-8
Morey Betty Walker 2/10/2011 A-2
Morgan Norma Jean 2/27/2011 A-2
Morris Rebecca J. 2/9/2011 A-2
Morris Paul W. 9/30/2011 A-12
Morrison Alicia R. (Turner) 5/19/2011 A-10
Moscrip Katrina Ilene 6/24/2011 A-10
Mowen Nadine K. 3/21/2011 A-10
Mullhatten Leon W. 6/10/2011 A-10
Mullhatten Leon W. 6/9/2011 A-8
Mullins Joyce L. 9/4/2011 A-10
Munson K. Everett 5/25/2011 A-10
Munson Leo Gale 11/29/2011 A-12
Munson Leo   11/27/2011 A-12
Munson Leo   11/28/2011 A-10
Murphy Loren Ray 3/20/2011 A-10
Muselman Shelley D. 5/21/2011 A-10
Myers Ruth M. 10/4/2011 A-8
Myers Ruth M. 10/6/2011 A-8
Nance Roger Eugene 5/4/2011 A-10
Nape Marilyn A. 4/6/2011 A-12
Nape Marilyn A. 4/10/2011 A-10
Naugle Vena L. 2/18/2011 A-2
Nell Julie L. 12/6/2011 A-10
Nell Patricia Maxine Sallee 12/12/2011 A-8
Nelsom R. Pauline 2/26/2011 A-2
Nelson R. Pauline 2/27/2011 A-2
Nelson Mary Anderson 4/4/2011 A-12
Nelson Jacob Michael 1/21/2011 A-2
Nelson Betty J. 10/11/2011 A-10
Nelson G. Dean Jr. 3/29/2011 A-2
Nelson Elliott B. 11/12/2011 A-8
Nelson Betty Jean 12/30/2011 A-10
Nelson Carol D. 6/18/2011 A-8
Nelson Carol D. 6/19/2011 A-10
Nelson Carol D. 6/19/2011 A-10
Nelson Verlene E. "Sue" 12/1/2011 A-8
Nelson Ernestine   2/19/2011 A-2
Nelson Mary G. Anderson 4/5/2011 A-8
Newell Harry Dean 12/1/2011 A-8
Ney Helen C. 11/26/2011 A-10
Nicaise Richard F. 12/9/2011 A-10
Nichols Jeffrey A. 4/1/2011 A-10
Nichols Jeffrey A. 4/2/2011 A-10
Nieves Isabela Rae 8/2/2011 A-8
Nighswonger-Warfield Betty L. 8/11/2011 A-8
Noble S. Kathryn 6/10/2011 A-10
Noe Margie A. 7/6/2011 A-8
Noe Margie A. 7/5/2011 A-10
Noecker Thomas Duane 9/4/2011 A-10
Noel Jacqueline Claire 10/10/2011 A-10
Noftsger Wayne P. 7/6/2011 A-8
Nolen Harold W. 1/15/2011 A-7
Nordstrom Ronald T. "Ron" 11/22/2011 A-10
Norma Helen Blessington 3/3/2011 A-8
Norquist Robert Louis 1/22/2011 A-2
Nortrup Farrel D. 12/29/2011 A-9
Nortrup Farrel D. "Hap" 12/28/2011 A-10
Norville Micheal A. 4/11/2011 A-10
Null Coralie J. 1/17/2011 A-2
Null Coralie J. 1/18/2011 A-2
Nyman Ila Mae 11/27/2011 A-12
Nyman Ila M. 11/26/2011 A-10
Oaks Gary L. 5/29/2011 A-2
O'Brien Helen Roberta 7/31/2011 A-10
O'Dell Helen Bassett 2/16/2011 A-2
Olander Ruth   11/15/2011 A-10
O'Laughlin Donna J. 12/20/2011 A-12
Olin Ada F. 9/23/2011 A-12
Olin Ada F. 9/22/2011 A-10
Olomon Walter L. 3/31/2011 A-10
Olomon Frank A. 6/25/2011 A-8
Olson Lelia   4/9/2011 A-10
Olson Lelia Katherine 4/13/2011 A-10
Olson Robert Eugene 9/7/2011 A-10
Olson Neil R. 6/1/2011 A-8
Onken Donald   5/21/2011 A-10
Ortlieb Eleanor   2/15/2011 A-2
Orwig Rosemary M. 9/11/2011 A-10
Orwig Rosemary M. 9/12/2011 A-12
Osborn Gene W. 12/6/2011 A-10
Osborn James W. 4/26/2011 A-12
Otto Bertie E. 4/16/2011 A-10
Owen Billy M. "Bill" 1/25/2011 A-2
Owens John V. 10/19/2011 A-10
Packard James W. Jr. 8/25/2011 A-8
