2012 Obituaries

Published in the Galesburg Register-Mail

(The date is that on which the notice appeared in the newspaper.)

Note: If more than one obituary notice appears for the same person,

the second or third will probably have the most information.


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  Last Name First Name Middle Name Date Page
  Abel LaVonne
2/29/2012 A-8
  Adair Elsie F. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Adams Anna Jonette Griffith 6/27/2012 A-10
  Adams John David "Felix" 10/5/2012 A-10
  Adams John David "Felix" 10/6/2012 A-10
  Adams Anna Jonette Griffith 7/18/2012 A-8
  Adams Howard
9/1/2012 A-12
  Adams June
5/2/2012 A-10
  Adcock Agnes M. 4/19/2012 A-10
  Adcock Agnes M. Shafer 4/19/2012 A-10
  Alban Geneva E. Richardson 3/20/2012 A-10
  Alban Geneva E. Richardson 3/19/2012 A-10
  Alban Geneva E. Richardson 3/6/2012 A-8
  Alden June
12/26/2012 A-10
  Alden June Ann 12/27/2012 A-10
  Alderson John E. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Aldus Harry M. 12/23/2012 A-10
  Aldus Harry M. 12/26/2012 A-10
  Aldus Harry
12/22/2012 A-8
  Alexander Joyce M. 9/18/2012 A-8
  Alexander Joyce M. 9/19/2012 A-8
  Alexander Priscilla Ann 2/25/2012 A-8
  Allaman Rick D. 3/27/2012 A-10
  Allen Jerold Ray 3/7/2012 A-10
  Allen Walter Leslie 4/11/2012 A-10
  Allen Daniel MacDee 11/16/2012 A-10
  Allen Marilyn J. 10/18/2012 A-10
  Allen Joan M. 1/31/2012 A-8
  Allen Joan M. 1/28/2012 A-8
  Allen Marilyn J. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Allen Alice F. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Allen Benton Charles Dr. Jr. 11/29/2012 A-10
  Allen-Lawson Esther Mary 12/15/2012 A-10
  Alter Timothy Richardson 4/14/2012 A-10
  Alter Timothy R. 4/17/2012 A-10
  Ament R. Marvin 3/16/2012 A-10
  Anders Ruth Marie 6/27/2012 A-10
  Anderson Peggy Jean 5/1/2012 A-10
  Anderson Stuart A. 1/18/2012 A-10
  Anderson Beverly E. 12/22/2012 A-8
  Anderson Mildred R. 8/15/2012 A-8
  Anderson Loraine
5/16/2012 A-8
  Anderson Mildred R. 8/16/2012 A-10
  Anderson Ferne Leone 1/31/2012 A-8
  Anderson Carline L. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Anderson Wynona C. 11/20/2012 A-12
  Anderson Mildred R. 8/17/2012 A-10
  Anderson Wynona C. 11/19/2012 A-10
  Anderson Hazel B. 8/28/2012 A-10
  Anderson M. Louise 7/13/2012 A-10
  Anderson Carline L. 5/25/2012 A-12
  Anderson Glenn Michael 5/24/2012 A-10
  Anderson Ernest O. 2/28/2012 A-8
  Anderson Marjorie E. 3/14/2012 A-10
  Anderson Loraine
5/14/2012 A-10
  Anderson Stewart P. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Anderson Carline L. 5/31/2012 A-8
  Anderson Stewart P. 3/14/2012 A-10
  Anderson Lois "Skip" Smick 12/4/2012 A-8
  Anderson Peggy Jean 4/30/2012 A-10
  Anderson Donald L. 7/6/2012 A-10
  Anderson Louise M. 7/8/2012 A-10
  Anderson Marjorie E. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Anderson Stuart A. 1/19/2012 A-10
  Anderson M. Louise 7/9/2012 A-8
  Anno John E. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Anno John E. 6/5/2012 A-8
  Antee Beverly Matthews 12/5/2012 A-10
  Armstrong Betty J. 8/16/2012 A-10
  Armstrong Helen L. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Armstrong Robert C. 4/12/2012 A-8
  Armstrong Helen L. 12/12/2012 A-10
  Armstrong Betty J. 8/15/2012 A-8
  Arnold Glenn M. 2/17/2012 A-10
  Arnold Glenn M. "Mike" 10/18/2012 A-10
  Ashby Raymond L. 1/7/2012 A-8
  Aten Constance L. 3/7/2012 A-10
  Aulger Gordon L. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Aulgur Gordon Lasater 9/26/2012 A-8
  Avery John H. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Avery John H. 3/2/2012 A-10
  Babcock Elizabeth
5/30/2012 A-8
  Bacon George W. 7/2/2012 A-10
  Bailey Warren E. 2/19/2012 A-10
  Bailey Warren E. "Sie" 2/20/2012 A-8
  Bailey Elmer L. 5/11/2012 A-10
  Bailey Dorothy I. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Bailey Dorothy I. 1/3/2012 A-8
  Bainbridge Janet Kay 3/16/2012 A-10
  Bainter Carl D. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Baker Lois D. 12/4/2012 A-8
  Baker Lois D. 12/5/2012 A-10
  Baker Arthur R. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Baker Arthur R. 9/26/2012 A-8
  Balding Clarence Arthur 5/23/2012 A-10
  Baldwin Charlene
9/14/2012 A-10
  Ball Laura Louden 12/31/2012 A-10
  Ballard Richard A. "Dick" 7/19/2012 A-10
  Banks Joceile
5/9/2012 A-10
  Banks Joceile Helen "Jody" 5/10/2012 A-8
  Banks Virginia L. 8/30/2012 A-10
  Banks Virginia L. 8/31/2012 A-10
  Barber Richard E. "Rick" 2/21/2012 A-10
  Barksdale Rita
6/2/2012 A-10
  Barnum Sharon L. 8/21/2012 A-10
  Barnum Sharon L. 8/22/2012 A-8
  Barry Charles R. 2/19/2012 A-10
  Barry Charles R. "Chuck" 2/21/2012 A-10
  Barton Phyllis A. 1/14/2012 A-8
  Bassett Gladys Caroline 5/9/2012 A-10
  Bastow Linda
2/4/2012 A-8
  Bates Opal M. 10/14/2012 A-9
  Bates Opal M. 10/13/2012 A-12
  Batson Joseph A. "Art" 1/17/2012 A-8
  Baughman Audrey Juanita 5/19/2012 A-10
  Baughman Gregory Lee 6/10/2012 A-10
  Baughman Peggy L. 2/28/2012 A-8
  Beadle Jane E. 5/17/2012 A-10
  Beadle Jane E. 5/16/2012 A-8
  Beam Lewis M. 3/24/2012 A-10
  Beam Lewis W. Jr. 3/20/2012 A-10
  Beard Charlotte M. 3/17/2012 A-10
  Beard Charlotte M. 3/16/2012 A-10
  Beaty Harmony LaShae 10/11/2012 A-8
  Bechtel Rebecca E. 4/11/2012 A-10
  Bechtel Rebecca E. 4/10/2012 A-10
  Beck Irene E. 5/31/2012 A-8
  Becker Allen R. 6/11/2012 A-8
  Beckmann Phyllis V. 9/28/2012 A-10
  Beckmann Phyllis V. 9/30/2012 A-8
  Beckmann Phyllis V. 9/29/2012 A-10
  Becraft Ellen M. French 4/27/2012 A-8
  Bell Ed
4/11/2012 A-10
  Bell Edward "Ed" 4/10/2012 A-10
  Bell Lewis E. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Benson Helen Dawson 3/14/2012 A-10
  Bent Paul C. 11/20/2012 A-12
  Bent Donald K. 2/17/2012 A-10
  Bent Donald K. 2/16/2012 A-10
  Berg Abraham J. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Berg Florence L. 2/21/2012 A-10
  Berg Abraham J. 2/18/2012 A-8
  Berg Nora L. 6/22/2012 A-10
  Berg Nora L. 6/21/2012 A-8
  Bergmann Douglas Martin 2/3/2012 A-8
  Bern Debra Lynn Grindle 1/4/2012 A-8
  Bern Debra L. "Debi" 1/5/2012 A-8
  Berry William
11/2/2012 A-10
  Berry William "Bill" 11/3/2012 A-10
  Bertelsen Donald Ray 10/9/2012 A-10
  Bertelson Donald R. 10/8/2012 A-10
  Bick Lois L. 4/14/2012 A-10
  Bickell Lula V. 2/21/2012 A-10
  Bindel Harold J. 1/7/2012 A-8
  Bird Dwight E. 12/18/2012 A-8
  Bishop Chelster L. "Chet" 10/21/2012 A-10
  Bishop Jean B. 10/10/2012 A-12
  Bivens Larry Lee 3/23/2012 A-8
  Bjoin Martha "Pat" 4/29/2012 A-10
  Blaine Robert L. 6/29/2012 A-12
  Blaine Robert L. 6/30/2012 A-10
  Bledsoe Norman R. 3/17/2012 A-10
  Blixt Mabel A. 10/4/2012 A-8
  Blixt Mabel A. 10/3/2012 A-8
  Bloomberg Bernice M. 6/15/2012 A-10
  Bloomberg Bernice M. 6/16/2012 A-8
  Blucker Kenneth R. 2/9/2012 A-10
  Blue Walter
9/7/2012 A-10
  Blust Charles E. 1/14/2012 A-8
  Boggan earlie L. Jr. 1/30/2012 A-8
  Bohannan Merrill L. 5/20/2012 A-10
  Bolen Albert L. 5/10/2012 A-8
  Bolt Todd L. 12/7/2012 A-8
  Bonney Patricia Youngren 2/21/2012 A-10
  Booher Cynthia Jane 6/2/2012 A-10
  Boone Marilyn L. 3/30/2012 A-12
  Boone Marilyn L. 4/3/2012 A-10
  Booth Louise E. 7/24/2012 A-10
  Bowen James D. 1/7/2012 A-8
  Bowen James D. 1/6/2012 A-8
  Bowlyou Helen M. 4/30/2012 A-10
  Bowman Marjorie H. 10/28/2012 A-10
  Bowman John D. 10/6/2012 A-10
  Boyd Raymond L. III 10/18/2012 A-10
  Boydstun Joan P. 10/17/2012 A-10
  Boydstun Joan "Jo" Pacey 10/18/2012 A-10
  Braden Barbara J. "Mo-Mo" 3/27/2012 A-10
  Braden Barbara J. 3/25/2012 A-10
  Brady Marsha L. 6/19/2012 A-10
  Bratton Mary Hanna 5/8/2012 A-10
  Breitenfeld Helen M. 1/19/2012 A-10
  Brewer Lena Belle (Heck) 8/16/2012 A-10
  Briscoe Stanley W. 6/26/2012 A-10
  Brodine Jean A. 9/20/2012 A-8
  Brodine Wayne Raymond 8/25/2012 A-8
  Brodine Jean A. 8/25/2012 A-8
  Brodine Wayne R. 9/20/2012 A-8
  Brodine Wayne Raymond 7/15/2012 A-10
  Brokaw Franklin E.
