2013 Weddings

Published in the Galesburg Register-Mail through July 16, 2013.

(The date is that on which the notice appeared in the newspaper.)

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Spouse's Last Name Date/Time Page
Anderson Nathaniel Andrew Whitehall 3/29/2013 A-6
Andruska Aaron
Browning 2/8/2013 A-6
Broghammer Catherine Elizabeth Keech 1/25/2013 A-6
Browning Roberta
Andruska 2/8/2013 A-6
Burgland Erica
Gunther 2/8/2013 A-6
DeVoss Christina
Liu 1/18/2013 A-8
Durst Melyssa
Sutton 3/1/2013 A-8
Esposito Stefanie
Florio 3/1/2013 A-8
Florio Tony
Esposito 3/1/2013 A-8
Geer Kurt Matthew Thomas 2/1/2013 A-8
Gunther Jason
Burgland 2/8/2013 A-6
Heaton Olivia Leigh Logan 1/18/2013 LA-8
Heise Ryan Martin Spittell 4/19/2013 A-8
Keech Robert Andrew Broghammer 1/25/2013 A-6
Knowles Jerry
Whitehall 6/28/2013 A-8
Kuchenthal William Todd Stolfa 6/28/2013 A-8
Lindeen Stacie
May 4/19/2013 A-8
Link Cassie
Schleich 1/4/2013 A-6
Liu John
DeVoss 1/18/2013 A-8
Logan Christopher Michael Heaton 1/18/2013 A-8
Lumberry Jason Douglas Stewart 2/22/2013 A-6
Lumberry Tristan
Williamson 2/1/2013 A-8
Lyon Jolene
Redfern 2/8/2013 A-6
May Matt
Lindeen 4/19/2013 A-8
Medhurst Stephanie
Richter 3/1/2013 A-8
Price Jami
Truelove 4/19/2013 A-8
Redfern Matt
Lyon 2/8/2013 A-6
Richter Christopher
Medhurst 3/1/2013 A-8
Rodriguez Jessica
Swanson 6/14/2013 A-6
Rogers Chloie Reigh Unger 7/12/2013 A-8
Schleich Tyler
Link 1/4/2013 A-6
Spittell Mary Beverly Heise 4/19/2013 A-8
Stewart Brianna Christine Lumberry 2/22/2013 A-6
Stolfa Alice J. Kuchenthal 6/28/2013 A-8
Sutton Joshua
Durst 3/1/2013 A-8
Swanson Drew
Rodriguez 6/14/2013 A-6
Thomas Carlene Denise Geer 2/1/2013 A-8
Truelove Chad
Price 4/19/2013 A-8
Unger Cody Ryan Rogers 7/12/2013 a-8
Whitehall Bonnie
Knowles 6/28/2013 A-8
Whitehall Haley BreAnne Anderson 3/29/2013 A-6
Williamson Jennifer
Lumberry 2/1/2013 A-8