Page Leland A. 12/13/2011 A-10
Page John LeRoy 1/18/2011 A-2
Page John Leroy 3/30/2011 A-10
Page Tom   4/20/2011 A-12
Page Tom   4/21/2011 A-8
Painter Phil Dr. 3/22/2011 A-10
Palmer Richard A. 7/2/2011 A-8
Parish Dean R. Sr. 12/6/2011 A-10
Parker Margaret C. 4/26/2011 A-12
Parker Roberta Katherine 10/27/2011 A-10
Parkin Jonathan   5/16/2011 A-10
Parkin Jonathan "Bud" P. 5/17/2011 A-10
Parrish Dean R. Sr. 12/4/2011 A-10
Parsons Mary Lou 5/19/2011 A-10
Pates John E. 10/19/2011 A-10
Patterson Donald L. 9/19/2011 A-10
Patterson Maude S. 10/8/2011 A-8
Patterson Donald L. 9/15/2011 A-10
Patterson Donald L. 9/17/2011 A-10
Patton Dorothy Marie 10/24/2011 A-10
Patton Dorothy M. 10/23/2011 A-10
Paul Ronald S. 5/9/2011 A-10
Payton Lois A. 8/18/2011 A-8
Payton Lois Annetta 8/19/2011 A-12
Pearcy Lavina F. 9/2/2011 A-10
Pearcy-John Alda M. 12/18/2011 A-10
Pearson Alice E. 7/2/2011 A-8
Pearson Rosa J. 4/4/2011 A-12
Pedersen Bruce J. 5/29/2011 A-2
Pederson Bruce   5/27/2011 A-12
Peed Carl L. 7/20/2011 A-12
Perryman Marjorie   2/10/2011 A-2
Persefield Mabel B. 8/23/2011 A-8
Peters Rodney Neal 9/12/2011 A-12
Peters Rodney Neal 9/11/2011 A-10
Peterson David H. 4/29/2011 A-10
Peterson Shirley Jean Miller 3/11/2011 A-10
Peterson Mary E. 12/14/2011 A-10
Peterson Shirley Jean (Miller) 3/10/2011 A-8
Peterson Rebecca D. "Becky" 5/27/2011 A-12
Peterson Jack   10/25/2011 A-10
Peterson Jack D. 10/26/2011 A-10
Petri Harvey W. 2/25/2011 A-2
Phillips Waneitta G. "Toots" 9/1/2011 A-8
Phillips Hellen Poplett/Garrett 12/28/2011 A-10
Phillips Rita A. 4/19/2011 A-10
Phillips Rita   4/18/2011 A-10
Pickrel Larry A. 2/11/2011 A-2
Pickrel Larry A. 2/9/2011 A-2
Pickrel Larry A. 2/8/2011 A-2
Pierce Raymond O. 1/13/2011 A-2
Pittman Cora Alvina 11/11/2011 A-12
Plue Fred R. 4/16/2011 A-10
Pool William "Dale" 7/1/2011 A-10
Pople Richard Allen 6/7/2011 A-8
Postma John S. 1/22/2011 A-2
Powell Jeffrey Duane 9/17/2011 A-10
Powell Jeffrey D. 9/15/2011 A-10
Powell Doris E. 4/4/2011 A-12
Powell Doris E. 4/5/2011 A-8
Powell Jack   6/3/2011 A-10
Preston Eloise M. 5/18/2011 A-10
Price Harry M. 10/4/2011 A-8
Pringle L. V. Clifton 2/11/2011 A-2
Pugh Charles L. 9/23/2011 A-12
Pugh Mildred A. 2/10/2011 A-2
Pugh Mildred A. 2/11/2011 A-2
Pulse Danny A. 3/23/2011 A-10
Qualley Maxine C. "Jimmie" 8/5/2011 A-10
Randall Ronald   8/28/2011 A-1
Rankin Delbert E. 5/31/2011 A-10
Ransom Walter R. 11/9/2011 A-10
Rawhouser Verna I. 7/2/2011 A-8
Ray Linda J. (Claycomb) 3/24/2011 A-10
Reed David J. 11/17/2011 A-10
Reed David John 11/10/2011 A-8
Rehn J. Wayne 10/10/2011 A-10
Rensted Willetta J. "Billie" 2/15/2011 A-2
Renwick Irene I. 2/23/2011 A-2
Reynolds Rose A. 5/13/2011 A-12
Rich Dorothy Clarke 7/26/2011 A-10
Rich Ralph James 2/12/2011 A-2
Richards Thomas David "Dave" 5/9/2011 A-10
