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From Technical Services: A Day in the Life

What exactly is Technical Services? Head of the department Anne is here to help you understand with an outline of her typical day.

9 AM: I start my day checking email, and compiling responses from a question I posted on a (library) technical services list-serve. Asking other professionals in your field for insight is extremely helpful.

10 AM: I consult my schedule for the day, and note an upcoming meeting about furniture for the new library (coming in early 2024!) I compile questions and feedback from my staff for the meeting.

11 AM: One of my main tasks is cataloging new materials, which entails deciding the exact location for items in our collection – think of this as an address. Catalogers consider how best to describe an item so that it can be located by patrons searching the online library catalog and by browsing the shelf. I catalog several new children’s books and consult with Melinda, the supervisor of the children’s department, about where one particular children’s book would best fit into the collection.

12:30 PM: A rare lunch out with my husband at Iron Spike!

1:30 PM: Back from lunch, I answer emails.

2:00 PM: I join a library subcommittee meeting with the new library’s interior designer, Karen. We discuss the chairs and tables that would be most comfortable and appropriate for patrons throughout the new building. It is exciting to think about how our community will use this new space!

4:00 PM: As part of the social media team for the library, I enjoy flexing my creative muscle to showcase the collections, programs, and resources one can access at the library. Today, I created a video highlighting a selection of new books to share on Facebook.

4:30 PM: Back to cataloging new materials – a mixture of adult fiction and non-fiction.

6:00 PM: I consult with the young adult librarian, John, about making a TikTok with our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) during tonight’s meeting to promote the “Teen Scene” library space. Several regular TAB teens are absent from this month’s meeting due to band practice, so we will try again next month!