2/6/2012 A-10
  Brokaw Franklin E. 2/7/2012 A-8
  Brooks Frances "Beverly" 5/1/2012 A-10
  Brown Barry
1/7/2012 A-8
  Brown Margaret June 10/10/2012 A-12
  Brown Barry
1/8/2012 A-10
  Brown Keith N. 9/29/2012 A-10
  Brown James C. 4/30/2012 A-10
  Brown Kermit L. 3/29/2012 A-8
  Brown Charles R. 2/29/2012 A-8
  Brown William E. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Brown Barry
1/6/2012 A-8
  Brown Cheryl M. 9/17/2012 A-10
  Brown Virginia J. 9/21/2012 A-11
  Brown Kermit L. 3/30/2012 A-12
  Brown Pauline L. 11/24/2012 A-10
  Brown Bernadine M. 5/15/2012 A-10
  Brownless Lorene
3/14/2012 A-10
  Brownless Lorene O. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Bruening Diane Memorial 10/19/2012 A-5
  Bruening Diane M. 7/17/2012 A-8
  Bruyn Rosamund
1/27/2012 A-10
  Bruyn Rosamond J. 4/10/2012 A-10
  Bryant Rosemary
9/23/2012 A-10
  Buckman Clifford J. 7/19/2012 A-10
  Bulen Donald E. 4/24/2012 A-10
  Bulen Donald E. 4/23/2012 A-12
  Bultemeier Jerry A. 3/31/2012 A-10
  Bundy William H. 8/22/2012 A-8
  Burns Ruth M. 9/28/2012 A-10
  Burns Ruth M. 9/27/2012 A-8
  Burr Vera E. 11/19/2012 A-10
  Bushong John E. 10/12/2012 A-12
  Bushong John E. 10/13/2012 A-12
  Buskirk Jewell M. 12/27/2012 A-8
  Butler James W. 4/30/2012 A-10
  Butler James W. 5/1/2012 A-10
  Butterfield Dorothy "Betty" 7/27/2012 A-14
  Butterfield Dorothy Betty 7/28/2012 A-10
  Cabrera John
12/27/2012 A-10
  Cabrera John
12/28/2012 A-12
  Cadwell Jack L. 7/7/2012 A-8
  Caldwell Roland G. "Rocky" 12/23/2012 A-10
  Cameron Lois I. 1/19/2012 A-10
  Cameron Lois I. 1/20/2012 A-8
  Cameron Chester "Chet" 8/23/2012 A-8
  Cameron Lois I. 1/18/2012 A-10
  Campbell Clyde Edward 7/30/2012 A-8
  Campbell Clyde
7/28/2012 A-10
  Campbell Robert E. 5/23/2012 A-10
  Campbell Clyde
7/29/2012 A-10
  Campbell Ulysses (Nick) S. 11/16/2012 A-10
  Campbell Helen L. 6/28/2012 A-10
  Canada Robert Earl 3/30/2012 A-12
  Carlberg Ruby J. 10/29/2012 A-12
  Carlson Maren K. 11/5/2012 A-12
  Carlson Carl H. 2/23/2012 A-10
  Carlson Bonnie J. 4/11/2012 A-10
  Carlson Maren K. 11/6/2012 A-8
  Carlson H. Laverne 2/24/2012 A-12
  Carlson Kenneth W. 2/17/2012 A-10
  Carlson C.M. "Bud" 12/27/2012 A-8
  Carlson Earl R. 4/26/2012 A-10
  Carlson Charlotte Louise 5/27/2012 A-10
  Carlson Carl H. 1/25/2012 A-10
  Carnes Dorothy A. 7/24/2012 A-10
  Carnes Dorothy A. 7/22/2012 A-10
  Carrier Frances M. 1/16/2012 A-8
  Carrier Frances M. 3/29/2012 A-8
  Carrier Frances M. 1/17/2012 A-8
  Cartee Maurice D. 3/7/2012 A-10
  Carter Shirley J. 4/25/2012 A-10
  Cato-Pates Fannie Mae 3/16/2012 A-10
  Caudry Susan E. 1/21/2012 A-8
  Caudry Susan E. 1/20/2012 A-8
  Cavanaugh Mark F. 12/23/2012 A-10
  Cavanaugh Mark F. 12/24/2012 A-10
  Cavett Larry Richard 8/19/2012 A-10
  Cervantez Ruth
1/7/2012 A-8
  Chamberlain Thelma
6/5/2012 A-8
  Chambers Marianne V. 12/23/2012 A-10
  Chaney Wm. R. 12/30/2012 A-10
  Chaney John M. 6/23/2012 A-8
  Chapman Gary W. 10/12/2012 A-12
  Chatterton Greg
1/15/2012 A-10
  Chewning Geraldine M. (Geri) 12/26/2012 A-10
  Childers Teddy J. "Ted" 2/16/2012 A-10
  Christ Forest
12/26/2012 A-10
  Christ Forest
12/23/2012 A-10
  Christiansen Martha Ann 8/2/2012 A-8
  Christianson Martha
7/29/2012 A-10
  Clark Anona J. 4/20/2012 A-12
  Clark Anona J. "Nona" 4/21/2012 A-10
  Clarke Sue
9/4/2012 A-12
  Classen Alvin
12/14/2012 A-8
  Clayton Mark K. 1/19/2012 A-10
  Clayton Ronald R. 6/28/2012 A-10
  Clayton Mark K. 1/18/2012 A-10
  Cline Frederick Walker 10/3/2012 A-8
  Clow Dennis D. 9/15/2012 A-10
  Clow Monica A. 9/15/2012 A-10
  Coates Steve L. 8/21/2012 A-10
  Cokel Marlene L. 10/19/2012 A-12
  Coleman Susan M. "Sue" 1/5/2012 A-8
  Colley Judy A. 9/9/2012 A-8
  Collins Natalie Jacobus 1/5/2012 A-8
  Colwell Merrill F. 5/11/2012 A-10
  Colwell Merrill F. 3/14/2012 A-10
  Colwell Beverly Ann 10/9/2012 A-10
  Colwell Beverly
10/8/2012 A-10
  Colwell Merrill F. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Comer Patricia A. 10/3/2012 A-8
  Conkle Deanna Jane 9/14/2012 A-10
  Conkle Deanna Jane 8/18/2012 A-10
  Conkle Deanna Jane 8/19/2012 A-10
  Connour Ralph W. 11/16/2012 A-10
  Connour Ralph W. 11/15/2012 A-10
  Connour Richard L. 3/8/2012 A-10
  Conover Donna m. 6/23/2012 A-8
  Conover Donna Marie 6/24/2012 A-10
  Conrad Kathryn
2/23/2012 A-8
  Conrad Kathryn Anne 2/24/2012 A-12
  Conway Jim
11/25/2012 A-10
  Cook Earl A. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Cook Evelyn L. 7/18/2012 A-8
  Cook Francis H. 1/7/2012 A-8
  Cook Linda D. 10/14/2012 A-9
  Coons Kenneth Scott 10/13/2012 A-12
  Coons Kenneth Scott 9/29/2012 A-10
  Coons Kenneth Scott 9/27/2012 A-8
  Cooper Edna
4/24/2012 A-10
  Cooper Claire R. 11/20/2012 A-12
  Copeland Howard J. 2/1/2012 A-10
  Corkill Bernice M. 8/18/2012 A-10
  Corkill Bernice
8/17/2012 A-10
  Corman Virginia "Ann" Ault 2/28/2012 A-8
  Cortelyou Mitchell A. 7/15/2012 A-10
  Cortelyou Mitchell Allen 7/16/2012 A-8
  Corzatt Susan Kay Rice 5/30/2012 A-8
  Corzatt Susan Kay Rice 5/24/2012 A-10
  Corzatt Susan Kay Rice 5/25/2012 A-12
  Cottom Elizabeth E. 2/24/2012 A-12
  Coulter Robert J. 8/17/2012 A-10
  Courson Eugene W. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Courson Angela K. 9/29/2012 A-10
  Courson V. Todd 2/8/2012 A-10
  Courter Rene L. 12/22/2012 A-8
  Courtney Helen J. 3/25/2012 A-10
  Courtney Helen J. 3/24/2012 A-10
  Courtright Dorothy I. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Coverley Celia Morgan 1/2/2012 A-10
  Cowan James H. 1/11/2012 A-8
  Cowan Leo
11/8/2012 A-10
  Cowan Leo
11/10/2012 A-10
  Cowan James Howard 1/12/2012 A-8
  Cowell Julian "Jay" 10/11/2012 A-8
  Cox Walker M. 5/29/2012 A-12
  Cozad-Edwards Vickie L. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Craig Mary L. 4/19/2012 A-10
  Craig Mary L. 4/19/2012 A-10
  Cramlett Velma J. 10/19/2012 A-12
  Cramlett Velma J. 10/20/2012 A-8
  Cramlett Velma J. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Cratty Michael E. 3/14/2012 A-10
  Craver W. Ray 1/25/2012 A-10
  Creason Lynda L. 1/10/2012 A-10
  Creekmur Nira Delphine "Del" 2/12/2012 A-10
  Crocker Frank E. 8/6/2012 A-8
  Crocker Frank E. 8/5/2012 A-10
  Crocker Frank E. 8/17/2012 A-10
  Crose Donald G. 2/8/2012 A-10
  Crose Donald
2/7/2012 A-8
  Crouch Vickey Lee Utzinger 7/29/2012 A-10
  Crowl Verda F. 1/24/2012 A-12
  Cruce Oliver I. "Bud" 8/23/2012 A-8
  Cruce Oliver I. "Bud" 8/21/2012 A-10
  Curtis Thomas M. "Tommy" 11/13/2012 A-8
  Cutcher Perry L. 4/25/2012 A-10
  D'Albora John S. Willson 3/27/2012 A-10
  Dalton Robert L. 8/7/2012 A-8
  Dalton Ray L. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Damewood James F. 7/3/2012 A-10
  Damitz Connie L. 6/5/2012 A-8
  Damitz Connie L. 6/4/2012 A-10
  Danielson Loraine "Bits" Brust 1/31/2012 A-8
  Darnell Eva E. 11/6/2012 A-8
  Darst Stephen E. 5/26/2012 A-8
  Darst Susan M. 1/9/2012 A-10
  Darst Stephen E. 5/27/2012 A-10
  Darst Stephen E. 5/29/2012 A-12
  Daugherty John Jr. 3/27/2012 A-10
  Daugherty John Jr. "Doc" 3/25/2012 A-10
  Dawdy Dorothy A. 1/13/2012 A-10
  Dean Harold D. "Jig" Jr. 10/19/2012 A-12
  Dean Harold E. "Jig" Jr. 10/18/2012 A-10
  Dean Harold
10/17/2012 A-10
  DeBlieck Roy W. 1/17/2012 A-8
  Decker Richard V. 3/8/2012 A-10
  Dee James M. 4/24/2012 A-10
  DeLuna Mary Jane 7/10/2012 A-8
  Dempsey Grace V. 5/12/2012 A-8
  Dennis Wyllodeane Lillian 3/2/2012 A-10
  Dennis Connie
5/9/2012 A-10
  DeNovo Jeanne
10/6/2012 A-10
  Derby Sharon L. 9/20/2012 A-8
  Derby Sharon L. (Throckmorton) 9/23/2012 A-10
  Derry Darlene R. 4/10/2012 A-10
  Derry Marjorie H. 3/18/2012 A-10
  DeRudder Joan C. 5/18/2012 A-12
  DeWeese Jerry D. 8/1/2012 A-8
  Dickinson Alice L. 3/16/2012 A-10
  Diefendorf Robert H. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Diers Elizabeth A. "Betty" 5/22/2012 A-10
  Dillbeck G. Rex 1/28/2012 A-8
  Dillbeck Sewell
11/3/2012 A-10
  Dillman Stella Rosabel 2/25/2012 A-8
  Dilworth Louis A. 11/24/2012 A-10
  Distin Mary E. 7/24/2012 A-10
  Distin Senlo B. 2/29/2012 A-8
  Diston Mary E. 7/23/2012 A-10
  Dixon Mary Ellen Burke 10/3/2012 A-8
  Dobson Harold "Dobby" 11/6/2012 A-8
  Dobson Harold "Dobby" 11/4/2012 A-10
  Donaldson Dudley Martin 2/23/2012 A-10
  Donaldson Joyce Elaine "Tob" (Clark) 1/26/2012 A-10
  Donaldson Dudley M. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Dorn Roberta L. 6/15/2012 A-10