Richards Thomas David "Dave" 5/8/2011 A-10
Richardson Eldon N. "Duff" 12/20/2011 A-12
Richardson James F. 11/9/2011 A-10
Richardson R. Paul 9/27/2011 A-12
Rickords Jeffrey D. 5/8/2011 A-10
Rico Lorraine L. Thomas 10/10/2011 A-10
Riden Melvin L. 5/29/2011 A-2
Riggle Ruth C. 7/23/2011 A-10
Riley Richard E. 9/15/2011 A-10
Riley Edward Dale 11/7/2011 A-10
Ring Merrill Douglas 4/1/2011 A-10
Rippy Shirley L. Wells 8/4/2011 A-8
Robbins Ricky L. 6/14/2011 A-10
Roberts Sonya V. 12/22/2011 A-10
Roberts Kimberly A. 12/6/2011 A-10
Roberts Virginia M. 10/21/2011 A-10
Robinson Ronald   3/24/2011 A-10
Robinson Ronald W. 3/25/2011 A-10
Robison Bryley Karol 5/19/2011 A-10
Robke Brenda Mays 3/8/2011 A-10
Rodeffer M. Claire 2/22/2011 A-2
Rodgers Stephen   9/7/2011 A-10
Rodgers Stephen   9/9/2011 A-10
Rodgers Stephen   9/4/2011 A-10
Rodgers Stephen   9/3/2011 A-10
Rodich Anthony N. 11/14/2011 A-10
Rodich Anthony N. 11/13/2011 A-10
Rogers Renee N. 1/15/2011 A-2
Roman George W. 6/4/2011 A-8
Roman George W. 6/5/2011 A-10
Romano Leo X. 4/12/2011 A-10
Rome Donald H. 2/10/2011 A-2
Romine Jerry   6/14/2011 A-10
Root Dallas L. 2/2/2011 A-2
Rose Betty J. 3/31/2011 A-10
Rose Marianne S. 1/15/2011 A-2
ross Terry L. 12/10/2011 A-8
Roudebush Gary LeRoy 7/10/2011 A-10
Rubin Bonnie Jean 11/30/2011 A-10
Rubin Bonnie J. 11/28/2011 A-10
Rush Robert M. 6/2/2011 A-8
Rush Robert M. 6/3/2011 A-10
Russell Delores M. 6/25/2011 A-8
Ryan Orval L. 12/2/2011 A-10
Ryden Richard S. 12/15/2011 A-10
Ryden Richard Scott 12/17/2011 A-8
Saben Lee F. 12/20/2011 A-12
Saey Lynn   7/7/2011 A-6
Saline Sterling G. 3/29/2011 A-2
Saline Sterling G. 3/28/2011 A-10
Saline Sterling G. 3/30/2011 A-10
Salter Edith Louise Parker 5/25/2011 A-10
Sampson Mary   10/2/2011 A-10
Sampson Rodger W. 1/5/2011 A-2
Sampson Mary Ellen (Reno) 10/3/2011 A-8
Samuelson Gilbert Jr. 4/25/2011 A-10
Sands Hedwig Rucks 3/1/2011 A-8
Sargent Don   4/7/2011 A-8
Sargent Don   4/6/2011 A-12
Sargent Don   4/2/2011 A-10
Scalf Jerry E. 6/14/2011 A-10
Scheidell Virginia C. 12/4/2011 A-10
Scheidell Virginia Claire 12/14/2011 A-10
Schienbein Allen Gene 12/28/2011 A-10
Schisler Eddie Lee 1/16/2011 A-2
Schisler Salmon L. "Jr." 7/26/2011 A-10
Schleich Junior K. 12/23/2011 A-10
Schleich Junior K. 12/22/2011 A-10
Schlutow Harold L. 4/27/2011 A-12
Schmalshof Donald Eugene 2/12/2011 A-2
Schoenbein Lyle E. 6/13/2011 A-10
Schoenbein Lyle   6/11/2011 A-10
Schott Robert A. 8/2/2011 A-8
Schuler LaVonne Hund 3/9/2011 A-10
Schultz Vicki J. 2/18/2011 A-2
Schultz Vicki J. 2/19/2011 A-2
Schwass Don Gilbert 3/3/2011 A-7
Schwickerath James W. "Jim" 4/7/2011 A-8
Scott Ronald H. 1/13/2011 A-2
Scott Lowell W. "Scotty" 3/24/2011 A-10
Scott Joe "Eddy" 7/12/2011 A-8
Scott Jos   7/10/2011 A-10
Scranton Florence G. 2/8/2011 A-2
Seabloom Janet   10/18/2011 A-12
