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Empowering Our Community: Inside the Galesburg Library’s Skills Lab Project

We are excited to introduce innovative spaces within the newly constructed Galesburg Public Library. Among them is the Skills Lab, which promises to redefine how the library engages with the community. This project is made possible through the visionary backing of the 100 Extraordinary Women© Campaign, creating a dynamic learning space that transcends traditional boundaries.

A Vision Unfolding: The Skills Lab, scheduled to open its doors in the summer of 2024, is a testament to innovation and community enrichment. It comprises six distinct stations, each tailored to various aspects of our patrons’ lives:

  1. Clothing and Fiber Arts: A haven for sewing enthusiasts and textile artists, offering resources for mending and creation.
  2. Food: A space for culinary exploration, providing skills in cooking, nutrition, and meal preparation.
  3. Transportation: Empowering patrons with basic vehicle maintenance, bicycle repair, and other transportation-related skills.
  4. Repairs: Equipped with tools and guidance for DIY repairs on appliances, electronics, and household items.
  5. First Aid: A hub for learning and practicing life-saving techniques, promoting community health and safety.
  6. Hobbies: Fostering creativity and leisure, from arts and crafts to various recreational activities.

Purposeful Design: The Skills Lab serves a threefold purpose, enriching the library experience for patrons:

  1. Problem Solving: Patrons can visit the library with specific problems and leave with the skills or information needed for immediate action—whether it’s sewing a clothing tear, repairing an appliance, or checking blood pressure.
  2. Training: The Lab provides a platform for patrons to acquire new skills, whether they come with intent or are open to discovering something new. From CPR training to navigating ATMs, the opportunities are diverse.
  3. Engagement: Beyond problem-solving and training, the Lab caters to those seeking interactive and engaging activities. Whether it’s dementia-related activities or a painting session, the Skills Lab is a space for community connection.

Save the Date: The anticipation builds as we look forward to the grand opening of the Skills Lab in the summer of 2024—a space that promises to redefine the library experience.

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We are eager to share this exciting journey with our community, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Skills Lab—an embodiment of our commitment to knowledge, skills, and community building.


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