  Dorn Roberta Lynn 6/16/2012 A-8
  Doty Alma Genevieve 3/21/2012 A-10
  Doubet Michael L. 3/6/2012 A-8
  Doubet Donald L. 8/1/2012 A-8
  Doubet Donald L. 8/2/2012 A-8
  Douglas James C. 12/26/2012 A-10
  Dowell David Russell 6/14/2012 A-10
  Downs Robert
11/20/2012 A-12
  Doxsee G. Maxine 4/13/2012 A-10
  Doyle Marion
7/31/2012 A-8
  Driscoll W. Claire 12/20/2012 A-10
  Duesenberg LaVerne Glen 10/14/2012 A-9
  Dunblazer Kenneth W. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Dunblazier Kenneth W. 6/1/2012 A-12
  Dunham Jacqueline Carol 1/3/2012 A-8
  Dunham Jacqueline C. 1/2/2012 A-10
  Dunn Donald E. 10/7/2012 A-10
  Dunn Lucile Elizabeth 4/22/2012 A-10
  Dunn Donald E. "Alfie" 10/8/2012 A-10
  Dunn Gale R. 3/1/2012 A-8
  Dunphy Hazel M. 10/17/2012 A-10
  Dunphy Hazel M. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Dustin Wilber F. 2/23/2012 A-8
  Dutton Paul E. 12/12/2012 A-10
  Eager Margaret
3/6/2012 A-8
  Eagle Kay
2/5/2012 A-10
  Eagle Kay
2/7/2012 A-8
  Eagle Joann E. Pryde 9/20/2012 A-8
  Eathington Gary R. 10/11/2012 A-8
  Ebany Ralph G. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Ebany Ralph G. 7/12/2012 A-8
  Ebert Lyn A. 6/7/2012 A-8
  Eby Dwight G. 8/28/2012 A-10
  Edwards David Cabeen 1/26/2012 A-10
  Edwards Samuel A. 8/10/2012 A-12
  Edwards Vicki L. 9/2/2012 A-10
  Edwards David C. 1/25/2012 A-10
  Edwards Samuel A. 8/8/2012 A-8
  Edwardson Dana
12/10/2012 A-10
  Edwardson Dana C. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Egnor Pearl E. 4/8/2012 A-10
  Egnor Pearl E. 4/9/2012 A-10
  Ekstand Robert L. 7/17/2012 A-8
  Ekstrand Robert L. 7/18/2012 A-8
  Ekstron Sherry L. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Elander Dorcas M. 4/3/2012 A-10
  Elander Dorcas M. 4/2/2012 A-10
  Eldert Maurice M. 1/14/2012 A-8
  Elledge Barbara J. 6/26/2012 A-12
  Elliott Francis M. "Frank" 10/1/2012 A-10
  Elliott Daniel P. 4/1/2012 A-10
  Ellis James L. 6/3/2012 A-10
  Ellis James L. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Emert Cornelia
3/14/2012 A-10
  Emery Kathleen Jane 6/6/2012 A-10
  Emery Kathleen Jane "Kit" 6/7/2012 A-8
  Empson James R. 4/8/2010 A-10
  England Harley
9/30/2012 A-8
  England Jacqueline E. "Jackie" 11/6/2012 A-8
  England Harley E. 10/3/2012 A-8
  England Jacqueline Elizabeth "Jackie" 11/4/2012 A-10
  Erestine Nelson "Tina" 12/15/2012 A-10
  Erickson Berneice Ann 2/20/2012 A-8
  Erickson Berneice Ann 2/19/2012 A-10
  Ericson Alan E. 9/16/2012 A-10
  Ericson Dorothy M. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Ericson Alta C. 8/26/2012 A-10
  Erwin Marion L. 10/2/2012 A-10
  Espejo Juan E. 4/28/2012 A-10
  Evans Norma Jeanne Martenson 3/31/2012 A-10
  Evans Norma
3/30/2012 A-12
  Ewing Shirley Jean 3/30/2012 A-12
  Farber Donna J. (Levene) 4/5/2012 A-8
  Farrar Charles H. Dr. 4/9/2012 A-10
  Farrar Charles H. 4/5/2012 A-8
  Farrar Charles H. 4/7/2012 A-8
  Fell Robert D. 6/23/2012 A-8
  Fell Robert D. 6/22/2012 A-10
  Fellers Walter L. 10/18/2012 A-10
  Fellers Walter L. 10/17/2012 A-10
  Felt Genevieve L. 4/30/2012 A-10
  Felts Thomas L. 1/20/2012 A-8
  Ferguson Albert Elgin 10/10/2012 A-12
  Ferguson Robert E. 10/4/2012 A-8
  Ferguson Linda Christine 3/20/2012 A-10
  Ferguson Albert "Elgin" 10/11/2012 A-8
  Ferguson Robert E. 10/3/2012 A-8
  Fields Nalma Joan 12/11/2012 A-8
  Fields Margaret L. 4/5/2012 A-8
  Fields Nalma J. 12/5/2012 A-10
  Fields Margaret L. 4/6/2012 A-10
  Fisher-VeNard Beverly Jo 10/9/2012 A-10
  Fitch Leland D. 7/13/2012 A-10
  Flaherty Ethel
1/24/2012 A-12
  Flaherty Ethel
1/26/2012 A-10
  Flaherty Ethel
1/25/2012 A-10
  Fleming Bryce Lee 5/17/2012 A-10
  Fleming John L. 5/6/2012 A-10
  Fleming Bryce L. 8/26/2012 A-7
  Flicek Jeffery J. 4/17/2012 A-10
  Flickinger Shirley Idell McGee 8/15/2012 A-8
  Foldi William S. 6/1/2012 A-12
  Foldi William S. "Bill" 6/2/2012 A-10
  Ford Charles G. 3/16/2012 A-10
  Foreman Paul F. 8/18/2012 A-10
  Forney Alice Clara 10/2/2012 A-10
  Forrester Michele R. 1/14/2012 A-8
  Foster Charles D. 11/28/2012 A-10
  Foster Helen E. 11/13/2012 A-8
  Foster Ronald L. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Foulk Ralph L. Jr. 8/28/2012 A-10
  Foust Gary R. 12/27/2012 A-10
  Foust Lois (McCann) 10/5/2012 A-10
  Foutch Jane Smith 8/23/2012 A-8
  Foutch Lugene Riley 12/2/2012 A-10
  Foutch James Richard 6/23/2012 A-8
  Foutch Lugene R. "Nig Luke" 12/3/2021 A-10
  Fowler Bobby D. 4/4/2012 A-8
  Fowler Bobby D. 4/3/2012 A-10
  Fox Steven Louis 7/27/2012 A-14
  Fox Steven Louis 7/28/2012 A-10
  Frakes Patricia Ann Holmes 2/6/2012 A-10
  Frakes Gary W. 4/22/2012 A-10
  Frakes Patricia A. Holmes 6/12/2012 A-10
  Frakes Gary
4/21/2012 A-10
  Franks Hubert D. 10/30/2012 A-10
  Freburg John Theodore 12/17/2012 A-10
  Fredrickson Vincent D. 5/15/2012 A-10
  Fredrickson Vincent D. 5/16/2012 A-8
  French Ann Louise 4/5/2012 A-8
  French Ann L. 4/4/2012 A-8
  Friberg Inez F. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Fritz Beverly J. 4/1/2012 A-10
  Fritz Robert "Bob" G. 9/11/2012 A-10
  Fritzel JoAnne
10/25/2012 A-10
  Fritzel Ellen Joanne Hoben 10/26/2012 A-12
  Fritzel JoAnne
10/20/2012 A-8
  Fry Joanne
8/15/2012 A-8
  Frymire Glenn Richard "Dick" 7/23/2012 A-10
  Fude Jack William "Shorty" 8/16/2012 A-10
  Fuller Russell William 8/1/2012 A-8
  Furnald Geraldine E. "Geri" 1/24/2012 A-12
  Furnald Geraldine E. 2/23/2012 A-10
  Fussell Jamie Emmons 4/19/2012 A-10
  Fussell Jamie Emmons 4/19/2012 A-10
  Gadbury James
7/22/2010 A-10
  Gadbury James E. "Jim" 7/24/2012 A-10
  Gaddis Wilbur H. 12/1/2012 A-10
  Gaehle Barbara Ann 11/17/2012 A-8
  Gaffney Rita Josephine 1/17/2012 A-8
  Galbraith Max B. 3/27/2012 A-10
  Gale Helen I. 4/5/2012 A-8
  Gambetta Vaughn William 10/3/2012 A-8
  Garcia Rafael
5/8/2012 A-10
  Garner Dorothy A. 6/21/2012 A-8
  Garner Dorothy A. 6/27/2012 A-10
  Garrison Elva G. 5/1/2012 A-10
  Gaskill Clinton E. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Geer Billy W. 2/25/2012 A-8
  Geer Billy W. 2/29/2012 A-8
  Geer Billy W. 3/28/2012 A-10
  Gerk John P. 7/3/2012 A-10
  Gerk John P. 7/5/2012 A-8
  Gibbs David H. 4/19/2012 A-10
  Gibbs Helen I. 6/20/2012 A-8
  Gibbs David H. 4/20/2012 A-12
  Gibson Ruth L. 11/7/2012 A-12
  Gibson Roy H. Jr. 1/2/2012 A-10
  Gibson Melvin H. 10/14/2012 A-9
  Gibson Melvin H. 10/13/2012 A-12
  Giles Alice M. 11/28/2012 A-10
  Gillenwater Jeann Ann 3/3/2012 A-8
  Gillenwater Jean Ann 3/2/2012 A-10
  Gilmour Mary B. 8/19/2012 A-10
  Girven Joan C. 1/13/2012 A-10
  Gladson Robert D. 12/5/2012 A-10
  Godsil Stephen L. 3/17/2012 A-10
  Goetsch Waldo E. 6/21/2012 A-8
  Goff-Simpson Ruby J. 6/24/2012 A-10
  Goldsmith Mildred L. 5/13/2012 A-10
  Goldsmith Mildred L. "Millie" 5/11/2012 A-10
  Goodman Brian Scott 12/18/2012 A-8
  Gordon Nathaniel
8/9/2012 A-8
  Gordon Nathaniel
8/8/2012 A-8
  Gordon Nathaniel
8/30/2012 A-10
  Goudie Evelyn R. 12/18/2012 A-8
  Goudie Evelyn R. 12/19/2012 A-10
  Goudie Evelyn R. 12/20/2012 A-10
  Goudie William "Red" 7/23/2012 A-10
  Goudie William "Red" 7/24/2012 A-10
  Goudie Harland J. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Grappe Tim Lee 12/2/2012 A-10
  Graves Floyd Eugene 3/28/2012 A-10
  Gray Rose A. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Gray Rose A. 7/11/2012 A-8
  Gray Britten Jr. 12/4/2012 A-8
  Gregg George A. Sr. 3/26/2012 A-10
  Grimsley JoAnne
6/3/2012 A-10
  Grodjesk Joseph E, Dr. 8/20/2012 A-8
  Gross Zack
12/22/2012 A-8
  Gross Zack
12/20/2012 A-10
  Guenther Michael A. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Gummerson Ruth E. "Betty" 7/18/2012 A-8
  Gunther Virginia R. 10/2/2012 A-10
  Gunther Virginia R. 10/1/2012 A-10
  Gustafson Hope Elizabeth 7/19/2012 A-10
  Gustafson Hope Elizabeth 7/20/2012 A-12
  Hackett Dolores E. 9/20/2012 A-8
  Haerle Steven D. 2/28/2012 A-8
  Haffner Robert E. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Hahn Paula E. 11/21/2012 A-10
  Hale Steven R. "Steve" 3/15/2012 A-10
  Hale Steven R. 3/16/2012 A-10
  Hall Nelma Faith 4/23/2012 A-12
  Hall Charles D. 2/25/2012 A-8
  Hall Nelma F. 4/24/2012 A-10
  Halsall Kayla
8/8/2012 A-8
  Halsall Kayla J. 8/10/2012 A-12
  Hamilton Catherine Wiley 5/9/2012 A-10
  Hamilton Carl. O. 1/9/2012 A-10
  Hamilton Catherine Wiley 4/10/2012 A-10
  Hamilton Carl O. 1/8/2012 A-10
  Hamman Ione R. 2/28/2012 A-8