Seabloom Maynard H. 3/16/2011 A-10
Sedam Gary Lane 11/13/2011 A-10
Seery Lois B. 4/15/2011 A-10
Seery Lois B. 4/20/2011 A-12
Seitz Larry R. 6/1/2011 A-8
Selberg Kathleen   12/5/2011 A-10
Selberg Kathleen   12/4/2011 A-10
Selser Marilyn S. 4/5/2011 A-8
Senders Lois A. 11/2/2011 A-10
Senders Lois A. 11/3/2011 A-8
Seper Jeffrey S. 6/4/2011 A-8
Seper Jeffrey S. 6/3/2011 A-10
Setser John W. 4/18/2011 A-10
Settle-Claiborne Diane   6/30/2011 A-8
Settle-Claiborne Diane   6/25/2011 A-8
Severns Betty J. 8/30/2011 A-10
Sharp Tucker Alan 7/11/2011 A-10
Sharp Therese   12/10/2011 A-8
Shattuck Ruth E. 12/8/2011 A-8
Shattuck Ruth E. 12/13/2011 A-10
Shaver Mary E. 8/22/2011 A-10
Shaver Mary E. 8/23/2011 A-8
Shaver Mary Eileen 8/24/2011 A-10
Shaw Betty J. 1/12/2011 A-2
Sheilds Juanita F. 5/10/2011 A-10
Sherman Clarke   11/4/2011 A-8
Sherman Clarke   11/9/2011 A-10
Sherman Charlotte "June" 11/7/2011 A-10
Sherwood Betty J. 12/2/2011 A-10
Sherwood Betty J. 12/3/2011 A-8
Shields-Nelson Juanita   5/8/2011 A-10
Shotts David A. 3/2/2011 A-8
Showalter Ellamae   2/26/2011 A-2
Showalter Ellamae   2/24/2011 A-2
Shugart Edith May 1/2/2011 A-2
Simmons Carol B. 2/11/2011 A-2
Simonson Barbara L. 5/22/2011 A-10
Simonson Barbara L. 5/23/2011 A-10
Simpson Marilyn k. 7/16/2011 A-8
Simpson James B. 9/20/2011 A-10
Simpson Terry   6/8/2011 A-6
Simpson Kenneth E. 1/7/2011 A-2
Simpson Terry R. 6/9/2011 A-8
Sims Margaret A. 2/22/2011 A-2
Sims Margaret A. 3/1/2011 A-8
Singleton Herman   1/5/2011 A-2
Sipes Marjorie E. 12/26/2011 A-12
Sipes Marjorie E. 12/24/2011 A-8
Sipes George E. 12/8/2011 A-8
Sizemore David   10/5/2011 A-8
Sizemore David   10/3/2011 A-8
Skiff Arthera J. 5/23/2011 A-10
Skillman James R. "Bob" 9/11/2011 A-10
Skillman James R. 9/10/2011 A-10
Sloan Charles L. 7/30/2011 A-10
Slover Bessie E. 8/12/2011 A-12
Slygh Jeanette H. 9/27/2011 A-12
Small Lass   1/28/2011 A-2
Smallwood Barbara E. 12/29/2011 A-9
Smith Benjamin Franklin 10/12/2011 A-10
Smith Laverne K. 1/4/2011 A-2
Smith Everett R. 12/28/2011 A-10
Smith Harold E. 3/3/2011 A-8
Smith Kenneth L. 12/29/2011 A-9
Smith Miles E. 9/17/2011 A-10
Smith Charles L. "Farmer" 3/8/2011 A-10
Smith Gloria Seward 9/14/2011 A-10
Smith Eddy A. 2/24/2011 A-2
Smith Everett R. 12/26/2011 A-12
Smith Irma Luella 9/9/2011 A-10
Smith Marjorie J. 9/8/2011 A-10
Smith Eddy A. 2/23/2011 A-2
Smith Gloria Jean Seward 9/16/2011 A-8
Smith James F. 4/25/2011 A-10
Smith Rubie I. A. 5/31/2011 A-10
Smith Donna E. 12/3/2011 A-8
Smith Thomas Robert 7/12/2011 A-8
Smith Thomas   7/11/2011 A-10
Smith Mildred A. 3/16/2011 A-10
Smith Joan C. 3/16/2011 A-10
Smith Dorothy I. 6/30/2011 A-8
Smith Jerry L. 3/15/2011 A-10
Smith Joan C. 3/15/2011 A-10
Smith Rubie I. A. 6/1/2011 A-8
Smrkovski Robert B. "Bob" 11/15/2011 A-10
Snell-Surface Georgia A. 8/16/2011 A-10
