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From the Director’s Desk — February 2022

“When women come together, extraordinary things happen.”

The Galesburg Public Library Foundation (GPLF) has joined the national 100 Extraordinary Women initiative, engaging women throughout the community to pledge their support to the new building project. The GPLF is asking one hundred women to come together to pledge $1,000 over five years (less than $20 per month) to the library.

The funds will be used to sponsor the Skills Lab in the new building, an interactive classroom for adults and teens to use tools, equipment, and training simulators to develop skills that may equip them for the workforce or empower them to live and thrive independently. The contents of the lab will rotate depending on community needs, and volunteer opportunities will be available to those interested in training and assisting visitors to the lab.

The name of every donor or every woman honored will be permanently listed near the skills lab. Groups of women may come together to share the pledge, and anyone may give in honor or in memory of a special woman. To celebrate the power of this initiative, the Foundation will host a celebration event this spring to recognize every participant.

Libraries are for everyone, and the GPLF hopes to see ALL women come together to complete this project.

To join the initiative or to give in honor of an extraordinary woman, visit or contact Heather Sipes, Executive Director of the Galesburg Public Library Foundation, at 309-343-6118 ext. 101

Construction on the new building will begin this spring, and the library will open at the new location, 264 West Main Street, at the end of 2023. To learn more about the library construction project, visit or stop in the library.


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