  Hammond Carroll Armand 11/17/2012 A-8
  Hammond Donna M. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Hancock James W. Rev. 9/22/2012 A-10
  Haneghan Stephen A. 8/5/2012 A-10
  Hanne Michael D. 5/10/2012 A-8
  Hansbrough Donna Jolene Wright 8/25/2012 A-8
  Harbac Donna M. 12/13/2012 A-8
  Harler A. J. "Jack". 2/26/2012 A-10
  Harris Corinne L. 10/27/2012 A-12
  Harris Albert C. "Shorty" 9/27/2012 A-8
  Hartley Richard C. 3/28/2012 A-10
  Hartley H. Norman 10/16/2012 A-10
  Hartley Richard C. "Geezer" 3/29/2012 A-8
  Hartley H. Norman 10/17/2012 A-10
  Harvey Mary E. 4/17/2012 A-10
  Harvey Mary E. 4/19/2012 A-10
  Hass Myrna L. 7/20/2012 A-12
  Hastin Harold
10/29/2012 A-12
  Hasting Harold D. 10/30/2012 A-10
  Hatch Marilyn I. 11/27/2012 A-8
  Hatfield Thomas L. Sr. 6/14/2012 A-10
  Hatfield Luetta J. 4/19/2012 A-10
  Hathaway Howard L. 5/17/2012 A-10
  Hathaway Howard L. 5/11/2012 A-10
  Haury Mary
3/3/2012 A-8
  Hause Debra L. 5/16/2012 A-8
  Hause Debra L. 5/14/2012 A-10
  Hawkinson Priscilla H. 1/25/2012 A-10
  Hawkinson Priscilla H. 1/24/2012 A-12
  Hayburn Marie
8/14/2012 A-8
  Hayburn Marie V. 8/13/2012 A-8
  Haynes Stanley Foster 5/24/2012 A-10
  Head Dean F. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Heatherly Thomas R. "Tom-Tom" 7/10/2012 A-8
  Hebard Gilbert Burnside "Gil" 10/30/2012 A-10
  Hebard Gilbert Burnside 10/31/2012 A-10
  Hebbeln Frances R. "Toots" 6/2/2012 A-10
  Hedden Robert F. 12/31/2012 A-10
  Hedges Judith F. 12/13/2012 A-8
  Hedges Bertha Ione 2/29/2012 A-8
  Hedges Bertha Ione 3/1/2012 A-8
  Hedges Judith Fae 12/12/2012 A-10
  Hedrick Delma J. 8/23/2012 A-8
  Helms Mary L. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Helms Mary
1/3/2012 A-8
  Helms Mary L. 1/5/2012 A-8
  Henderson Emetine E. 2/11/2012 A-8
  Henderson Norma M. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Henderson William "Bill" J 11/23/2012 A-12
  Henderson William J. 11/24/2012 A-10
  Hendricks Mary A. 4/17/2012 A-10
  Hendricks Mary A. 4/16/2012 A-10
  Hendrickson Charles W. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Henry Michele B. 10/10/2012 A-12
  Henry Doris A. 8/31/2012 A-10
  Henry Doris A. 9/1/2012 A-12
  Hensley David Gene 9/16/2012 A-10
  Hernandez Marjorie
12/1/2012 A-10
  Hess Edwin W. 4/6/2012 A-10
  Heuer Darlene J. 2/21/2012 A-10
  Hickerson Margery P. 5/23/2012 A-10
  Hickerson Marge P. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Hickey Janet P. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Hickey David
5/18/2012 A-12
  Hickey David Emmett 5/19/2012 A-10
  Higbee Jesse W. 9/21/2012 A-11
  Hilligoss Wayne W. 5/5/2012 A-9
  Hilligoss Wayne W. 5/6/2010 A-10
  Hilligoss David R. Sr. 8/14/2012 A-8
  Hinchliff Virginia
9/8/2012 A-8
  Hinchliff Virginia
9/11/2012 A-10
  Hinchliff Virginia
9/7/2012 A-10
  Hinderliter Howard L. 1/26/2012 A-10
  Hinderliter Mary A. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Hinderliter Mary A. 11/3/2012 A-10
  Hinton Alice D. "Mommer" 9/4/2012 A-12
  Hobbs Roy A. "Buster" 1/17/2012 A-8
  Hobbs Roy A. "Buster" 1/13/2012 A-10
  Hobby Ronald Eugene 12/23/2012 A-10
  Hodge Teddy L. 11/5/2012 A-12
  Hodge Teddy L. 11/4/2012 A-10
  Hodges Howard R. "Rusty" 8/18/2012 A-10
  Hoffman Robert Dickson 9/17/2012 A-10
  Hoffmann Robin A. "Bobby" 6/7/2012 A-8
  Hoffmann Robin A. 6/6/2012 A-10
  Hogan Ferne L. 10/19/2012 A-12
  Hogan Edith L. 8/5/2012 A-10
  Hohner Paul
3/28/2012 A-10
  Hohner Paul
3/25/2012 A-10
  Holcomb Daniel D. 3/28/2012 A-10
  Holden Betty Jean 3/7/2012 A-10
  Hollenberg E. Naomi 12/16/2012 A-10
  Hollenberg E. Naomi 12/15/2012 A-10
  Hollenberg E. Naomi 12/17/2012 A-10
  Holmes Janice K. 3/6/2012 A-8
  Holmes Janice Kay 3/7/2012 A-10
  Holmes Janice Kay 3/8/2012 A-10
  Holt Bette J. 10/19/2012 A-12
  Holt Mary E. (George) Creighton 6/14/2012 A-10
  Hootman Gail W. 5/15/2012 A-10
  Hootman Gail W. 5/13/2012 A-10
  Hoots Rachel Josephine 9/19/2012 A-8
  Hoots Rachel J. 9/18/2012 A-8
  Hopkins Marion E. 12/12/2012 A-10
  Hopkins Marion E. 12/13/2012 A-8
  Hopping Dayne
3/16/2012 A-10
  Hopping Dayne
3/18/2012 A-10
  Hopping Lavina E. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Hopson Richard D. 10/31/2012 A-8
  Horst Candace
1/25/2012 A-10
  Hoskins Robert A. 12/13/2012 A-8
  Hoskins Randy J. 10/19/2012 A-12
  Howard Kenneth W. 11/12/2012 A-10
  Howe Lester Max 1/14/2012 A-8
  Hoyt Patricia J. 8/2/2012 A-8
  Hoyt Patricia J. 8/1/2012 A-8
  Huber Joseph
12/24/2012 A-10
  Huber Howard W. 8/30/2012 A-10
  Huber Joseph L. "Joe" 12/26/2012 A-10
  Huber Jack L. Sr. 11/25/2012 A-10
  Huber Jack Lee, Sr. 11/26/2012 A-10
  Huddleston Rebecca "Sue" 12/2/2012 A-10
  Huddleston Rebecca S. 12/1/2012 A-10
  Huffman Goldie F. 8/23/2012 A-8
  Hughes-Collins Melba D. 3/29/2012 A-8
  Hughs Armand "Dean" 12/6/2012 A-10
  Hull-Wenstrom Charlotte L. 6/25/2012 A-8
  Hunter Verla L. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Hunter Verla L 9/5/2012 A-8
  Hurlbutt Henrietta E. 12/13/2012 A-8
  Hurxthal Lula
7/28/2012 A-10
  Hurxthal Lula E. Bowen 8/1/2012 A-8
  Huss Elizabeth A. 10/16/2012 A-10
  Huston Alice H. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Huston Charles W. "Charlie" 1/2/2012 A-10
  Hutchins Michael "Hutch" 9/18/2012 A-8
  Hutson Violet W. Wadham 1/20/2012 A-8
  Hutson Violet W. Wadham 1/21/2012 A-8
  Icenogle Gary L. 4/4/2012 A-8
  Icenogle Anna L. 2/24/2012 A-12
  Icenogle Patricha
2/15/2012 A-10
  Ingles Selma R. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Inman Ronald Dale 11/2/2012 A-10
  Irons Robert L. 3/6/2012 A-8
  Irons Robert
3/5/2012 A-10
  Irwin Robert F. 1/16/2012 A-8
  Irwin Robert F. 1/17/2012 A-8
  Jackson Kay F. Pierce 4/7/2012 A-8
  Jacobs Patricia L. 8/25/2012 A-8
  Jacobs Dorothy M. "Dottie" 2/23/2012 A-8
  Jacobson Gloria
6/21/2012 A-8
  James Muriel Laura 2/24/2012 A-12
  James Howard E. 11/16/2012 A-10
  James Muriel Laura 2/23/2012 A-8
  James Elizabeth S. 1/18/2012 A-10
  James Elizabeth S. 1/19/2012 A-10
  Jarvis Richard L. "Kirk" 9/1/2012 A-12
  Jefferson Mildred
8/26/2012 A-10
  Jenkins James "Fergie" R. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Jenks Harland E. 3/7/2012 A-10
  Jennings Ione M. 6/26/2012 A-10
  Jennings Gary E. "Sheen" 2/23/2012 A-10
  Jennings Kerry
5/2/2012 A-10
  Jennings Gary E. "Sheen" 1/24/2012 A-12
  Jennings Gary E. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Johlfs Russel Roy 2/25/2012 A-8
  John Edna M. 3/22/2012 A-10
  Johnson Pauline A. 5/1/2012 A-10
  Johnson Allen D. 1/17/2012 A-8
  Johnson Paul Wolfgang 12/20/2012 A-10
  Johnson Bernice P. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Johnson D. Diane 6/20/2012 A-8
  Johnson Mark E. 2/3/2012 A-8
  Johnson Thomas Daniel "Tim" Jr. 5/24/2012 A-10
  Johnson Jimmie Dean 8/29/2012 A-8
  Johnson Allen D. 1/18/2012 A-10
  Johnson Helen L. 7/7/2012 A-8
  Johnson Gary C. 8/25/2012 A-8
  Johnson Carl W. Dr. 12/4/2012 A-8
  Johnson Pauline A. 5/2/2012 A-10
  Johnson O. Anne King 1/10/2012 A-10
  Johnson Robert C. 11/13/2012 A-8
  Johnson Mary M. 3/9/2012 A-10
  Johnson Gene Milburn 4/19/2012 A-10
  Johnson George
4/19/2012 A-10
  Johnson Delbert 'Pete' 2/22/2012 A-10
  Johnson Pauline
2/22/2012 A-10
  Johnson Georgene M. "Jea" 6/4/2012 A-10
  Johnson Martin H. 12/26/2012 A-7
  Johnson Mary E. 6/3/2012 A-10
  Johnson Richard G. "Dick" 7/14/2012 A-8
  Johnson Richard D. "Dick" 7/17/2012 A-8
  Johnson Pauline
2/21/2012 A-7
  Johnson Valeta Arlene 3/10/2012 A-8
  Johnson Grant C. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Johnson Martin H. 12/29/2012 A-10
  Johnson Mary L. 3/16/2012 A-10
  Johnson Mae D. "Maizie" 4/24/2012 A-10
  Johnson Mary L. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Johnson Thomas Daniel 3/10/2012 A-8
  Johnson Mae D. "Maisie" 4/23/2012 A-12
  Johnson Mary M. 3/10/2012 A-8
  Johnson Rozelle G. 7/12/2012 A-8
  Johnston Dean E. 4/14/2012 A-10
  Jones Russell C. 11/20/2012 A-12
  Jones Martha Lewis 8/1/2012 A-8
  Jones Dona L. 4/23/2012 A-12
  Jones Kenneth M., Sr. 4/10/2012 A-10
  Jones Eveline
11/12/2012 A-10
  Jones Dona L. 7/3/2012 A-10
  Jones Eveline
11/13/2012 A-8
  Joneson Ruth C. 8/23/2012 A-8
  Joseph Edith F. 7/29/2012 A-10
  Joseph Edith Fawn 7/30/2012 A-8
  Josephson Richard S. "Red' 9/16/2012 A-10
  Josephson Richard S. "Red" 9/17/2012 A-10
  Joy Dorothy M. 12/24/2012 A-10