Snell-Surface Georgia A. 8/11/2011 A-8
Snyder Lola E. 4/27/2011 A-12
Snyder Lola   6/4/2011 A-8
Sommer Llyod Everett 12/27/2011 A-10
Sopher Trella I. 6/10/2011 A-10
Sopher Trella I. Sundberg 6/12/2011 A-11
Spafford Willis Donald "Bunk" 3/28/2011 A-10
Spafford Willis D. 4/6/2011 A-12
Spenader Robert George 7/20/2011 A-12
Spence Carol V. 12/31/2011 A-10
Spencer William E. 3/7/2011 A-8
Spencer Willis E. 10/5/2011 A-8
Spencer William "Bill" 3/8/2011 A-10
Spilman George D. 11/12/2011 A-8
Springer Keith A. 7/26/2011 A-10
Springer Keith Allan 7/27/2011 A-10
Sprinkle Basil   12/18/2011 A-10
Sprinkle Basil L. 12/21/2011 A-8
Sprinkle Basil L. 12/20/2011 A-12p
Sprout Ronald E. 10/19/2011 A-10
Sprout Ronald E. 10/20/2011 A-8
Squire Lowava A. 6/6/2011 A-10
Squire Lowava A. 6/7/2011 A-8
Squire Helen Marie 4/17/2011 A-10
Stambaugh Johm H. 5/23/2011 A-10
Stanley William "Earl" 4/7/2011 A-8
Stansell Donald W. 7/16/2011 A-8
Stansell Donald W. 7/17/2011 A-10
States Lucy A. 6/29/2011 A-8
States Lucy A. 7/5/2011 A-10
Steele Sandra L. 6/9/2011 A-8
Steele James R. 3/5/2011 A-8
Steele James Robert 3/4/2011 A-10
Stein Gilbert N. 5/3/2011 A-10
Steis Parker L. 5/4/2011 A-2
Steis Parker L. 5/5/2011 A-8
Steis Joan Fuller 6/7/2011 A-8
Steller Patricia J. 4/1/2011 A-10
Steller Patricia J. 3/30/2011 A-10
Stephens Patricia Elizabeth "Pat" 1/3/2011 A-2
Stevens Vencel A. 11/30/2011 A-10
Stewart James Graham Jr. 4/12/2011 A-10
Stewart Craig E. 9/29/2011 A-8
Stewart Craig E. 9/30/2011 A-12
Stice Frederick Donald Capt. 2/18/2011 A-2
Stick Adah M. 7/13/2011 A-8
Stier Ben   5/24/2011 A-8
Stier Ben L. 5/25/2011 A-10
Still Clifford W. 3/16/2011 A-10
Stivers Harry A. 6/7/2011 A-8
Stivers Harry A. 5/27/2011 A-12
Stobbs Dorothy K. 2/11/2011 A-2
Stodgel M. Lorene 8/13/2011 A-8
Stoffel Helen Jane 12/29/2011 A-9
Stoneking Merle R. 9/23/2011 A-12
Stoneking Doris M. 1/7/2011 A-2
Stoneking Merle R. 9/21/2011 A-10
Story Leonadis Bartlett 5/8/2011 A-10
Story Leonadis B. 5/10/2011 A-10
Strader Paula Powell 2/12/2011 A-2
Stranger-Robison Jean I. 11/15/2011 A-10
Straub Mildred F. 5/13/2011 A-12
Strayer-Zuck Dorothy   1/17/2011 A-2
Strayer-Zuck Dorothy   1/19/2011 A-2
Streeter Neal H. 4/7/2011 A-8
Streeter Anna A. 5/31/2011 A-10
Streeter Jeffrey A. 4/2/2011 A-10
Stremmel Harvey N. 12/16/2011 A-10
Stremmel Harvey N. 12/17/2011 A-8
Strickland Wilma   9/4/2011 A-10
Strickland Wilma   9/3/2011 A-10
Stringfield Pauline Lynch 3/15/2011 A-10
Strohmaier-Jones Cheryl L. 7/16/2011 A-8
Strom Jeffrey Arthur 10/26/2011 A-10
Strombeck Martha J. Hand 9/9/2011 A-10
Stubbs Dorothy Kathryn 2/12/2011 A-2
Sullivan Margaret Rose (Gillen) 7/31/2011 A-10
Sullivan Margaret   7/30/2011 A-10
Sullivan Margaret Rose Gillen 8/2/2011 A-8
Sullivan Louise   7/2/2011 A-8
Sullivan Lorene E. 1/15/2011 A-2
