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How to Use the Archives

The materials housed in the archives are priceless and irreplaceable. For this reason, items may only be viewed when the archivist is available. Please contact the archivist before making a trip to the library to ensure they will be able to assist you. They can be contacted at or by calling the library at (309) 343-6118.

Searching the Archives

Books, pamphlets, and microfilm that are in the archives are cataloged in the library’s collection. They can be found through the search function at the top of this page.

We are proud to have more than 10,000 photographs in our collection. A selection of these photos has been uploaded to the library’s Flickr account. To get information about photos not included on the Flickr page, contact the archivist at

Photos on the Flickr page are low-resolution scans of photos for personal use. For high-resolution photos, or to get permission to publish, contact the archivist.

Many of the manuscripts, records, and other documents are not currently processed. To find out more about these materials and what we may have in the archives, contact the archivist.

The archivist is available to fulfill research requests and help find information in the archives.

Research & Reproduction Policy and Fees.

Birth, Obituary, & Wedding Indexes

The links below take you to lists of birth announcements, obituaries, and wedding announcements that appeared in the Register-Mail for the years 2006 to the last full year. The date is that on which the notice appeared in the Register-Mail, not the date of the birth, death, or wedding.

If you would like to see the actual announcements and records, please visit the Galesburg Public Library to view the newspapers on microfilm.

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