  Jurgensen Wayne L. 6/24/2012 A-10
  Jurgensen Wayne L. 6/23/2012 A-8
  Kaletsch Sharon M. Gallagher 1/18/2012 A-10
  Kaletsch Sharon M. 1/19/2012 A-7
  Kaletsch Sharon M. 1/20/2012 A-8
  Kamerer Alice
7/14/2012 A-8
  Kaufman Linda L. 5/20/2012 A-10
  Keating B. Eileen 3/15/2012 A-10
  Keever Bonnie J. 2/28/2012 A-8
  Keith Edward L. Sr. 12/10/2012 A-10
  Keller James "Jim" Sr. 4/3/2012 A-10
  Kelley Katrina Ann 10/14/2012 A-9
  Kelley Za'Nyah Lynn 9/20/2012 A-8
  Kelley Za'Nhah Lynn 9/18/2012 A-8
  Kelso Lester M. 2/23/2012 A-10
  Kelso Lester
1/21/2012 A-8
  Kemper Robert D. 1/19/2012 A-10
  Kempner Susan Lowe 2/1/2012 A-10
  Kendrick Florence Ivy 10/7/2012 A-10
  Kennedy John A. 6/20/2012 A-8
  Kennedy John A. 6/17/2012 A-10
  Kennedy Harriet L. 2/9/2012 A-10
  Kennedy Harriet L. 1/16/2012 A-8
  Kennelly Donald
3/13/2012 A-10
  Kennett Carl D. 1/12/2012 A-8
  Kettelkamp James A. 7/2/2012 A-10
  Kettelkamp James A. 7/3/2012 A-10
  Kettering Donald W. 4/4/2012 A-8
  Kick Shirley B. 11/6/2012 A-8
  Kimble Jamie K. 9/13/2012 A-10
  Kimble Jamie K. 9/6/2012 A-8
  Kincaid Kimberly L. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Kindaid Kim
9/26/2012 A-8
  King Pauline Louise 4/22/2012 A-10
  King Jimmie Dean 11/7/2012 A-14
  King Jim
11/5/2012 A-12
  Kinkaid Kim
9/27/2012 A-8
  Kitterman Sally A. 11/8/2012 A-10
  Kitterman Sally A. 11/9/2012 A-8
  Klossing E. Dean 12/24/2012 A-10
  Knapp Eileen Sophia 2/22/2012 A-10
  Knapp Eileen Sophia 1/21/2012 A-8
  Knapp Linda S. 5/3/2012 A-10
  Knepp Robert G. "Mickey" 1/10/2012 A-10
  Knox Alan D. 3/25/2012 A-10
  Knox Alan D. 3/28/2012 A-10
  Knox Alan D. 4/1/2012 A-10
  Knutson Joan F. 5/27/2012 A-10
  Koucouvelis Peter
11/2/2012 A-10
  Krapausky Irene E. 9/26/2012 A-8
  Krapausky Irene E. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Kraul Joan M. 7/29/2012 A-10
  Kreps Beverly June 9/27/2012 A-8
  Kroll Michael R. 12/12/2012 A-10
  Kroll Michael R. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Kronsted Terry Lee 10/31/2012 A-10
  Krueger Martin Allen 4/12/2012 A-8
  Krueger Chalres Leo Rev. 2/18/2012 A-8
  Krueger Charles L. 2/27/2012 A-10
  Krueger Charles Leo (Rev.) 2/23/2012 A-8
  Krupps William J. "Bill" 3/17/2012 A-10
  Kuster Frederick E. 9/26/2012 A-8
  LaGrow Floyd J. 11/15/2012 A-10
  Lam Wayne E. Jr. 10/16/2012 A-10
  Lamblase Frank
12/26/2012 A-10
  Landenberger Robert "Bob" 1/19/2012 A-10
  Landon James
5/15/2012 A-10
  Landon Jim
5/14/2012 A-10
  Landon Jim
5/13/2012 A-10
  Lane C. "Randy" 5/3/2012 A-10
  Lannholm David E. 6/26/2012 A-12
  Lannholm Alan N. 9/8/2012 A-8
  Lantz Rex Eugene 7/3/2012 A-10
  Larkin Cecilia N. 1/13/2012 A-10
  Larkins Larry L. 10/4/2012 A-8
  Larner Edgar "Ed" 4/9/2012 A-10
  Larner Edgar W. 4/11/2012 A-10
  Larson Claire W. 12/24/2012 A-10
  Larson Ruby R. 3/21/2012 A-10
  Larson Ruby R. 3/20/2012 A-10
  Larson Harold M. 3/5/2012 A-10
  Larson Claire W. 12/27/2012 A-8
  Larson Claire W. 12/28/2012 A-12
  Larson Harold M. 3/4/2012 A-10
  LaRue Dorothy Marie 4/12/2012 A-8
  LaRue Dorothy M. 4/10/2012 A-10
  Lauver Henrietta
8/26/2012 A-10
  Lauver Henrietta L. 7/18/2012 A-8
  Lauver Ruth E. 5/8/2012 A-10
  Law Elsie I. 10/16/2012 A-10
  Lawson Wendell L. 10/27/2012 A-12
  Lawson Wendell L. 11/6/2012 A-8
  Lawson Wendell L. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Lawson-Skinner Esther Mary 12/15/2012 A-10
  Leacox Richard L. 2/8/2012 A-10
  Leath Patricia A. 1/7/2012 A-8
  Ledbetter Betty J. 7/9/2012 A-8
  Ledbetter Connie L. 10/20/2012 A-8
  Lee George Leo 5/7/2012 A-10
  Lee Doris D. 10/4/2012 A-8
  Lee George L. 5/6/2012 A-10
  Lee doris D. 9/30/2012 A-8
  Lee Mary Alice 8/26/2012 A-10
  Lee Mary Alice 8/14/2012 A-8
  Leeson Evelyn G. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Leeson Evelyn J. 12/10/2012 A-10
  Leezer Patricia
10/29/2012 A-12
  Lemberg Margaret I. 11/23/2012 A-12
  Lemmer Virginia M. 10/9/2012 A-10
  Lemmer Virginia M. 10/8/2012 A-10
  Lentz William L. 8/31/2012 A-10
  Lentz William L. 9/7/2012 A-10
  Lentz William L. "Bill" 8/30/2012 A-10
  Lewis Alfred L. "Mike" 12/18/2012 A-8
  Lewis Linda
11/12/2012 A-10
  Lewis Alfred L. "Mike" 12/20/2012 A-10
  Likes MaryAnn
5/20/2012 A-10
  Likes Mary A. 5/19/2012 A-10
  Liljeroot V. Lois 2/21/2012 A-10
  Linayao Margaret E. 9/5/2012 A-8
  Lindahl Jason C. 8/14/2012 A-8
  Lindbeck Mary Leyshon 9/5/2012 A-8
  Lindberg Katherine L. 4/6/2012 A-10
  Lindsey Melvin Daniel 11/14/2012 A-8
  Linze Marilyn R. 5/18/2012 A-12
  Lipes Percy David 9/22/2012 A-10
  Listen John H. 12/16/2012 A-10
  Liston John
12/15/2012 A-10
  Livermore-Gaehle Barbara Ann 11/17/2012 A-8
  Lloyd Nathaniel
6/3/2012 A-10
  Logsdon Richard A. 7/5/2012 A-8
  Logsdon Arlo E. 6/30/2012 A-10
  Lohmar Donald Roy 12/9/2012 A-10
  Long Wesley Allen "Wes" 9/16/2012 A-10
  Long John Edward 11/14/2012 A-8
  Lopez-Pacheco Carolina G. "Carolyn" 1/28/2012 A-8
  Lott Bettye Shoop 12/19/2012 A-10
  Louderman James E. 4/30/2012 A-10
  Lovejoy Charles V. 9/9/2012 A-8
  Lovejoy Charles V. 9/8/2012 A-8
  Lowell Jane Quinby 3/10/2012 A-8
  Lucas Cierra L. 5/13/2012 A-10
  Lucas Cierra L. 5/14/2012 A-10
  Lucas Cierra L. 5/15/2012 A-10
  Lucas-Olson Eleanor L. 9/17/2012 A-10
  Ludwig John
5/31/2012 A-8
  Luvall Verne C. 6/16/2012 A-8
  Luvall Verne C. 7/15/2012 A-10
  Luxmore Terry S. 8/1/2012 A-8
  Luxmore Bryant J. "BJ" 6/14/2012 A-10
  Luxmore Terry S. 7/29/2012 A-10
  Luxmore Bryant J. "B.J." Cpl. 6/15/2012 A-10
  Lybarger Barbara E. 9/5/2012 A-8
  Lydy Darlene J. 2/21/2012 A-10
  Lyon John K. 5/19/2012 A-10
  Lyon John K. 5/18/2012 A-12
  Lytle Dewey L. "Bud" 4/17/2012 A-10
  Lytle Dewey L. "Bud" 5/3/2012 A-10
  Maas Thomas C. 4/17/2012 A-10
  Mackey Joyce M. Anderson 5/17/2012 A-10
  Maddox Fonda J. 6/28/2012 A-10
  Magnuson Mabel A. 2/4/2012 A-8
  Maher Iva Jean 11/29/2012 A-10
  Mahnesmith Eula V. 4/24/2012 A-10
  Mahnesmith Eula V. Bushnell 4/25/2012 A-10
  Mais Paul E. 2/18/2012 A-8
  Mallin Lois J. 6/24/2012 A-10
  Marks Michael E. 1/30/2012 A-8
  Marks Michael E. 1/29/2012 A-10
  Marshall Thelma M. 2/10/2012 A-10
  Marshall Thelma M. 2/9/2012 A-10
  Martin Harold Edward 9/26/2012 A-8
  Martin Max Stuart 6/13/2012 A-10
  Mason Judith K. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Mason Judith Kay 9/5/2012 A-8
  Mason Mary E. 1/31/2012 A-8
  Masters E. Jeanne 2/16/2012 A-10
  Mathers Max E. 1/11/2012 A-8
  Mathers Max E. 1/2/2012 A-10
  Mathis Helen J. 2/18/2012 A-8
  Mathis Jelen J. 2/19/2012 A-10
  Matigian Juanita R. 2/6/2012 A-10
  Matigian Juanita R. 2/7/2012 A-8
  Maxwell Judith K. 7/17/2012 A-8
  May Roy D. 2/29/2012 A-8
  May Roy D., Sr. 3/1/2012 A-8
  Maynard Brian Lee 4/16/2012 A-10
  Mayor Betty L. Kennedy 2/28/2012 A-8
  McAtee Ruth
2/7/2012 A-8
  McCance Gaylord V. 2/13/2012 A-8
  McCaw Richard LeRoy "Dick" 9/30/2012 A-8
  McCaw Richard
9/29/2012 A-10
  McCaw Forrest W. 9/12/2012 A-8
  McCone Robert M. 10/25/2012 A-10
  McConnell John Wesley Jr. 6/14/2012 A-10
  McCormick Bertha R. 5/31/2012 A-8
  McCormick William J. 1/20/2012 A-8
  McCormick William J. "Bill" 1/21/2012 A-8
  McCoski Nancy
10/10/2012 A-12
  McCoy Margaret E. 11/21/2012 A-10
  McCoy Margaret E. "Betty" 11/20/2012 A-12
  McCoy Newt V. 10/11/2012 A-8
  McCreight Clarus R. "Coke" 2/9/2012 A-10
  McCullough Dorothy McGinness 2/3/2012 A-8
  McCullough Dorothy Daye (McGinness) 2/4/2012 A-8
  McCurry Kathleen A. 1/14/2012 A-8
  McCurry Laura G. 6/16/2012 A-8
  McCutcheon Rita L. 2/22/2012 A-10
  McDaniel Kenneth E. 7/3/2012 A-10
  McDowell Carolyn E. 4/19/2012 A-10
  McDowell Carolyn Emma 4/20/2012 A-12
  McDowell Lee Anne 12/26/2012 A-7
  McElhiney Terrence
12/11/2012 A-8
  McEwen Jo Ann
4/3/2012 A-10
  McGee Robin E. 5/9/2012 A-10
  McGill Richard D. "Ric" Jr. 2/10/2012 A-10
  McGrann Alice Lavene 3/2/2012 A-10
  McGraw Kathleen I. "Kate" 12/6/2012 A-10
  McGrew Scott R. 4/24/2012 A-10
  McGrew LeRoy Andrew "Andy" 3/29/2012 A-8
  McGriff Thelma
6/27/2012 A-10
  McHenry-Stokes Debra R. 10/25/2012 A-10
  McKahan Dale L. 2/21/2012 A-7
  McKeighan Robert L. 6/2/2012 A-10
  McKenzie Mae
10/10/2012 A-12
  McKeown Norman "Norm" 4/24/2012 A-10
  McKeown Norman
4/23/2012 A-12
  McLaren Donald E. 4/2/2012 A-10
  McLaren Donald E. 4/3/2012 A-10
  McMahon Mary M. (Glasnovich) 9/22/2012 A-10
  McMahon Mary M. 9/23/2012 A-10
  McMaster Martha "Eloise: 8/27/2012 A-8