Sullivan Lorene E. 1/16/2011 A-2
Summers Cecelia C. 6/16/2011 A-8
Sundberg-Sopher Trella i. 6/12/2011 A-11
Surratt Larry W. 10/25/2011 A-10
Suter Milan E. "Ed" 7/25/2011 A-10
Sutter Milan E. "Ed" 7/26/2011 A-10
Swain J. Chandler 11/20/2011 A-10
Swanson Virginia P. "Ginny" 3/10/2011 A-6
Swanson William A. 10/5/2011 A-8
Swanson Norman C. 4/16/2011 A-10
Swanson Robert C. 11/30/2011 A-10
Swanson Robert C. "Bob" 12/1/2011 A-8
Swanson Shirley A. 10/18/2011 A-12
Swanson Thomas A. 9/11/2011 A-10
Swanson Norman C. 4/27/2011 A-12
Swanson William M. 11/18/2011 A-12
Swanson D. Eileen 11/13/2011 A-10
Swanson Cletus R. 12/29/2011 A-9
Swanson Shirley A. 10/19/2011 A-10
Swanson Shirley A. 4/13/2011 A-10
Swanson Virginia P. "Ginny" 3/8/2011 A-3
Swanson Bonnie K. 11/2/2011 A-10
Swanson Lucile   10/12/2011 A-10
Swenson Ivan C. 5/31/2011 A-10
Swigert Bruce M. 3/26/2011 A-10
Tabb Thomas W. 7/13/2011 A-8
Tabb Thomas Wayne 7/14/2011 A-10
Tabb Elizabeth A. Kilgore 10/23/2011 A-10
Taflinger-Hepner Mary "Sue" 9/27/2011 A-12
Tarr Diane L. 4/21/2011 A-8
Taylor Thomas D. 4/7/2011 A-8
Taylor Charles Keith 7/20/2011 A-12
Taylor Richard T. 12/17/2011 A-8
Taylor Thomas D. 4/6/2011 A-12
Teval Gwenlee V. 8/30/2011 A-10
Teval Gwenlee V. 8/31/2011 A-10
Teval Gwenlee V. 8/28/2011 A-10
Theesfeld Lavern Rolland 4/20/2011 A-12
Theesfeld Lavern R. 4/16/2011 A-10
Then Margaret T. "Peggy" 4/4/2011 A-12
Then Margaret T. "Peggy" 4/5/2011 A-8
Then Margaret T. "Peggy" 4/3/2011 A-10
Thomas Beatrice L. 3/26/2011 A-10
Thomas Mary E. 11/16/2011 A-10
Thomas Mary E. 11/15/2011 A-10
Thomas Beatrice L. 3/25/2011 A-10
Thompson Anna K. 7/16/2011 A-8
Thompson Charles R. Williams 12/9/2011 A-10
Thompson Myrtle L. 5/10/2011 A-10
Thompson Audrey   11/23/2011 A-12
Thompson Jerry D. 5/3/2011 A-10
Thompson Charles   12/8/2011 A-8
Thoureen Gerald   6/10/2011 A-10
Thurman Naomia   12/29/2011 A-9
Thurman Barbara   1/25/2011 A-2
Thurman Barbara   1/24/2011 A-2
Thurman Roger L. 12/19/2011 A-10
Thurman Roger   12/18/2011 A-10
Tilden-Martorana Louise A. Hanrahan 4/29/2011 A-10
Tinkham Sandra F. 6/14/2011 A-10
Tippett Vesta "Babe" 12/27/2011 A-10
Tipsword Virginia   8/13/2011 A-8
Tipsword Virginia   4/23/2011 A-8
Todd Johnnie Lee "John" 12/20/2011 A-12
Todd Johnnie Lee "John" 12/19/2011 A-10
Todd John L. "Johnnie" 12/16/2011 A-10
Tomlin Charles R.D. 10/19/2011 A-10
Tomlinson Sandra Lea 12/24/2011 A-8
Tomlinson Sandra Lea 12/23/2011 A-10
Tonkin Geraldine L. "Jeri" 3/22/2011 A-10
Toops Thomas E. 6/8/2011 A-6
Touchette Randy L. 1/15/2011 A-2
Tourlentes Thomas T. 11/16/2011 A-10
Tourlentes Thomas T., Doctor 11/17/2011 A-10
Townsend Bradley S. 4/27/2011 A-12
Townsend Sandra Louis Hargrave 8/19/2011 A-12
Townsend Winnie L. 12/17/2011 A-8
Trebbe John B. "Jack" 8/16/2011 A-10
Trebbe John B. 8/15/2011 A-12
