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Staff Picks — Meghan B.

Hi ho! Ms. Meghan the Children’s Assistant here to share with you some of the best books I’ve read recently. We’ve got two fantastic children’s books, one historical fiction novel, one murder mystery, and one YA fantasy novel. So let’s get to it!


An Attenborough-esque narrator begins by explaining that turtles are found on every continent except Antarctica. One turtle takes exception to this and begins the trek to the South Pole, joined along the way by other animals that are found everywhere ‘except Antarctica’. The flustered narrator (who is not getting paid enough for this) chronicles their journey. Additional back matter provides more learning opportunities.

Childrens, Picture Books

THE GODMOTHERS by Camille Aubray

This novel follows four sisters and sisters-in-law in an Italian-American family in Greenwich Village through the decades surrounding WWII. The author deftly handles the shifting POVs as Filomena, Amie, Lucy, and Petrina handle the family’s businesses of varying degrees of legality as the men head off to war. This one kept me distracted during a tumultuous time, and I would love to see it made into a mini-series.


Adult, Historical Fiction

SUBURBAN DICKS by Fabian Nicieza

Okay, so I did originally pick this up because of the author being a Deadpool co-creator. Not my usual genre, but I did very much enjoy this and it definitely kept me turning the pages. The murder of a gas station attendant in New Jersey uncovers a town’s racist past, which has unsurprisingly bled into the present. Funny how that happens.

Adult, Mystery



VESPERTINE by Margaret Rogerson

Artemesia is training to be a Gray Sister and lay the unquiet dead to rest when her convent is attacked, and she’s forced to awaken a powerful revenant bound to a saint’s relic. This gorgeous YA fantasy novel contains extensive world-building that is reminiscent of France during the time of Joan of Arc, with an emphasis on the ecclesiastical elements that make up Artemisia’s world. I highly recommend it for adult fantasy fans as well, in addition to those who enjoy historical fiction.

Adult, Historical Fiction



“They want to sing opera while firing themselves out of cannons.” It was this line and the accompanying illustration of said frog with Teutonic braids and a horned helmet that made me forward this picture book over to my boss for ordering. This is a fantastically illustrated collection of the adventures that a bunch of large-eyed amphibians want to have instead of sleeping.

Childrens, Picture Books

All of these books are available for checkout at Galesburg Public Library. Happy Holidays!

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