  McMaster Martha Eloise 8/29/2012 A-8
  McMullen Gary
11/25/2012 A-10
  McMullen Gary J. 11/26/2012 A-10
  McNeely John R. 3/20/2012 A-10
  McNeely Helen L. 10/2/2012 A-10
  McNutt Angela K. 5/2/2012 A-10
  McQueen Vivian A. 6/19/2012 A-10
  Medley Marie
6/12/2012 A-10
  Meeker Orville
3/18/2012 A-10
  Mehltretter Margaret Louise 12/7/2012 A-8
  Mehltretter Margaret Louise 12/6/2012 A-10
  Melton James W. 10/3/2012 A-8
  Melton James W. 10/4/2012 A-8
  Melvin Helen Eileen 8/9/2012 A-6
  Mendenhall Ormal R. 9/6/2012 A-8
  Mendenhall Ormal R. 9/5/2012 A-8
  Mendez Lisa Belen 9/12/2012 A-8
  Mendez Victoria J. 6/6/2012 A-10
  Mendez Lisa Belen 9/11/2012 A-10
  Mendez Pansy A. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Mendez Lisa Belen 9/10/2012 A-10
  Mendez Victoria Jo 6/20/2012 A-8
  Menke Eleanor Jean 1/2/2012 A-10
  Metelka Christine M. 4/3/2012 A-7
  Metelka Christine M. 4/2/2012 A-10
  Miles Martha (Rowe) 6/28/2012 A-10
  Miles Mary Lou 7/10/2012 A-8
  Millard Rose F. 12/1/2012 A-10
  Miller Shirley A. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Miller Robert "Rob" J. 12/22/2012 A-8
  Miller Robert H. 1/13/2012 A-10
  Miller Ruby Marjorie 9/11/2012 A-10
  Miller Steve
12/23/2012 A-10
  Miller Lawrence F. 4/28/2012 A-10
  Miller Robert H. 1/12/2012 A-8
  Miller Larry
2/23/2012 A-8
  Miller James O. "Jim" 2/21/2012 A-7
  Miller Louise S. 4/21/2012 A-10
  Miller Shirley A. 3/14/2012 A-10
  Miller Louise S. 4/23/2012 A-12
  Miller Steve E. 12/24/2012 A-10
  Mingare Mary Margaret Kennedy 11/16/2012 A-10
  Mitchell David J. 10/10/2012 A-12
  Miyler Marion E. 6/8/2012 A-10
  Moberg Frances V. 5/10/2012 A-8
  Molinero Della
2/2/2012 A-10
  Montenaro James M. Jr. "Hippie" 2/18/2012 A-8
  Moon Martin
1/10/2012 A-10
  Moore James M. Jr. 3/5/2012 A-10
  Moore Martha L. 9/22/2012 A-10
  Moore Martha L. 9/21/2012 A-11
  Moore John E. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Morrell Shirley M. 1/8/2012 A-10
  Morris Margaret A. "Peg" 1/26/2012 A-10
  Morris Rick Lee 6/7/2012 A-8
  Morris Margaret A. 1/27/2012 A-10
  Morris Robert
6/19/2012 A-10
  Morrison Barry D. 5/5/2012 A-9
  Morrison Jessie
3/24/2012 A-10
  Morrison Martha M. 11/11/2012 A-10
  Morrison Martha M. 11/14/2012 A-8
  Morrison Barry D. 5/10/2012 A-8
  Morrissey Vince
9/20/2012 A-8
  Morrissey Elizabeth M. 3/17/2012 A-10
  Morrissey John V. 9/21/2012 A-11
  Morse George K. 4/25/2012 A-10
  Morse June Eloise 4/4/2012 A-8
  Most Roma R. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Most Roma R. 7/7/2012 A-8
  Mott Ruby Lee 8/22/2012 A-8
  Mott Ruby L. 8/21/2012 A-10
  Muelder Richard Hermann 10/16/2012 A-10
  Muir Gertrude Mae 4/30/2012 A-10
  Mullhatten John A. 4/11/2012 A-10
  Mullins Patricia A. 3/2/2012 A-10
  Munson Charles
7/20/2012 A-12
  Murfin Virgil Thomas 10/9/2012 A-10
  Murphy Brian L. 8/1/2012 A-8
  Murphy James "Ollie" 7/5/2012 A-8
  Murphy Richard Edward 12/19/2012 A-10
  Murphy Wilbur L. 3/21/2012 A-10
  Murray Ernest L. 3/13/2012 A-10
  Murray Rebecca J. 7/11/2012 A-8
  Murray Ernest LeRoy 3/14/2012 A-7
  Murray Rebecca J. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Murray Sally L. 7/19/2012 A-10
  Murrell Lavern
8/28/2012 A-10
  Murrell Lavern L. 8/25/2012 A-8
  Musser Esther Ann 2/15/2012 A-10
  Myers Bernice
6/5/2012 A-8
  Myers Archie C. "Pete" 2/19/2012 A-10
  Myers Bernice L. 6/9/2012 A-8
  Nall Howard D. 10/6/2012 A-10
  Nalley Elaine
10/23/2012 A-10
  Nampel Rose Mary 10/17/2012 A-10
  Nampel Rose Mary 10/18/2012 A-10
  Nash Billy P. 2/3/2012 A-8
  Naslund Marjorie Ann Brenneman 9/7/2012 A-10
  Naslund Marjorie A. 9/5/2012 A-8
  Nava Madelyn S. 2/12/2012 A-10
  Nava Madelyn S. 2/10/2012 A-10
  Neal Wilma D. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Neal frederick B. 10/31/2012 A-10
  Neal Frederick B. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Neal Frederick B. 10/30/2012 A-10
  Neeley W. Blake 9/26/2012 A-8
  Nelson Francis C. 6/29/2012 A-12
  Nelson C. Everett 4/22/2012 A-10
  Nelson Eileen H. 9/7/2012 A-10
  Nelson Vivian M. Cooper 1/4/2012 A-8
  Nelson C. Everett 4/20/2012 A-12
  Nelson Myrna J. 3/9/2012 A-10
  Nelson R. Evelyn 7/5/2012 A-8
  Nelson R. Evelyn 7/6/2012 A-10
  Nelson C. Everett 4/21/2012 A-10
  Nelson Vivian M. 1/3/2012 A-8
  Nelson Earl R. 6/7/2012 A-8
  Nelson Eileen
9/6/2012 A-8
  Neubaum Lucille
11/11/2012 A-10
  Neumiller Harry Jacob, Jr., Dr. 2/20/2012 A-8
  Newbill Roland E. "Gene" 4/16/2012 A-10
  Newman Gene C. 1/21/2012 A-8
  Newmiller Harry
2/19/2012 A-10
  Nix Howard E. 2/25/2012 A-8
  Nix Howard E. 2/24/2012 A-12
  Noel Sandy A. 6/26/2012 A-10
  Nolan Dorothy L. Ewing 9/5/2012 A-8
  Nolan Mary Eileen 2/14/2012 A-10
  Norris Ricky L. "Smokey" 6/7/2012 A-8
  Norris Ricky L. "Smokey" 6/9/2012 A-8
  Norville Kenneth E. 5/18/2012 A-12
  Norville Kenneth E. 5/31/2012 A-8
  Norwood Jessie Ruth Veech 6/23/2012 A-8
  Nott Connie F. 9/22/2012 A-10
  Nyman Donald L. 5/8/2012 A-10
  O. Anne King Johnson 1/9/2012 A-10
  Oakman John J. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Oakman John J. 9/2/2012 A-10
  Oberg Marianne Brosi 6/10/2012 A-10
  Obermiller Frances Ruth 3/28/2012 A-10
  Obermiller Ruth
3/27/2012 A-10
  O'Brien Mary E. 3/23/2012 A-8
  O'Deay Ruth Whimpey 9/20/2012 A-8
  Ogden Erick Mathias 2/5/2012 A-10
  Ohler Betty L. 5/25/2012 A-12
  Ole Ruth L. 6/26/2012 A-12
  Olin Sandra D. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Olson Peter R. "Quie" 7/5/2012 A-8
  Olson Eleanor L. 9/17/2012 A-10
  Olson Eleanor L. Lucas 9/18/2012 A-8
  Olson Nile B. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Olson Richard O. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Olson Lucille A. 11/14/2012 A-8
  Olson Paul "Stanley" 9/6/2012 A-8
  Olson Lloyd E. 11/25/2012 A-10
  O'Malley Michael A. 10/25/2012 A-10
  O'Malley Michael A. 12/2/2012 A-10
  Orme Alice A. 9/27/2012 A-8
  Ortery Sandra Kay 4/3/2012 A-10
  Orth Margaret E. 12/18/2012 A-8
  Ott Arleen Lillian 8/10/2012 A-12
  Overstreet Mary Elizabeth 9/9/2012 A-8
  Overturf Kathryn J. Carlson 4/21/2012 A-10
  Pacheco Carolina G. 1/27/2012 A-10
  Palmer Janet Sue 7/10/2012 A-8
  Palmer Clair E. 2/19/2012 A-10
  Pampel Marian A. 4/13/2012 A-10
  Pampel Marian A. "Marnie" 4/12/2012 A-8
  Park Donald G. 8/18/2012 A-10
  Parker Hazel P. 11/2/2012 A-10
  Parker Marion C. 12/14/2012 A-8
  Parkins Mavis Aletha "Maisie" 10/22/2012 A-10
  Parkinson Merlyn F. "Parkie" 9/9/2012 A-8
  Parrick Virgina M. 10/18/2012 A-10
  Parrish James L. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Pates Fannie Mae Cato 3/15/2012 A-10
  Patterson Joseph P. 9/27/2012 A-8
  Peake Joseph A. 8/18/2012 A-10
  Peake Donald Dr. J 5/31/2012 A-8
  Pease George Leonard 3/2/2012 A-10
  Peck Paul N. 11/6/2012 A-8
  Peck Paul N. 11/4/2012 A-10
  Peck Elizabeth J. 9/19/2012 A-8
  Pedersen Diantha L. 2/21/2012 A-7
  Pederson Diantha Lyn 2/18/2012 A-8
  Pedigo Ruth M. 4/21/2012 A-10
  Pence Beatrice Paulline 12/1/2012 A-10
  Pepper Lena
5/12/2012 A-8
  Pepple Dennis Charles 11/12/2012 A-10
  Pepple Debbis Charles 11/11/2012 A-10
  Pepple Dennis C. 11/10/2012 A-10
  Perdue Robert K. 2/8/2012 A-10
  Peters Barbara A. 6/5/2012 A-8
  Peters Barbara
6/4/2012 A-10
  Peterson Steven W. 9/18/2012 A-8
  Peterson John H. 8/1/2012 A-8
  Peterson Carl E. 2/29/2012 A-8
  Peterson John
7/29/2012 A-10
  Pettegrew-Kelly Barbara J. 2/16/2012 A-10
  Petty Audrey M. 8/15/2012 A-8
  Petty Audrey M. 8/13/2012 A-8
  Phillips Carol S. 7/11/2012 A-8
  Phillips Carol S. "Swede" 7/12/2012 A-8
  Pica Nicolina
2/14/2012 A-10
  Pica Nicolina
2/15/2012 A-10
  Pickens Donald E. 5/20/2012 A-10
  Pickens Donald E. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Pieper William Roy "Bud" 10/25/2012 A-10
  Pieper William
10/24/2012 A-10
  Pierce Carol Kay 7/16/2012 A-8
  Pierce Michael Lynn 10/14/2012 A-9
  Pierce Carol kay 7/15/2012 A-10
  Pierce Michael L. 10/16/2012 A-10
  Pierce Lawrence A. 9/27/2012 A-8
  Piper Terry R. 11/16/2012 A-10
  Piper Chris N. 2/10/2012 A-10
  Piper Paul R. 3/24/2012 A-10
  Piper Randy A. 7/31/2012 A-8
  Plicek Jeffrey J. 4/16/2012 A-10
  Polillo Debra K. 9/18/2012 A-8
  Polillo Debra K. 9/19/2012 A-8
  Pool Gene B. 9/29/2012 A-10
  Porter V. Loraine 2/15/2012 A-10
  Postin Harry G. 12/26/2012 A-10
  Postin Harry G. 12/27/2012 A-10
  Powell Margaret M. "Peggy" 6/11/2012 A-8