Trego Agnes K. 10/18/2011 A-12
Tribble Anne Elizabeth 7/14/2011 A-10
Truelove Don E. 10/10/2011 A-10
Turk James M. 10/21/2011 A-10
Turnquist Robert D. "Swede" 8/30/2011 A-10
Unger Kenneth L. 9/10/2011 A-10
Unger Kenneth L. 9/11/2011 A-10
Urban Grace M. 2/10/2011 A-2
Urban David O. 3/12/2011 A-8
Utterback Martha Jane 11/1/2011 A-10
Van Gieson James Ferris 9/28/2011 A-10
Van Winkle G. Wayne 7/6/2011 A-8
Vancil Stephen D. 12/22/2011 A-10
Vancil Betty I. 12/5/2011 A-10
VanVelsor Edna M. 3/15/2011 A-10
VanVelsor Edna Mae 3/16/2011 A-7
VanWassenhove Samuel T. "Sam" 1/4/2011 A-2
VanWinkle Marguerite Jean 2/10/2011 A-6
VanWinkle Marguerite Jean Keith 2/9/2011 A-2
Vargas Moses B. 7/24/2011 A-10
Veech Dorothy Florence 8/12/2011 A-12
Veech Dorothy E. 8/11/2011 A-8
Wabel Dorothy E. 12/31/2011 A-10
Wade Jo Ann   3/10/2011 A-8
Wadhams H. LaVerne 1/26/2011 A-2
Wadhams Russell   12/11/2011 A-10
Wadhams Russel   12/12/2011 A-8
Wadhams LaVerne   1/27/2011 A-2
Wagher Anthony H. 7/19/2011 A-12
Wagher Carole S. 11/7/2011 A-10
Wagher Elizabeth "Betty" Trimmer 9/30/2011 A-12
Wagher Carole S. 11/5/2011 A-10
Wagnon Shelby D. 11/23/2011 A-12
Wagnon Shelby D. 11/4/2011 A-8
Wahl Bernard J. 1/18/2011 A-2
Walker Keith D. 11/27/2011 A-12
Walker Keith D. 11/26/2011 A-10
Walker Anna K. 2/13/2011 A-2
Walker Christina M. 11/15/2011 A-10
Walker Anna K. 2/12/2011 A-2
Walker Harry W. 7/20/2011 A-12
Walker-Morey Betty   2/10/2011 A-2
Wall Lee Allen Robert 9/21/2011 A-10
Wall Lee A. 9/19/2011 A-10
Wall Lee A. 9/20/2011 A-10
Wallace Frank T. 8/8/2011 A-10
Wallace Frank T. 8/9/2011 A-10
Walters John D. 11/26/2011 A-10
Walters Marjorie B. 6/17/2011 A-10
Walters Wallace E. 5/1/2011 A-10
Walters Wallace E. 4/30/2011 A-10
Ward Guy M. 4/3/2011 A-10
Ward James E. 7/15/2011 A-10
Ward Michael E. 10/5/2011 A-8
Ward Michael E. 10/1/2011 A-10
Warfield Michael H. 12/14/2011 A-10
Watkins Junier B. "Fuzz" 8/9/2011 A-10
Watson Phyllis J. 8/13/2011 A-8
Way Eugene M. 3/31/2011 A-10
Weaver Lena M. 7/29/2011 A-10
Weaver Dean H. 7/10/2011 A-10
Webber Theodore R. Jr. 1/15/2011 A-2
Webber Thomas L. 1/25/2011 A-2
Weber Dorothy Nelson 11/6/2011 A-10
Weber Isabel   5/25/2011 A-10
Weber Willard Lee 3/16/2011 A-10
Wedekind Carson Mark-Daniel 3/2/2011 A-8
Wedekind Carson   3/1/2011 A-8
Weems Wayne L. 8/23/2011 A-8
Weems Wayne L. 8/24/2011 A-10
Wefenstette Bradley Michael "Wefe" 8/29/2011 A-10
Wehrwein David J. 4/13/2011 A-10
Wehrwein David   4/12/2011 A-10
Welch John E. 5/20/2011 A-10
Welch John E. 5/21/2011 A-10
Welch Dolores   7/6/2011 A-8
Wells John William "Smiling Jack" 8/9/2011 A-10
Werkheiser Barry R. 11/15/2011 A-10
Werkheiser Barry R. 11/14/2011 A-10
West Thomas G. 11/26/2011 A-10
West Thomas G. 11/25/2011 A-12
West Thomas G. 11/27/2011 A-12
Westberg Frieda A. 1/16/2011 A-2
