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From the Director’s Desk: A Day in the Life

Ever wondered exactly what our director is doing every day? Here’s a peek into Noelle’s “typical” day:

8am: I arrive at work and before settling into my office, I do a quick walk around the building to look for any problems. I notice the blessing box is nearly empty so I grab some food items and water bottles from our breakroom to restock it (staff may wear blue jeans on Fridays and Saturdays if we donate something to the blessing box.) An indoor garbage can is filling up, so I empty it in the dumpster, and I stop to chat with a regular patron in the parking lot.

9am: Time for emails. I read and respond to emails about new procedures, meeting schedules, library law, new tech purchases, vendor pricing, and donor information. I add a few meetings to my calendar and then work on a presentation for potential donors for the new building. I’m reminded that an interior door is off kilter, so I make a call for someone to repair it.

10am: A sales rep invites me to a virtual meeting about a new graphic design product for librarians. I attend and sign up for a free trial.

11am: I review and update donor information, continue working on the presentation for potential donors, and then return to checking and responding to emails. I send a question about library policy to my library director listserv, and I read through previous conversations on the topic.

Noon: I don’t normally take many vendor calls, but I happen to have two today, this time with a company who may provide fixtures in the new building. It’s a fun online meeting that lasts much longer than planned because I’m inspired by their ideas and excited to implement them in our new facility.

1:30: I meet with Travis, our technology and employment specialist, to discuss the Skills Lab in the new building. Travis assists job seekers and provides technology training to patrons, and his focus aligns perfectly with the skills lab, which will be a place for individuals to improve their life skills and prepare for the workforce. We share ideas and discuss the next steps we need to take.

2:15: I run to the children’s room to pick out a couple of books for my daughters, and then I head home for lunch.

3:15: Back to emails. I also use this time to review our social media accounts, the latest edition of our newsletter, and our upcoming events schedule. Anne, technical services supervisor, stops by to fill me in on some developments, and I share information about our new graphic design trial.

4:30: Network Administrator Luke and I review the technology budget for the new building.

5:00: I prepare to leave for the day by filing some receipts, saving unfinished work, and reviewing my schedule for the next day.

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