  Powell Ronald E. 5/5/2012 A-9
  Pratt Cecil
8/18/2012 A-10
  Presley John M. 6/5/2012 A-8
  Preston Rebecca A. 4/21/2012 A-10
  Preston Rebecca A. 4/22/2012 A-10
  Price Jeremiah A. 10/3/2012 A-8
  Price James H. 5/30/2012 A-8
  Price Violet
8/8/2012 A-8
  Price Jeremiah
10/2/2012 A-10
  Prizier Edwin L. 10/20/2012 A-8
  Pshenychny Val V. 2/3/2012 A-8
  Puckett Jordan
12/22/2012 A-8
  Puckett June E. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Puckett Jordan
12/24/2012 A-10
  Purcel W.H. "Bud" Jr. 2/16/2012 A-10
  Purcell W. H. 2/15/2012 A-10
  Purchase Juanita M. 8/10/2012 A-12
  Purl Marshall L. 6/17/2012 A-10
  Purlee Robert L. 4/30/2012 A-10
  Quanstrom James A. 7/31/2012 A-8
  Quigley Betty J. 1/25/2012 A-10
  Radmacher Harry M. 12/27/2012 A-10
  Ralston Dennis Fredrick 3/2/2012 A-10
  Randall Vernon Barcus 3/26/2012 A-10
  Randall Vernon
3/25/2012 A-10
  Ranes Danny Alan 7/13/2012 A-10
  Ranes Danny Alan 7/12/2012 A-8
  Ranirez Mariann G. 8/13/2012 A-8
  Rashid Helen R. 3/6/2012 A-8
  Rashid Helen Rose 3/5/2012 A-10
  Rask Marcia K. 9/23/2012 A-10
  Rask Marcia Kay 9/24/2012 A-10
  Ray Barbara A. 1/17/2012 A-8
  Ray Ora M. 1/17/2012 A-8
  Ray Susy May 11/20/2012 A-12
  Ray Susy May 11/19/2012 A-10
  Raymond Georgene R. 6/23/2012 A-8
  Reading Gary Dee Sr. 3/9/2012 A-10
  Redfern Audrey J. 7/5/2012 A-8
  Reed M. Adeline 5/8/2012 A-10
  Reed Carole L. 8/6/2012 A-8
  Reed Kenneth Dean 11/7/2012 A-14
  Reed Betty Lenora 1/2/2012 A-10
  Reedy William J. II 11/4/2012 A-10
  Reem Glennis A. 8/19/2012 A-10
  Reese Marian R. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Reeves Rodney R. 6/28/2012 A-10
  Rehling Robert G. "Jerry" 9/18/2012 A-8
  Reiber George H. 12/4/2012 A-8
  Reiber George H. Jr. 12/6/2012 A-10
  Reynolds Robert A. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Reynolds James Albert 2/8/2012 A-10
  Reynolds Robert A. 9/21/2012 A-11
  Reynolds Robert A. 9/22/2012 A-10
  Reynolds Frances E. 4/11/2012 A-10
  Rhea Robert C. 10/23/2012 A-9
  Rhoads Sue Ellen 3/25/2012 A-10
  Richardson Velma
3/6/2012 A-8
  Richardson-Alban Geneva E. 3/20/2012 A-10
  Richey Helen C. 2/2/2012 A-10
  Richison Martha A. Wilk 1/20/2012 A-8
  Ricketts Dean E. 12/24/2012 A-10
  Riley Debra L. 10/9/2012 A-10
  Riley Anna Ruth 6/7/2012 A-8
  Riley Debra L. 10/8/2012 A-10
  Ring Jack Melton 1/28/2012 A-8
  Ringberg Mary A. 11/20/2012 A-12
  Ringberg Robin L. 9/29/2012 A-10
  Ringberg Mary A. 11/21/2012 A-10
  Robeck Dodie J. Standard 1/18/2012 A-10
  Robeck Dodie J. (Standard) 1/17/2012 A-8
  Roberson Ray Kim 12/23/2012 A-10
  Roberts Linda L. 8/11/2012 A-8
  Roberts Nancy L. 11/7/2012 A-14
  Robertson Betty J. 5/25/2012 A-12
  Robertson Betty J. 5/26/2012 A-8
  Robinson Donald W. 6/26/2012 A-12
  Robinson Donald W. 6/28/2012 A-10
  Robinson Donald W. 6/26/2012 A-10
  Robinson Edith C. 9/18/2012 A-8
  Rodriguez Edward C. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Roling Margaret B. 7/12/2012 A-8
  Roling Margaret B. 7/11/2012 A-8
  Romine Randy W. 11/27/2012 A-8
  Rooney Mary
4/2/2012 A-10
  Rooney Mary
4/4/2012 A-8
  Rose Mary R. 6/26/2012 A-10
  Ross William W. 5/31/2012 A-8
  Ross Jeraldine L. 3/14/2012 A-7
  Ross Irene M. 9/29/2012 A-10
  Rossi Harriett M. 9/9/2012 A-8
  Roth Carol M. 5/25/2012 A-12
  roubidoux Mary
2/21/2012 A-10
  Ruehmer Terry Lee 12/7/2012 A-8
  Ruff Geoff
9/28/2012 A-10
  Ruff Emmerson F. 9/11/2012 A-10
  Ruhl Kathleen Nelson 10/20/2012 A-8
  Rupe Jerry L. 5/6/2012 A-10
  Rupe Jerry L. 5/5/2012 A-9
  Rupert Jody E. 5/31/2012 a-8
  Rupert Jody
5/30/2012 A-8
  Rush Courtney J. 1/8/2012 A-10
  Russell Laura A. 4/24/2012 A-10
  Russell John T. "J.T." 9/14/2012 A-10
  Russell John T. 9/13/2012 A-10
  Rutkowski Elizabeth
10/21/2012 A-10
  Rutledge M. Catharine 10/31/2012 A-10
  Ryden Richard Lee 1/4/2012 A-8
  Ryden Susan A. Pohren 5/26/2012 A-8
  Ryden Richard L. 1/3/2012 A-8
  Ryenolds Robert A. 9/23/2012 A-10
  Ryner Ida M. 1/26/2012 A-10
  Ryner Betty M. 2/9/2012 A-10
  Sage Betty J. 3/23/2012 A-8
  Sailer Howard W. 1/31/2012 A-8
  Sampson Dharld W. 3/8/2012 A-10
  Sampson Dharld William 3/10/2012 A-8
  Sams L. B. 4/12/2012 A-8
  Sanchez Martha D. 6/5/2012 A-8
  Sanchez Martha D. 6/6/2012 A-10
  Sanchez Martha D. 6/7/2012 A-8
  Sand Keith R. 10/26/2012 A-12
  Sandberg Wanda E. 10/3/2012 A-8
  Sandercock Nancy M. 12/27/2012 A-10
  Sanderson Robert L. "Sandy" 10/2/2012 A-10
  Sauer Florence Mathilda 3/8/2012 A-10
  Sauer Florence M. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Sauter Margarette I. 11/16/2012 A-10
  Sauter Margarett I. 11/23/2012 A-12
  Sauter Margarett I. 11/17/2012 A-8
  Sayrs Joanne D. 6/27/2012 A-10
  Scheller Judith Anne 4/19/2012 A-10
  Schisler Bradley Kincaid 3/25/2012 A-10
  Schleich John Robert 4/7/2012 A-8
  Schmitz Evelyn F. 5/23/2012 A-10
  Schmitz Evelyn F. 5/24/2012 A-10
  Schoenbein Ernest R. 3/18/2012 A-10
  Schrodt Alissa Jane 12/27/2012 A-10
  Schrodt Alissa
12/26/2012 A-7
  Schroeder Agnes
12/10/2012 A-10
  Schumaker Linder W. 8/18/2012 A-10
  Schumaker Linder W. 8/17/2012 A-10
  Schurtz LaMorne (Hickey) 6/10/2012 A-10
  Schurz LaMorne Hickey 6/8/2012 A-10
  Schwarz Leona M. 7/3/2012 A-10
  Schwarz Leona Mae 7/2/2012 A-10
  Scott Marian I. 7/7/2012 A-8
  Scott La'Ziyah Tierra-Marie 11/23/2012 A-12
  Sefcik Anna M. 5/29/2012 A-12
  Segerman Cherie Smith 10/5/2012 A-10
  Seiboldt John A. 11/24/2012 A-10
  Seiboldt John A. 11/25/2012 A-10
  Selander Donald G. 4/10/2012 A-10
  Self Robert T. 2/13/2012 A-8
  Self Robert T. 2/14/2012 A-10
  Semelroth Irene M. 2/16/2012 A-10
  Semelroth Irene M. 2/17/2012 A-10
  Senders Keith R. 3/26/2012 A-10
  Senders Ketih R. 3/25/2012 A-10
  Seper Charles G. 5/15/2012 A-10
  Seyler Marilyn J. 11/25/2012 A-10
  Shafer Robert N. 10/14/2012 A-9
  Shallenberger James M. "Jimmy" 4/6/2012 A-10
  Shane Maxine
2/21/2012 A-7
  Sharp Robert N. 10/22/2012 A-10
  Sharp Robert N. 10/16/2012 A-10
  Sharp Robert N. 10/18/2012 A-10
  Shaw Donald J. 8/20/2012 A-8
  Shaw Donald J. 8/21/2012 A-10
  Shawgo Loawrence O. 12/5/2012 A-10
  Shawgo Lawrence O. 11/29/2012 A-10
  Sheckler Barbara E. 12/17/2012 A-10
  Sheckler Donald T. 5/2/2012 A-10
  Sheldon Esther M. 7/7/2012 A-8
  Shelley Audrey A. (Jennings) 10/5/2012 A-10
  Shelton Orville
2/23/2012 A-10
  Shelton Orville D. 2/22/2012 A-10
  Shenaut Timothy A. 8/28/2012 A-10
  Sherbeyn Elizabeth Marie 2/17/2012 A-10
  Sherman Janet E. 3/18/2012 A-10
  Sherwood Scott
4/2/2012 A-10
  Sherwood Jill P. (Schisler) 4/10/2012 A-10
  Sherwood Scott R. 4/3/2012 A-10
  Shinn Lelia Anne 4/16/2012 A-10
  Sholl Robert Lee 10/29/2012 A-12
  Shover John
6/23/2012 A-8
  Shover John
6/22/2012 A-10
  Shragal Ruth Ann 5/27/2012 A-10
  Shragal Ruth Ann 5/23/2012 A-10
  Shuler Florence Marie 2/27/2012 A-10
  Shumaker Albert L. 4/20/2012 A-12
  Shumaker Albert L. 4/21/2012 A-10
  Shupe Jerome
12/31/2012 A-10
  Siarny Cynthia Ann 1/2/2012 A-10
  Siens Erma J. 9/18/2012 A-8
  Siens Roger C. 4/14/2012 A-10
  Simkins Roger D. 7/18/2012 A-8
  Simkins Betty J. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Simkins Ralph Dean 9/18/2012 A-8
  Simkins Shirley E. 5/10/2012 A-8
  Simkins R. Dean 9/17/2012 A-10
  Simkins Shirley E. 5/11/2012 A-10
  Simmons Donald William 7/15/2012 A-10
  Simmons Sharon
3/3/2012 A-8
  Simmons Jacob A. 4/30/2012 A-5
  Simmons Jacob
5/1/2012 A-10
  Simpson Myrtle W. 11/6/2012 A-8
  Simpson Ruby J. Goff 6/23/2012 A-8
  Simpson Ruby J. Goff 6/24/2012 A-10
  Simpson David L. 8/10/2012 A-12
  Simpson David L. 9/4/2012 A-12
  Simpson Brian J. 12/22/2012 A-8
  Simspn Myrtle
11/5/2012 A-12
  Sistler Rebekah H. 12/28/2012 A-12
  Skees Donald E. 5/29/2012 A-12
  Sloan Bart K. 5/27/2012 A-10
  Sloan Bart
5/26/2012 A-8
  Sloan Herbert Richard 4/1/2012 A-10
  Sloan Mildred L. 2/21/2012 A-7
  Sloan Sarah K. 7/17/2012 A-8
  Sloan Bart K. 5/29/2012 A-12
  Smallwood Marcena M. 6/14/2012 A-10
  Smallwood Marcena M. 5/25/2012 A-12
  Smallwood Marcena M. 5/26/2012 A-8
  Smead Willliam P. 8/15/2012 A-8
  Smith Douglas
5/15/2012 A-10
  Smith Marjorie Evelyn 2/25/2012 A-8
  Smith Loren W. 10/11/2012 A-8
  Smith Ann
11/29/2012 A-10
  Smith Thomas
8/22/2012 A-8
  Smith Thomas
8/21/2012 A-10
  Smith Douglas Shawn Roland 5/17/2012 A-10
  Smith Jane M. 8/9/2012 A-8
  Smith Merwin P. 10/20/2012 A-8
  Smith Ethel
9/16/2012 A-10