Wheatley Betty Jean 8/12/2011 A-12
Wheeler Larry S. 6/10/2011 A-10
White Debra J. 6/14/2011 A-10
White Sandra K. 7/1/2011 A-10
White Wanda J. 12/30/2011 A-10
White Craig W. 9/17/2011 A-10
White Debra Jo 6/15/2011 A-8
Whitehall George Leroy 12/30/2011 A-10
Whitehead Mary   9/10/2011 A-10
Whitehead Mary Margaret 8/13/2011 A-8
Whitsitt Bruce L. 7/6/2011 A-8
Whittaker Leah E. 8/18/2011 A-8
Whittaker John Robert 12/30/2011 A-10
Wickert L. Leon 5/2/2011 A-10
Widener Anona Mae 5/31/2011 A-10
Widener Junelyn D. 3/2/2011 A-8
Wier Samuel B. 6/25/2011 A-8
Wier Samuel B. "Sam" 6/26/2011 A-10
Wilde Ian M. 2/1/2011 A-2
Williams Mary Ruth 3/18/2011 A-10
Williams Emilie Paris 1/12/2011 A-2
Williams D'Shawn Tyrek Zaki 8/14/2011 A-10
Williams Richard D. "Rick" 6/23/2011 A-8
Williams Carol   11/5/2011 A-10
Williams Willabell   9/2/2011 A-10
Williams Billy L. 4/2/2011 A-10
Williams Richard "Rick" Dean 7/7/2011 A-6
Williams Carol   11/2/2011 A-10
Williams Billy L. 4/4/2011 A-12
Williams Willabell   9/3/2011 A-10
Williamson Eloise L. 8/1/2011 A-10
Williamson H. Robert 11/11/2011 A-12
Willis Audrey B. 12/29/2011 A-9
Wilmot Linda   2/4/2011 A-2
Wilmot Linda   2/5/2011 A-2
Wilmot Larraine B. 1/11/2011 A-2
Wilmot Lorraine B. 1/10/2011 A-2
Wilson Betty J. "Jody" 9/12/2011 A-12
Wilson Mirian J. "Mimi" 7/10/2011 A-10
Wilson Ramona J. 6/1/2011 A-8
Wilson Gloria   9/21/2011 A-10
Wilson Gloria   9/22/2011 A-10
Wilson William   12/2/2011 A-10
Wilson Betty J. 8/25/2011 A-8
Wilson Woodrow   5/26/2011 A-8
Wilson Betty   4/12/2011 A-10
Wilson William A. "Bill" 12/3/2011 A-8
Windish Maxine J. 10/16/2011 A-10
Windish Maxine J. 10/18/2011 A-12
Windom Jeffrey B. 11/13/2011 A-10
Windom Jeffrey B. 11/23/2011 A-12
Winicker Carl "Joe" Jr. 2/15/2011 A-2
Wisgerhof Max Vernon 10/9/2011 A-10
Wisgerhof Max Vernon 11/11/2011 A-12
Witherell Virginia L. 6/19/2011 A-10
Witmer Don L. 11/23/2011 A-12
Wolf Becky   4/18/2011 A-10
Wolfsie Beverly   6/2/2011 A-8
Wolfsie Beverly E. 5/21/2011 A-10
Woods Judi   5/16/2011 A-10
Woods Arthur F. 12/7/2011 A-10
Woods Julia "Judi" Howard 5/17/2011  
Woodside Leland A. "Woody" 4/28/2011 A-8
Woodside Leland A. 4/27/2011 A-12
Wright Jackie Ray 10/8/2011 A-8
Wright Marian V. 2/10/2011 A-2
Wright Marian V. Youngren 5/4/2011 A-10
Wright Judith A. 1/15/2011 A-7
Wynne Anne Marita 6/4/2011 A-8
Yarrington Donald E. 12/31/2011 A-10
Yeast Michael G. 10/2/2011 A-10
Yelm Leona A. 7/16/2011 A-8
Yelm Leona A. 7/15/2011 A-10
Yeoman Doris M. 7/27/2011 A-10
Yesitis Shirley M. 9/9/2011 A-10
Yesitis Shirley M. 9/10/2011 A-10
Young Jo B. 2/2/2011 A-2
Young Kathryn L. 2/19/2011 A-2
Young Josephine B. 1/26/2011 A-2
Zich Veronica M. 9/4/2011 A-10
Zich Veronica M. 9/6/2011 A-11
Zielke Frederick W. 5/25/2011 A-10
Zuck Dorothy Strayer 1/17/2011 A-2
Zuidema Ronald J. 8/10/2011 A-8