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Tech with Travis | December 2021 — Job Search & Technology Help

The Galesburg Public Library is excited to offer job search and technology assistance! Travis is available by appointment or walk-in during certain hours to help you apply for jobs, practice your interview skills, learn to use a computer, tablet, or phone, and much more! 

It has been many years since I was in school, but I still remember being able to raise my hand for help. Searching and applying for a job, through the maze of online websites and ads, has made me wish I was back in school and able to raise my hand for help. Thanks to a grant, my job as the new Tech and Employment Specialist, I am now able to offer that assistance to others. One-on-one appointments are available at the library, to walk people through the job search process step-by-step.  Our goal is to guide individuals through the process of finding employment.

Opportunities exist, the media often reports on the labor shortage in this country, and how businesses are having a hard time finding people to work. Employers are looking to fill positions and they want quality employees. Job seekers need to put their best self forward, however getting past the technical skills required to apply for many jobs is still difficult for many. The online world can be unfriendly for job seekers.  According to Forbes, 70% of sites are not mobile phone friendly. Meaning a person must have access to a computer to apply for employment, even if the job does not require any computer skills.

Some example areas I focus on with individuals during our appointments: basic computer skills, creating an email account, managing passwords, using word processing software, building a resume, and filling out online applications. Each person has an unique set of skills, and I work to meet each individual where they are and give them the encouragement and assistance they need to meet their goal in finding a job.

You may not need help applying for a job, but help spread the word to those you know who could benefit from a bit of support: “the Galesburg Public Library has someone who can help.”  Stop in or call (309) 343-6118 to make an appointment with me.

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