  Smith Ehtel Marie 9/17/2012 A-10
  Smith Marjorie E. 9/13/2012 A-10
  Smith Calvin
1/6/2012 A-8
  Smith Donald W. Sr. 1/10/2012 A-10
  Smith Robert
12/2/2012 A-10
  Smith Patrick S. 3/10/2012 A-8
  Smith Calvin A. 1/5/2012 A-8
  Smith Charles J. 10/7/2012 A-10
  Smith Loren W. 10/10/2012 A-12
  Smith Daniel I. 3/1/2012 A-8
  Smith Marie M. 11/7/2012 A-14
  Smith Daniel I. 2/29/2012 A-8
  Sommerfeld Lynwood T. 6/21/2012 A-8
  Sommers Lloyd Everett 6/14/2012 A-10
  Sommers Lloyd Everett 6/13/2012 A-10
  Sotelo Anthony L. 12/24/2012 A-10
  Sotelo Anthony L. 12/27/2012 A-10
  Sottos Stephen
4/15/2012 A-10
  Souther Violet L. 11/14/2012 A-8
  Spangler Richard D. 3/17/2012 A-10
  Spears Helen Louise 6/17/2012 A-10
  Spears Iona Liberty 11/27/2012 A-8
  Spencer James S. 6/2/2012 A-10
  Spencer Ronald M. 5/22/2012 A-10
  Spencer Lillian P. 4/1/2012 A-10
  Spencer Ronald Maxwell 5/20/2012 A-10
  Spencer Lillian P. 3/31/2012 A-10
  Spencer James S. 6/4/2012 A-10
  Spitz Nellie K. 6/28/2012 A-10
  St. John Kimberly Ann 11/11/2012 A-10
  Staggs Joy L. 11/7/2012 A-12
  Staggs Joy L. 11/5/2012 A-12
  Stalker Velma M. 1/27/2012 A-10
  Stanley James E. 1/7/2012 A-8
  Stanley James E. 1/4/2012 A-8
  Stanton Alice LaJune 3/20/2012 A-10
  Starr Thomas
1/17/2012 A-8
  Stauffer Frances I. 12/12/2012 A-10
  Stegall Charlie T. 7/3/2012 A-10
  Stegall Charlie T. 7/5/2012 A-8
  Steinmetz Robert L. 10/22/2012 A-10
  Steinmetz Robert L. 10/21/2012 A-10
  Stephens Anna Lois Hunter 4/24/2012 A-10
  Stephens Mervil Wallace 3/10/2012 A-8
  Stephens Scott Lee 7/5/2012 A-8
  Stephenson Edna F. 2/17/2012 A-10
  Stephenson Edna F. 2/12/2012 A-8
  Stevens Frances "Jo" 9/14/2012 A-10
  Stevens Frances "Jo" 9/18/2012 A-8
  Stevens Vickie Eda Jennie (Brown) 4/19/2012 A-10
  Stevenson Paul K. 3/9/2012 A-10
  Stevenson Bertha Mae 3/30/2012 A-12
  Stewart Larry N. 12/27/2012 A-8
  Stewart Phyllis M. 4/6/2012 A-10
  Stickle Dale E. 6/4/2012 A-10
  Stinson Dorothy C. 3/2/2012 A-10
  Stinson Dorothy C. 3/1/2012 A-8
  Stivers Ruby Fern 7/13/2012 A-10
  Stockton Connie F. 5/20/2012 A-10
  Stockton Constance Faye 7/1/2012 A-10
  Stodgel Peter C. "Pete" Sr. 7/26/2012 A-8
  Stohmaier Lee N. 10/2/2012 A-10
  Stokes Harriet E. "Sue" 3/6/2012 A-8
  Stolte Jack A. 12/30/2012 A-10
  Stone Phyllis M. 6/12/2012 A-10
  Stone Rolland C. 3/8/2012 A-10
  Stone Allen R. 11/21/2012 A-10
  Stone Phyllis May 6/14/2012 A-10
  Strader Frederick C. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Strader Stanley Young 4/13/2012 A-10
  Strahan Linda
2/21/2012 A-7
  Strahan Linda Rosemary 3/2/2012 A-12
  Strohmaier Nannie L. 10/1/2012 A-10
  Stroops Charles E. "Smokie" 6/2/2012 A-10
  Suitts William J. "Bill" 10/7/2012 A-10
  Sullivan Tom
3/29/2012 A-8
  Sullivan Lore M. 9/13/2012 A-10
  Sundberg E. Irene 4/16/2012 A-10
  Sutor Stanley L. 11/13/2012 A-8
  Swails Maxine N. 10/22/2012 A-10
  Swails Maxine N. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Swanson M. Joyce
9/2/2012 A-10
  Swanson John A. 6/25/2012 A-8
  Swanson John A. 6/26/2012 A-10
  Swanson Helen Rosemary 5/25/2012 A-12
  Swanson M. Joyce 9/1/2012 A-12
  Swanson Helen Rosemary 5/26/2012 A-8
  Swanson Larry K. 4/15/2012 A-10
  Swedlund Agnes E. 3/7/2012 A-8
  Swedlund Agnes E. "Aggie" 3/6/2012 A-8
  Swineheart Susan Raley 9/6/2012 A-8
  Tadd Garry Allen 10/24/2012 A-10
  Tammen Johanna C. 1/5/2012 A-8
  Tatman Charles J. "Jimmy" 2/16/2012 A-10
  Tatman Charles J. 2/15/2012 A-10
  Tatro Gregory M. 1/26/2012 A-10
  Taylor Doris
7/29/2012 A-10
  Taylor Fed
5/3/2012 A-10
  Taylor Thomas L. 8/17/2012 A-10
  Tee Ruth E. 5/18/2012 A-12
  Teel Eva Mae 4/19/2012 A-10
  Teel Eva Mae 4/21/2012 A-10
  Teel Eva Mae 4/24/2012 A-6
  Templeton Katherine Rae 4/19/2012 A-10
  Terpening M. Louise 2/27/2012 A-10
  Terpening M. Louise 2/26/2012 A-10
  Theesfeld Larry L. 3/23/2012 A-10
  Theobald June L. Dumse 5/10/2012 A-8
  Theobald Junie Lorraine Dumse 5/9/2012 A-10
  Thielbert Ralph C. 10/30/2012 A-10
  Thielbert Ralph C. 10/31/2012 A-10
  Thiele Frederick W. Jr. 7/12/2012 A-8
  Thomas Hazel Curless 10/30/2012 A-10
  Thompson Rowena Luder 4/25/2012 A-10
  Thompson Doris Lee 12/29/2012 A-10
  Thompson Doris Lee 12/31/2012 A-10
  Thompson Larry Ray 7/31/2012 A-8
  Thompson Maurine G. 3/26/2012 A-10
  Thompson Maurine G. 3/25/2012 A-10
  Thompson Duane E. 8/8/2012 A-8
  Thompson Larry
7/30/2012 A-8
  Thomson Sherry A. 1/10/2012 A-10
  Thomson Sherry A. 1/11/2012 A-8
  Thornburg Raymond G. 8/22/2012 A-8
  Thulin Helen L. 5/5/2012 A-9
  Thurman Naomia
5/3/2012 A-10
  Timmons Mary Caroline 4/6/2012 A-10
  Timmons Mary Caroline Sperry 7/25/2012 A-10
  Timmons Mary Caroline 4/7/2012 A-8
  Tinder Jerome
10/23/2012 A-10
  Tinkham Theodore E. "Ted" 3/1/2012 A-8
  Tinkham Laura Lee 1/20/2012 A-8
  Tinkham Laura Lee 1/18/2012 A-10
  Tinkham Theodore E. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Tinkham Laura L. 1/16/2012 A-8
  Todd Mary Alice 7/19/2012 A-10
  Tomlin Dixie L. 11/7/2012 A-14
  Tomlinson Susie E. "Mike" 12/15/2012 A-10
  Trautvetter Randolph Eugene "Randy" 4/1/2012 A-10
  Tribbey John W. 10/10/2012 A-12
  Trimble Elijah Alexander 9/17/2012 A-10
  Trost Linda S. Parker 3/23/2012 A-8
  Trout Sheryl A. (Dykeman) 11/26/2012 A-10
  Trowbridge Donald E. 7/10/2012 A-8
  Trowbridge Donald E. 7/11/2012 A-8
  Trulock Susan J. (Nuckles) 5/6/2010 A-10
  Trulock Susan J. 5/9/2012 A-10
  Trulock Susan J. 5/8/2012 A-10
  Tulin Anita Jeanett 2/23/2012 A-10
  Tulin Anita Jeanette 2/22/2012 A-10
  Turner Richard Eugene 4/20/2012 A-12
  Turvey Eugene M. "Gene" 6/9/2012 A-8
  Tyrrell Jeffrey
11/7/2012 A-14
  Ubben Palmer Albert 12/18/2012 A-8
  Ulm Paul William 10/24/2012 A-10
  Ulm Paul W. 10/23/2012 A-10
  Ulm C. Duane 10/14/2012 A-9
  Underwood Gertrude Bertha 7/25/2012 A-10
  Underwood Gertrude Bertha 7/24/2012 A-10
  Underwood Annabelle "Ann" 2/20/2012 A-8
  Unglesbee Cecil L. 11/15/2012 A-10
  Unglesbee Cecil L. 11/16/2012 A-10
  Upton Viola F. 1/26/2012 A-10
  Utsler Deane
2/22/2012 A-10
  Utsler Deane
2/23/2012 A-10
  Utzinger-Crouch Vickey Lee 7/29/2012 A-10
  Vallas Inez J. "Inie" 5/26/2012 A-8
  Van Fleet William D. 3/5/2012 A-10
  Van Fleet William D. 3/3/2012 A-8
  Van Riper Mildred B. 5/11/2012 A-10
  Van Winkle Fred "Danny" 6/3/2012 A-10
  Van Winkle Dorothy M. 5/9/2012 A-10
  VanArsdale Connie Kay 5/19/2012 A-10
  Vancil Doris Green 2/7/2012 A-8
  Vancil Mildred L. 1/28/2012 A-8
  Vancil Doris Green 2/5/2012 A-10
  Vancil Mildred L. 1/29/2012 A-10
  VanFleet William D. 3/2/2012 A-10
  Vann Richard Junior 9/6/2012 A-8
  Vann Richard Junior 9/9/2012 A-8
  Vanwinkle Mary V. 4/10/2012 A-7
  Vaughan Helen G. 2/13/2012 A-8
  Vaughan Helen G. 2/12/2012 A-10
  Vaughan Helen G. 2/14/2012 A-10
  Vaughn Allen W. 1/18/2012 A-10
  Vaughn Allen W. 1/17/2012 A-8
  VeNard Beverly Joan 5/12/2012 A-8
  Verscha Patricia M. "Pat" 3/17/2012 A-10
  VerSteeg Robert Lindley 7/15/2012 A-10
  Vestal Gilmer
2/16/2012 A-10
  Vickers Helen
1/30/2012 A-8
  Vickers Helen V. 2/1/2012 A-10
  Villanueva Linda C. 9/11/2012 A-10
  Wade Larry Lee 8/25/2012 A-8
  Wager Margaret E. 8/20/2012 A-8
  Wager Margaret E. 8/19/2012 A-10
  Wake Ellen E. George 1/2/2012 A-10
  Walck Wilbur J. 12/10/2012 A-10
  Walck Wilbur J. 12/11/2012 A-8
  Walck Robert "Bob" D. Sr. 9/25/2012 A-10
  Walck Robert D. "Bob" 9/23/2012 A-10
  Walk Robert D. 9/22/2012 A-10
  Walker Sandra K. 6/1/2912 A-12
  Walker Amy R. 12/1/2012 A-10
  Walker Sandra K. 6/30/2012 A-10
  Wall Wanda J. 2/23/2012 A-10
  Wall Wanda
1/21/2012 A-8
  Wallace Thomas W. 6/9/2012 A-8
  Wallace Glen H. 11/9/2012 A-8
  Walsh Kenneth E. Jr. 2/20/2012 A-8
  Wamboldt Joyce
10/5/2012 A-10
  Wamboldt Joyce A. 10/6/2012 A-10
  Ward Hunter Johnathon 5/23/2012 A-10
  Ward Richard A. 4/11/2012 A-10
  Ward Ronnie
6/22/2012 A-10
  Ward Hunter Johnathon 5/22/2012 A-10
  Ward Carolyn M. 11/17/2012 A-8
  Ward Richard A. 3/31/2012 A-10
  Ward Mary L. 1/31/2012 A-8
  Ward Ronnie M. 6/24/2012 A-10
  Warfield Thomas Allen "Tom" 10/7/2012 A-10
  Watkins Lena Marie 9/6/2012 A-8
  Watson John W. 3/15/2012 A-10
  Watson Joanna Mae 10/14/2012 A-9
  Watson JoAnna M. 10/16/2012 A-10
  Watts Tangela Lynessa 12/24/2012 A-10
  Weatherford Eileen
11/6/2012 A-8
  Weaver Betty Marie 10/24/2012 A-10
  Webb Paul C. 3/31/2012 A-10
  Weber James Leo 4/13/2012 A-10
  Webster Clarence R. 2/18/2012 A-8